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FM 2014 Wonderkids

FM 2014 Player Profile – Massimo Bruno

Massimo Bruno – Age: 19 – Position: AMR/MR/AMC – Role: winger / advanced playmaker / inside forward – Club: Anderlecht – Nationality: Belgian – Value: £1.9 million – Price tag: £9 million (in patch 14.1.3)

FM 2014 Massimo Bruno image

Massimo Bruno

Age: 19

Position: AMR/MR/AMC

Role: winger / advanced playmaker / inside forward

Club: Anderlecht

Nationality: Belgian

Value: £1.9 million

Price tag: £9 million (in patch 14.3)

CA: 124 / PA: -8 (between 130-160)

Massimo Bruno profile in 2013 (after starting new game, patch 14.3)

FM 2014 Massimo Bruno initial profile

Massimo Bruno profile aged 26 in the year 2020

FM 2014 Massimo Bruno 2020 profile

Massimo Bruno career history until 2020

FM 2014 Massimo Bruno history

This FM 2014 player profile of Massimo Bruno shows a versatile winger who can be your utility man and rotate in almost any squad from the off. I’ll be the first to admit this kids attributes don’t exactly excite me, but having seen him in action Bruno is consistent and does a good job of running the flank. The young Belgian didn’t have full PA during my test save and he didn’t even reach his potential from the save, but still became a stalwart on the Hoffenheim first team.

Anderlecht want £9 million for Bruno, too much in my opinion, but their expectations do drop so keep an eye out as I think he’s worth £6 million or under…that would be a reasonable price for such a sturdy player with well rounded ability.


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He’s a good player. I bought him in my first season with Udinese in January.
I am now in Janurary in my second season and his stats are already better than the above profile so he can definitely be a lot better, worth a punt, bought him for around 10mill and I think he was well worth it!!

Josev Pods

he has grown a little better under my management, great all-round winger:


yeah ive a bit of a way to go but when I eventually get to 2017 and if I still have him I’ll send you’s in the screenshot!


He played very well against my team (Benfica) this past Wednesday…even scored a goal. Unfortunately, for him, not me xD, Anderlecht was on the losing side, but that’s football


That PA may not be correct, i am in 2016 and is quality is already better than your 2020 screenshot. for me the best winger this year! Rodrigo Gomez profile its better than Massimo, but, Massimo Bruno performance its just from an other world.


Is he of of a higher grade than Allione – another utility player? Allione looks like a value buy and I’m unsure who to get as a backup RW to Gerard D (Barca)


And Gerard D (Barca) VS Bruno for the RW slot?

NIck Abug

Playing with Anderlecht and he totally kicks ass in the belgian league. Not sure if he is good enough for better teams though.

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