Top 10 FM 2013 players similar to Lionel Messi

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written by Johnny Karp

Lionel Messi is one of a kind, I guess we can all agree on that. The little man can dribble like no other and accelerates like a high speed train through a small rural station. You can’t find any player that is identical to him, in FM 2013 or in real life, but since FM 13 has introduced that new button called “find similar players” I though it would be nice to play around with it. So I tried to find FM 2013 players similar to Lionel Messi, here’s the top 10 that resulted.

But first, let’s see Messi… The screen shot is taken at the end of the first season, one in which he bagged more than 50 goals (52 in 50 appearances to be precise, with 25 assists to boot).

He looks dynamite, doesn’t he? He’s got a full 20 for no less than 5 attributes and quite a few 19s too.

Before showing you the Messi look-alikes, I have to tell you how I found them. Basically I ran a search for players with the following attribute filters:

  • Technique – at least 17
  • Creativity – at least 16
  • Flair – at least 16
  • Acceleration – at least 16
  • Agility – at least 16

And now, finally, the FM 2013 players similar to Messi, ordered by age (youngest first):

1. Iker Muniain

The Basque kid will surely become a star, considering his high attributes at such a young age. Who knows, maybe Barcelona will buy him after all.

2. Mario Gotze

You all know about this formidable talent from Germany, an exceptional young player that will surely become a huge star. I think he’s one of the closest to being identical to Messi.

3. Eden Hazard

The Chelsea rising star is already well-known around the world, a player that will surely be revered by Blues fans for years to come. He can still develop considering he’s only 22 years old but I doubt he’ll become as good as Messi.

4. Sergio Aguero

Aguero is an obvious choice, they play for the same nation and they do look similar on the pitch on some occasions, especially when trying to weave their way past a whole bunch of opponents.

5. Takashi Inui

This Japanese lad is the big surprise of this chart, I have to admit that I don’t know much about him. But, as you can see from the screen shot, he’s got amazing speed and skills so he can well be a cheap version of Messi for your club. You will have to alter his haircut a little bit though :)

6. Juan Mata

Mata is another obvious choice, the two do look quite similar on the ball even though the Chelsea man doesn’t have Messi’s speed.

7. Hatem Ben Arfa

Darren will surely agree with this choice as Ben Arfa probably is his favourite player in FM 2013. He has great speed and amazing skills, a great choice for any club I’d say, even Barcelona.

8. Sebastian Giovinco

The Juventus fans will probably be pleased to see their shorty in this list. Giovinco is a player I have always admired, a great talent that still has a lot to say in football.

9. Santi Cazorla

Cazorla is a cheap version of Messi I’d say, a devil on the ball and a good shooter from distance as well. He doesn’t have Messi’s finishing though…

10. Vagner Love

This lad was widely overrated a few years back in Football Manager but that doesn’t mean he’s not good. He’s quick, skillful, and a good few centimetres taller than Messi :)

That’s about it, I hope you liked this post at least as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, share your view in the comments.

The founder and co-owner of the website, a Romanian Football Manager addict. He’s been playing the game since CM ’97-’98, never missed any of the versions since then. His footballing career stopped before it began, he liked playing the game but disliked having to run around like crazy during the pretty harsh training sessions. He’s a supporter of the Romanian national team, Universitatea Craiova, Arsenal, Barcelona and… the Blyth Spartans! You can contact him at johnny[at]footballmanagerstory[dot]com

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It is a shock to see Inui in! I would not have known about him if it wasn’t for this.

Darren Smith

Hatem Ben Arfa, Hatem Ben Arfa!!! My wife probably thinks he’s actually a women I’m having an affair with ;) Honestly love him in FM13 and I maybe scream out his name a little too often. lol. Nice post Johnny, and some very interesting entrants too!

Chai Chien Liang

Glad to see Giovinco on the list, Inui was definitely the shocker in this list (cheap wages too)

Ben Arfa is brilliant this year, Vagner Love would be good if his work rate was a bit better

Gaurav Chaddah

Very good piece their Johnny, the new ‘find similar players’ is very good.

Not suprised to see those players on their, Ronaldo is some one who I though might of but maybes not, Hazard is absloute brilliant and can tear defences apart as can Ben Arfa. Inui is a shocker but he looks very good.

Thales De Mattos Oliveira

Neymar should be on this list. I don`t agree with his 14 creativity… He is one of the most creative players in the world…


where the fuck is insigne? more the same than any of these players..

Cameron Moulton
Cameron Moulton

Great to see Muniain as the youngest messi type player considering I’m doing Athletic Bilbao he’ll be great were should I play him up front as a Trequartisa like in your Barca tactic. Also I was wondering were his profile is on the scouting network got to be up soon.


why erick lamela isn´t here ?

Islam Aboauf

where is erik lamela !

Dave Humphrey

Maybe 3 out the 4 don’t seem to do it for me when buy ronaldo messi Gotze they need seem to click like they do in real life i have tried Messi as forward Attacking centre midfield just behind forward and even left wing for messi he doesnt do anything. Gotze is the same i try him as AML Attacking playmaker just behind the striker i play 4-2-3-1 formation and 4-2-4 for home formation with Balanced Attacking for him and fluid counter for away