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written by Johnny Karp

This post contains a downloadable shortlist of the very best free players available in Football Manager 2012, divided into three sections: players for League One and below, players for the Championship and free players for the Premier League. This shortlist has 582 names on it but be advised: some of the players might not exist in your game depending on your database.

Now let me explained the method I’ve used to scout these players: I set up a new game with all the major European nations loaded plus Argentina and Brazil, took over Arsenal and used their extensive scouting apparatus to get accurate reports an almost every worthy free agent in Football Manager 2012. Here are the results:

Best Free Players in FM 2012 for League One and League Two teams

As the title says these free players should be good enough for League One and League Two clubs in Football Manager 2012 but most of them are willing to join Blue Square Premier sides or even Blue Square North/South clubs. You will figure out how these leagues compare to your own if you’re playing in another country but it should be useful nonetheless. There are 374 players included in this section, I’m just going to show four of them here for your curiosity ;)

Yves Ma Kalambay – Goalkeeper – 25 years old (has a Belgian passport)

Yann Calton – defensive midfielder – 22 years old

Anis Ayari – left back – 29 years old

Zoro – centre back – 27 years old

As I said, these players should fit into most League One or League Two sides but they would be quite brilliant in lower leagues than those.

Best Free Players in FM 2012 for Championship teams

There are 163 players in this section, they should do well in most Championship sides but some of them are willing to join clubs in lower leagues. Here are a few interesting names and profiles:

Guislain Guessan – striker – 18 years old

Yves Desmarets – left midfielder – 31 years old

Stephan LobouĂ© – goalkeeper – 29 years old

Ernane – attacking midfielder – 26 years old

Best Free Players in FM 2012 for Premier League teams

This section is a bit thinner, just 45 players, but most of them should be good enough for many Premier League clubs and quite exceptional for Championship sides and below. Here are the most exciting names:

Alex Serrano – striker – 16 years old! (he is probably the only free transfer that would be good enough for a big club, he seems to have good potential. However, you will have to pay 1.25 million in compensation if you sign him)

Richard Kingson – goalkeeper – 33 years old

Arne Friedrich – centre back – 32 years old

James McFadden – left winger – 28 years old

All you have to do is download the shortlists, load them up in your game and then see which of these players would be interested in joining your club. Those who have visited this site on a regular basis know that all our downloads and guides are free but this time I opted for a different approach, mainly because I have caught several other websites stealing several of our posts and downloads this week and putting them up as their own. I know that I can’t stop that but I can make it a bit harder for them, so from now on you will have to pay for the downloads, not with money but with a tweet on Twitter. It’s quite simple, just click the link below and you will be shown what to do.


If you consider that this download procedure is too much trouble then I’m sorry, you will have to show a little support for this website because you all know that we’ve shown plenty of support and kindness for all of you. Now back to the shortlists…

Once you download the file (it’s a zip file) you will have to extract the contents into the Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2012 folder. After you have done that you will be able to import the three shortlists into your game.

I’ve done my best to find the best free players in FM 2012 here but I’m pretty sure that some good ones might not be included and that is where you come in, please share any good names in the comments section below!

P.S.: If you don’t have and don’t wish to create a Twitter account then you can have access to the download link if you “like” our Facebook Page. If you already are a fan you just have to access the “welcome” tab on our Facebook Page right below the site logo and you will be able to download the file.

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