Premier League Results 2012

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Jul 262009

Hello folks! Before starting my fifth season with the Blyth Spartans I thought it would be nice to post some details about the “big league” football that goes on while I’m climbing up the ladder with my small team. First of all I’m going to satisfy Ahmed‘s curiosity – the 2011 FIFA World Player of the Year was…

fifa world footballer of the year 2011

Yes, Francesc Fabregas, one of my favorite players. He’s a great midfielder and he’s one of the best players in Football Manager 2009, just take a look at his attributes…

francesc fabregas

And now the Premier League results. Chelsea won the title, not a big surprise there. I think that the biggest surprise is that Everton finished 4th while Manchester United were down in 8th place! West Brom, Portsmouth and Stoke got relegated, so I’ll play against them next season in Coca-Cola Championship.

premier league table 2012

Now here’s how the Premier League team of the season looked like, with the eternal Petr Cech in goal and with a surprising Mikel Arteta as best right winger!

premier league team of the season 2012

Portuguese midfielder Joao Moutinho from Arsenal was picked as PFA Player of The Year, with Wayne Rooney in 2nd place and veteran Frank Lampard in 3rd.

premier league player of the season 2012

There were no English teams in the Europa League Final, Internazionale Milano won over Barcelona, with Ibrahimovic scoring the decisive goal.

europa league final 2012

Maybe the biggest surprise of the season was Valencia, they won the Champions League by beating Real Madrid 2-1 in the final, after extra time. No English teams here either…

champions league final 2012

So, that’s how the “big guys” played last season, I hope my Blyth Spartans will get to play against them real soon, maybe in a year or two, or maybe three…

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  1. Haha, cheers mate, thanx for mentioning me in your post. Cant believe you did ;-) really appreciate it, means a lot.

    Funny, Ibrahimovic scores the winner in a major final against the club he has just joined in real life lol……

    Only thing I didnt like about this post was……ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? MANUTD FINISHED IN 8th BUT TWO OF THEIR PLAYERS FINISHED 2nd AND 3rd IN THE WORLD PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARDS ???????? ;-) :P

    • Cheers Ahmed! Well, that award is given for the YEAR 2011, not for the 2011-2012 season, so maybe that’s the explanation. And yea, that Ibrahimovic goal is a little bit ironic :)

  2. hopefully your next post about blyth is good, hopefully doing well in the championship

  3. i want to know the world player of the year 2011

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