New FM 2013 Update available, a few match engine fixes included

FM 2013

written by Johnny Karp

A new update for FM 2013 is now available! It is fully save-game compatible, so you won’t have to start a new game after updating. There are no changes to the database in this update. All you have to do is close your game, re-start Steam and the game should update automatically. Here is the changelist:

Match Engine

  • Further refined engagement of ball player
  • Toned down speed players can run with ball a little
  • Slight toning down of run with ball probability
  • Fine-tuned kick and header accuracy a little further

These changes should help to fix the following issues:

  • Players dribbling through the middle of the pitch too easily, too often
  • High number of goals per game
  • Teams winning games by margins of 5+ goals far too often

Other match engine changes:

  • More improvements to on ball decision making and pass choice
  • Improved central midfielder starting position when team is in possession
  • Tweaked midfielder and attacker positions when team is defending
  • Fixed a couple of bugs causing players to fail to turn to face required direction properly
  • Improved facing direction of player marking opponent who is moving onto a pass
  • Fixed bug allowing players being able to partially “go through” other players to get ball without being penalised
  • Small tweaks to improve the way players move onto passes or loose balls
  • Reduced some instances of closing down of keeper when clearly illogical in context of player and his instructions
  • Cleaned up a few bugs that delayed retrieval of ball at set pieces or kick offs
  • A bunch of ball physics fixes mainly related to collisions and ball spin after bounce
  • Reduced slightly unrealistic ball to player deflections
  • More improvements to pass choice AI
  • Tweaks to run with ball and first touch AI
  • Reduced tackles that end in own goals
  • Some tweaks to basic central midfielder positions
  • Fixed some dodgy marking at mid pitch free kicks
  • Improved full back positioning when waiting for short keeper distribution
  • Improved near and far post corner aim point
  • Some further ball physics fixes and refinements
  • Fixed goal not always given if ball stops just over goal line
  • Fixed some rare instances of player collision avoidance failing
  • Further refinements to pass AI
  • Improved pass, shot or header accuracy logic
  • Further improvements to player reactions to the ball
  • Fixed defences staying to deep just after corner taken
  • Refined player positioning when defending free kicks from wide
  • Made players press more collectively and aggressively when required
  • Improved positioning of defenders against attackers running at pace
  • Refined tackling AI a bit
  • Improved facing direction while marking opponent around own area
  • Fixed some more keeper AI bugs
  • Improved collision avoidance AI slightly
  • Fine tuned ball trajectory chosen by player for kick, header etc.
  • Fine tuned kick and header accuracy logic
  • Fine-tuned pass and general on ball AI
  • Tuned long shot frequency and AI
  • Toned down pressing slightly in certain situations
  • Improved marking and engagement of ball player in wide areas
  • Tuned tackling AI further
  • Couple of small fixes to player reactions
  • Fixed some small player pathing anomalies
  • Fixed a couple of goalkeeper AI anomalies
  • Improved marking and engagement of ball player further
  • Fixed some instances of risky keeper distribution
  • Fine-tuned kick/header accuracy


  • Fixed rare history crash in edited databases
  • Fixed crash when closing game
  • Fixed crash when changing language with holiday prompt on screen
  • Fixed rare crash when asking backroom staff for team talk advice
  • Fixed crash when using ‘Set for Release’ button


  • Fixed very low and negative attendances
  • Fixed player becoming unhappy when promise is met
  • Fixed takeovers disproportionately boosting club reputation
  • Fixed erroneous fluctuation of tactic familiarity
  • Improved long term lower league AI squad balance

Competitions and rulegroups

  • Fixed Austria Cup final and EURO Cup final clash
  • Fixed fixture congestion when reaching final of Bulgarian Cup and EURO Cup
  • Improved confidence handling Belgian Pro League
  • Fixed Brazilian State Championship start dates
  • Fixed English league playoff venues
  • Fixed Irish Premier and First Division format and scheduling
  • Fixed Polish Ekstraslasa schedule
  • Fixed Swedish pre-season scheduling

User Interface (GUI)

  • Dark Skin added
  • Improved speed when viewing previous fixtures
  • Fixed skin reload clearing manager profile picture
  • Fixed refreshing of coach star rating when coach leaves club
  • Improved speed of team line-ups appearance pre-match
  • Improved distinction between ‘Needs a rest’ and ‘Rested’ status flags
  • Fixed scrollbar losing focus on individual training screen
  • Fixed international shortlist being populated by player search
  • Fixed international jobs not appearing in Job Centre


  • Fixed seeding by division reputation in custom cup
  • Added ability to create leagues with uneven sub-divisions
  • Fixed addition of Danish lower divisions
  • Fixed sorting of German regions in custom competitions


  • Improved balance of lower league wage budgets
  • Improved balance of non-league match day expense & income
  • Fixed Italian tax levels in new games
  • Fixed players increasing wage demands after user adjusts budgets
  • Improved wage balance in Sweden

FM Classic

  • Added Financial Storm and Unrest at Home Challenges to Store
  • Fixed cut off on Player profile Transfer Price tag graphic in certain currencies
  • Added Player Training Progression graphic to the Player Profile screen
  • Fixed Player silhouettes being recoloured on news items
  • Added string to FMC Store to indicate unlockables are for FMC only.
  • Fixed news item cut off for Team of the Week items
  • Fixed old media inbox questions being asked incorrectly
  • Fixed Transfer and Loan Listed status text appearing correctly on the player profile
  • Fixed Progression Bar always being in the middle on Player Coach Reports
  • Added reason for failing a challenge on the Challenge Result screen
  • Fixed the possibility of being able to start new games or Challenges in 2011
  • Fixed player wage demands when applying All players interested unlockable
  • Fixed Squad Registration panel incorrectly appearing for clubs
  • Fixed New Stadium Unlockable so that no loans are taken out to cover its costs


  • Fixed calculation of “shock” cup defeats
  • Fixed calculation of first league goal in news items


  • Fixed client being unable to join game with edited database
  • Fixed assistant taking charge of team when loading save on match day


  • Fixed scouts with full knowledge returning with no results

Transfers and contracts

  • Fixed DoF repeatedly targeting uninterested staff
  • Fixed rounding of figures used in clauses
  • Improved balance of player interest in club vs wages
  • Improved sale prices of low valued youth players
  • Fixed club withdrawing loan offer when negotiations are met
  • Fixed DOF not adhering to maximum amount when adding players to transfer targets
  • Fixed exploit allowing acceptance of £0 bids
  • Fixed trigger of wage after international appearance clause
  • Fixed career games clause including appearances when out on loan
  • Fixed being able to offer automatic one year contract extension in final season to young players


  • Fixed ‘Tutorial Master’ achievement
  • Fixed ‘Learning the Ropes’ achievement

That’s about it, enjoy the game!

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