New FM 2013 Patch: Football Manager 13.2.2 Update Out Now

FM 2013

written by Johnny Karp

Another small Football Manager 2013 update is now available. To download the update, simply save your current game and quit FM 13, then restart Steam and launch the game and your update should start automatically. Here are the changes that come with this FM 2013 patch:

FM 2013 Update 13.2.2 Changelist

  • Optimised match processing speed for network clients
  • Fixed crash during processing linked to co-ownerships
  • Fixed crash during processing linked to missing stadium data
  • Fixed state saving of staff responsibility setting for match preparation (FMC)

Enjoy the game! fm 2013 box

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Hi, Johnny, I’ve been having some problems with FM. I recently started a save as Liverpool and went about the usual buying and selling of players/staff. I downloaded Darren’s tactic as well. However the game hasn’t seemed right. After losing my first four games in charge it seemed something was up so I played around a little bit and gave my Liverpool team some extra money. With this money I signed players like Edison Cavani, Stevan Jovetic, Neven Subotic, Marc-Andre ter-Stegen, Daniel Alaba and Isco. These players made Liverpool a strong side so I figured I’d give them all chance to mesh and also give the tactics time to sink in. In my latest match against Stoke the tactics were all on fluid or accomplished level and I fielded my strongest XI against their weakened side. I lost 2-1, making it seven straight defeats in which my team have scored just four goals and conceded fifteen. I like to play short passing football but in both the Stoke game and others I have noticed that balls are knocked long very often and that despite having a pressing mentality, my players never go in for a tackle instead either standing back… Read more »

hi there

had a decent amount of succes with “Darrens Fluid…” tactic before the patch. But that changed abruptly.

After reading a lot (!) about tactics and tinkering with the tactics myself my experience is this:

The “new” ME apparantly favours 442-styled tactics with two physical strikers. Settings on attacking and very fluid, press more, hard tackling + man marking (even wingers and strikers), short passing…have a go yourself – it’s actually pretty easy to set something decent up with the tactics creator and tweak it.

Oh, and avoid the default settings unless you want to use long combinations of shouts.

As I said this is my experience and several others across the forums.

Sorry Darren…the patch 13.2.1 more or less killed your tactic ;-)


Does anyone know, when the january transfers 2013 will be introduced in the game? When will the update with the january transfers come out? Also, once it does and if I have started a game already, will those new transfers show in my save or do I need to start a new save, so I can use the new players?


Usually the changes in the game will also work in the saves. This does not apply to the new transfers. If you think about it this would mean that if you had bought Demba Ba in your save, the patch would snatch (sorry) him away and he would suddenly be a Chelsea player.

As always I expect SI to recommend that you start all over again when the february(!)patch is out.


Thank you!


How to download patch 13.2…. pls help