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written by Darren Smith

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Hey guys and welcome to this guide on how to develop youth in FM 2014. I am not actually the author of this piece, so let me introduce you to Wayne Boon. For some time now Wayne has provided me with future screenshots from his saves in FM 2014, for the purpose of our player profiles on the Scouting Network. Wayne has developed some insane wonderkids and we’ve had an influx of the same question from many, many readers, ‘how do you develop youth in FM 2014‘.

Seen as this question was directed at Wayne himself, I’ve asked him to compose an FM 2014 guide on how to develop youth. Wayne covers every aspect of developing youth and does it all from his own perspective. Having seen some of the players he developed like Adam Campbell (who I seriously recommend you look at on the Scouting Network) I think I myself will be learning a thing or two from Wayne’s practices. Over to Wayne…

How To Develop Youth In FM 2014 – Intro

Hey all, my name is Wayne and I’ve been an avid player of FM ever since i was introduced to the game by a friend in 2011 and I’ve found this site immensely helpful in finding the best wonderkids for the game. Since I’ve been asked to write up a simple guide on how to develop youth in FM 2014 I’m giving it a shot.

kid playing footballFrom my experience with the game, the key pointers to follow when developing youngsters are of course finding the correct wonderkids, game-time, coaching, growth and patience. However, do note that you may face some difficulties in ticking all the boxes depending on the club and league you are managing in.  I feel that I usually achieve maximum growth with youngsters when starting out in the championship as they are able to start more games without affecting results too much. Ideally, I would like to start in League One but attracting wonderkids to championship clubs while fending off interest from larger clubs is already a feat in itself, and most 4-5 star coaches usually shun lower tier clubs until they achieve a higher status.

On the flip side, managing mid-high tier clubs such as Newcastle and Tottenham allows you to land wonderkids and coaches fairly easily, but in the premiership playing your best players is the only way to guarantee the best results. The only way to overcome this would be to choose an elite team, where the quality of the players should allow you to constantly accommodate a few youngsters and attract the best coaches, but then again, where’s the fun in that, right?

How To Develop Youth In FM 2014 – Getting The Right Wonderkids

Just refer to the huge list of players on the Scouting Network! As I like to start with Championship clubs, I just go for the cheapest available and roll from there. If you want to start from the Championship, it is always better to sell your ageing players that are still worth good money to fund your influx of new blood. Do not worry as the championship is quite easy to navigate even when using wonderkids. Just make sure not to end up in a situation where players in key positions are unfilled because you sold that last defender to fund the purchase of your fifth young striker (I tend to face this problem all too often).

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How To Develop Youth In FM 2014 – Game Time

One advantage when managing in the Championship is that the league consists of more clubs (at least for England), and this means more experience for your fledglings. Do try to let your wonderkid play in as many games as possible, preferably first team football, but substitute appearances work too. An important point to note here is that youngsters tire more easily, and be sure to give them a break if they start getting jaded as their stats might actually decrease.

If you ply your trade in the Premiership or other first tier leagues where results matter more, it might be harder to spare games for your wonderkids and this is where friendly matches come into play. During the pre season be sure to arrange as many friendlies as possible as it not only helps your youngsters progress, it also lets the team regain their fitness for the upcoming season. Some may think U21 leagues are good enough but human management is always the best (this applies to pre-season friendlies as well. The AI does a bad job with arranging matches in my opinion so you might want to take things into your own hands).sub board

Lastly, while loaning players out to get game time might be a good idea, be sure that your youngster is at least a first team regular at the other club and that he is used in the preferred position. Thankfully, FM14 comes with a feature to let you know if the other managers are doing your player more harm than good. Note that players can only be recalled during a transfer window and you have to (and should in most loan circumstances) insert a recall clause in the loanee’s contract.

How To Develop Youth In FM 2014 – Coaching

As most of you should know by now, the higher the star rating for coaches the better. In a nutshell, simply assign the coach with he highest star rating for the specific category. The main issue with coaching that I would like to address is the fact that lower tier clubs have limited resources (specifically low staff wages and numbers) and most top class coaches shun these clubs. When managing a new club for the first time, the first thing you should do is take a look at the club structure. Never settle for the initial coaches, sometimes including your assistant manager as they tend to be (mostly) junk.

For some reason, many clubs have an excess of physios, fitness coaches and U21 coaches. All these excess numbers take up valuable resources that could be better allocated. Always aim for a minimum of a 3 star rating in every category (although I sometimes make do with 2.5). After letting your excess staff coachingleave on mutual terminations, try to recruit a decent backroom of your own. It takes some trial and error on your part, but there are a few excellent coaches that are willing to join lower teams on minimal wage, such as Marcel Lucassen (ball ctrl), Chico Fraga (attacking) and Paul Winsper (fitness.) Some of these coaches are good enough to coach in 2 or more categories while maintaining a 2.5-3 star rating. Do play around with the assignments a bit for the best results. Your ultimate goal is to have a 4-5 star rating across the board, which should be easily achieved upon promotion.

Lastly, it is worth your while to scroll through your players’ training status every few weeks. Players will mostly be pleased/happy or content with their training, however if one or two players are unhappy with their training schedule, then reduce their workload to average or light as it affects their rate of growth. If the unhappiness is still there a few weeks after you have lightened their workload it means they have a negative approach towards training and it might be time to warn the player through a private chat.

How To Develop Youth In FM 2014 – Tutoring

Another aspect of coaching that is overlooked by many is player tutoring. A general rule of thumb is that the better the personality and the higher the determination of the youngster, the faster he will progress. A tutee will always take on his tutor’s personality, some preferred moves and have an increase determination if the tutor’s determination is higher than the tutee when you choose the ‘improve his game’ option, and the tutee likes the tutor. Good traits to take on are model professional, determined etc. However, determination is always more important. If you choose off pitch development the tutee will only experience an increase in determination. Note that the tutor’s squad status must match or be higher than the tutee for the tutoring option to appear. Hence, if you have resources to spare it may be beneficial to sign those ageing players with insane mental stats on a short term contract to tutor your youngsters. NEVER allow a player with lower determination to coach a tutee with higher determination as the tutee will experience a drastic drop in determination (made this mistake once and had to release the tutor on a free transfer to stop the tutoring).

How To Develop Youth In FM 2014 – Player Growth/Patience

So, you have given him 45 games per season, hired the best coaches, gotten Messi to tutor him, and the kid you paid £25 million for shows no signs of improvement. Do not fret, at least not yet. Besides determination and personality, potential ability is another key factor. It should be noted that no two games of FM are ever alike. Every wonderkid, bar some well established ones, has a different potential ability that determines how far he can go in the game. The same player that has ripped apart defences in your previous save may reach his limit as an average Joe in your next one.

PA star rating

That aside, some players simply develop slower than others and while they may not show potential early on, there might just be a world beater waiting to emerge the following season. It might be as late as 21-23 years old before they show signs of progression so be patient and rely on your scouts for advice. Finally, if the player is going through a long stretch with no marked improvement, you might want to try reprimanding him via private chat. If the player reacts positively then all is well, however if he reacts negatively, you might have to deal with an unhappy player in the squad for some time.

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  • Abdirisaq Osman

    Great guide however how do mental attributes develop? Do they get them through experience or training or a mixture? I have never understood this despite great saves of loads of amazing regens. Also, not too much competition is good because it makes them scared of their positon in the team unless they have a very good personality

    • Darren Smith

      It depends on which mental stats really. For instance, you can’t train someone to work harder or concentrate, but you can teach someone to have better positioning or be more composed on the ball. So for me they are developed more through game time as opposed to training. But TBH there may be varying opinions on that, will be interesting to see what Wayne thinks.

      • Abdirisaq Osman

        I think that it is to do with the role. Like why would a poacher need work rate however a BBM it would be needed, obviously it will develop with experience regardless but it depends on the role outside of training and tutoring but I wanted a second opinion on it.

  • Patrick Elliott

    Absolute cracking guide Darren, I will be definitely using it at some point.

    • Darren Smith

      All the thanks go to Wayne for this one.

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  • jimtomo

    (im playing as arsenal) if you have a good young player, is it more benificial to loan them out (to get first team expieriance) or to keep them with your coaching staff and tutor them (top class coaches). even if it to say a league 1 club? I have started to coach and tutor my young players for the first half of the season, then loan them out for the second half.

    • Darren Smith

      It depends largely on the prospect and how good he is. Obviously he needs to be playing for a club that is of his standard or above. There’s no point sending a player who’s current ability is worthy of the Championship into League 1 as he won’t improve enough. But if you can find the right club then game time is very important so loan them out.

  • Jon

    Darren I’ve sent you a email could you reply plz

    • Darren Smith

      I haven’t received anything. Maybe try again its darrensmith360[at]googlemail[dot]com

      • Jon

        Sent now

  • Avery (@Avery78)

    First, great guide, appreciate the effort and insights :)
    So I have Éder Álvarez Balanta at Arsenal he is “Ambitious” and for 2 seasons now he has refused to be mentored by anyone. It’s getting kind of frustrating. He isn’t even open to the idea from folks like
    Javier Mascherano / Carles Puyol / Marcelo / Thomas Vermaelen / Xabi Alonso.

    Is there any tricks with the approach to take eg cautious / assertive?

    Otherwise… seeing some great improvements all over the squad even with the old fogies :)

    • Darren Smith

      I don’t think your tone matters, some players don’t want to be tutored, TBH I wouldn’t worry about it with Balanta he doesn’t really need any tutoring IMO.

  • Adam Furnival

    Hey guys always useful info but the one problem which i always battle with whether or not send players on loan or to wait for them to qualify as a home-grown club player. Most of the time i tend to wait as long as i can with them at the club untill they start to become unhappy or there potential drop slightly then loan them quick. Is there anyway to do both or do u consider one to be more important? im currently in a save with afc telford which ive bought into the EPL so i dont have an abundance of home-grown players coming through so im having to buy them in at 16,17,18 and then having them at the club for 3 years otherwise ill end up having to leave spaces in my european squads which isnt good when your playing 50 odd games a season. Would love some ideas on this thanks guys!

    • Darren Smith

      TBH if you put them in the squad to fill a home grown place then that is one place taken by a player you won’t play, so may as well leave them out say its not filled and they can go out on loan for experience. You won’t gain anything from having them registered if you don’t want to play them anyway. I always consider loans more important if you can find the right club and amount of first team football, which Wayne covered in the post.

      However, if you intend on player those youngsters then I’m not sure where the question is coming from as they’ll be getting a decent amount of first team football anyway. The guidelines Wayne leaves in the post on this are vague because it will vary massively from player to player.

  • Jacl

    i don’t no who it is but i was a great admirer of this site and it has been completely ruined by advertisements and iam sorry i wont be visiting anymore

    • Darren Smith

      Sorry to hear that. TBH The only advertising that has changed recently is the taking down of a video ad and the addition of a pop up ad that won’t be here much longer either, so not sure why you’d have that opinion now and not before if that is how you feel. The high demand we have for the content puts strain on servers which costs money and we already invest a lot of our time into the site, so I think it would be unreasonable to expect us to dip into our own pockets to fund it too…we have to pay the bills somehow I’m afraid.

      Out of interest which adverts are you referring too?

  • Adam


    Great guide, I just have one more question:

    At what age do players reach their max CA? i.e. at what age do they stop developing their PA (provided of course the PA is higher than the CA. I’ve been looking this up for a while and can’t find an answer (I remember guides for previous FM releases said 23-24, but can’t find those and also don’t know if it’s still correct).


    • Darren Smith

      A players CA is his current ability so that never changes. Its his PA (potential ability) that he needs to reach, the overall figure can vary for some players from game to game but once the save has begun the PA doesn’t move, its fixed at what it starts with. The age at which they can fulfill their potential varies on the position they play. For instance a keeper is probably between 29 and 32, a defender between 24 and 27…so on and so forth but I don’t have the exact figures.

  • Nikola

    I must ask this..

    I looked at some players profile around the forum( wonderkids )but in my savegame (large database + whole south america continent and some countries like Portugal,Balkan Countries,Germany,Italy,England,France,Spain,Nigeria,Cameron,Senegal etc.. around 150,000 players in total) and set as playable: Spain,England,Brazil,Argentina,France,Italy and Holland their stats are below average.

    I tried to start the game 3 times in a row and their basic stats are not good at all :/

    Why is that?

    Why i can’t have basic stats ust like are the ones from person which is testing their growth?

    I ask this because if thay have lower stats,they can’t reach their full potential to have top stats in category which is needed for some positions and roles.. and for me are useless because my strategy needs top players,heh..

    Can someone explain me what to do to have best starting position so that i can buy some hot prospects which turns in world beast players?

    Many thanks :)

    • Darren Smith

      The amount of countries you load will not effect a players ability at all….some players have flexible potential ability and the ones that do can vary in how they grow from save to save. However their current ability is always fixed, no matter what. What can vary from time to time with certain individuals is the distribution of their attributes (so in one save they could have great determination and the next quite bad, but the overall number equating to their ability is the same), but there’s nothing you can do to influence how that number is distributed into all the different skills…as mentioned very few players should be like this in your game though, usually very young players.

      If what I am saying above doesn’t seem accurate to your game then I’d probably ask if you have a legal copy or a pirated one, ie one you paid for or downloaded.

  • Lee

    Hi Darren,

    Great article. I was just wondering how much a young players training intensity affects their development. As well as doing all of the above mentioned in the article, would you recommend ensuring all youth players have a heavy training workload to further encourage development or can this have a negative influence on them?

    • Darren Smith

      Thanks Lee. Its a tough one with intensity this year. In years gone by a simple heavy intensity rule across the board would have worked but that has been nurfed so to speak in FM14. Now using heavy intensity for the general training doesn’t seem to keep everyone happy. I personally have average intensity for general training then heavy intensity for their individual training unless of course the player complains about his schedule, in which case his individual training may need dropping to average also. It is a real juggling act and I don’t claim to have the answer in all honesty, just my opinion as it varies from team to team. For example I had heavy intensity in general training and individual player training with Man Utd, most the players were happy, but with Wigan I had to settle for average general training and heavy individual training with the odd average to keep individuals happy.

  • Jon

    Hi Darren,

    Does the potential ability stars of a player vary depending on which scout/report you go by? As my assistant manager and 3 of my scouts have Phil Jones down as a 4 star potential, and 2 of my other scouts have him as a 3.5 star potential.

    Similarly, if i scout young player with 3 different scouts, they all come back with different potential ratings, how can i get the most accurate? Is it the scout stats ie. Judging Ability?

    Just wondering as quite often i sign someone who came with a big recommendation, and when they actually join my club they’re potential is down to 2 stars within weeks, very annoying


    • Darren Smith

      Yes they vary from scout to scout, across assistants and coaches etc. Each staff member has an ability to judge potential and current ability, its that ability that will dictate how accurate they are. However, if the scout is not familiar with the region in which the player is playing then that can partially effect his judgement too. But the most important thing is those two attributes.

      • Jon

        Thanks Darren, i guess the main thing is to ensure my scouts have the highest CA/PA rating possible then

  • Emir


    great reading, many thanks for it.

    Just a comment to:
    ” NEVER allow a player with lower determination to coach a tutee with higher determination as the tutee will experience a drastic drop in determination (made this mistake once and had to release the tutor on a free transfer to stop the tutoring).”

    Just checked my tutees, and I observed exactly that. All attributes are going up, but determination is falling sharply. But, there is a Cancel option ;)

    When you go to “More actions” in the player menu at the top right corner (for both tutor and tutee), there is “Cancel tutoring”. I was obviously more desperate to find it, as selling out 3 of my best players was hardly an alternative :)

    And I’ve just found out: Don’t you ever search for players while “Youth candidates” active, at the end of the season. At least my PC slows down extremely.

    • Darren Smith

      Thanks for the info.

  • Brijesh Sangani

    Well from my experiences i can say the best ages to try out everything you have is from 18-23
    usually its very difficult to give game time or loan 16 year olds to clubs above their PA and ensure they are regulars,its better to try and develop them at the club based on various methods listed above
    After 24 the growth slows down very much,you can expect a lot of improvement in most cases of strikers and mids,defenders probably a few years more
    As Darren said keepers may develop upto 27 or even 29 depending on when their growth really accelerated

    I’d suggest give your best attempts till 23 because at their peaks,you do want a finished product for your hard work. Hope you find it useful

  • yuster

    keep up the good work. learnt alot of this website. sitting top of the league with Darren’s 4-4-2 And The Deadly Duo tatics which i downloded from this website.

    • Darren Smith

      Thanks, glad we could help.

  • Luke Chavez

    Great advice, Darren. I need your opinion on something.

    First, my Januzaj used to have 4* PA in the beginning of the game. But after 4 seasons, his CA didn’t improve much (from 1* to 1.5*) and his PA decreased to 2.5*. I don’t think I overused/underused him. He shared a spot with lewis holtby, and I rotated them about evenly with holtby played in more important matches. His playing stats are good, he scored goals, made assists, and he even won golden boy award in 2016. In the 1st 3 seasons, his stats are better than kagawa. But he was very, very inconsistent, especially in his 4th season. His approach in training was never good. He was always complaining about training. I reduced his workload at some point, but then my coach reported that his development was hampered by his casual approach in training, so I increased it back. I asked him to learn from kagawa and holtby, he refused. I warned him via private chat about the training, but he responded negatively. In the end, I was forced to sell him for cheap in the summer 2017. So, what do you think about it? I don’t want the same thing happen to other youngsters. And do you think it’s okay if I force a youngster to learn from somebody when they already refused?

    My second question, I have this awesome 19 years old greek wonderkid with 2.5*CA/4.5*PA. I asked him to learn from rooney, and then he got rooney’s outspoken personality + only 1 PPM. Do you think I can improve that personality or he will stay like that? He just finished his learning from kovacic, he got kovacic’s PPMs, but his personality didn’t change. And he also refused to learn from ozil. I just don’t want him to be a prick like rooney (lol).

    3rd question, how do we make sure there’s no personality clash in tutoring process? It happen to me twice, holtby – max meyer and carrick – ward prowse, they hated each other. Fortunately, now we can ask captain to solve that problem. But still, it distrupt the harmony beetween the players.

    • Darren Smith

      Its probably his personality thats the issue, you can’t change that and there is no point in asking him to learn from someone he has already refused, just asking again won’t get a different answer I wouldn’t imagine.

      I have no idea if you can now adjust his personality again, I only ask players to learn from someone with the personality I want so haven’t tried to correct something like this. As for personality clashes, just check what their personalities are in personal information, common sense will say if they clash or not.

  • Ærsenius

    Which is more important, quality coaching or match experience? I have a kid who has potential to be a very good second/creative striker for me but his CA is that of a leading Blue Square Premier striker. I have first class training facilities and a pretty good set of coaches. Would I be better off loaning him out to the BSP for match experience at his level or keeping him where he’ll receive far better training?

    Also, a question about tutoring. If a player has pretty good determination already, is there any point in tutoring? Basically, does tutoring help the player progress to a degree where it may be worth a slight loss to determination?

    • Darren Smith

      It depends massively on the standard of player and other factors. In your case I’d say loan the player out for first team experience as he’ll benefit. There is always a point in tutoring, it is not just used to effect mental attributes…having said that I would never have a player tutor someone unless they were within at least 1 or 2 of the kids determination, otherwise it could really damage the youngster.

      • Ærsenius

        Thanks :)

  • murmur13

    Good Post.

    Just note on the tutoring / determination thing. The tutee has all of his hidden attributes moved in the direction of the tutor, so if given an infinite number of attempts the tutee would have the exact same hidden stats and determination as the tutor.

    Ambition and Professionalism have a huge impact on development. You could have a youngster with 20 determination, but 5’s in ambition and professionalism and he won’t develop well. If this is the case it’s actually better to tutor him and lose some determination in exchange for gains in the other stats.

    • Darren Smith

      Thats an interesting point and very valid. I guess the main problem for most is they will struggle to know if the tutee has low ambition without cheating through real time editor or the general editor unless a scout report or player info gives it away.

  • koerangkerjaan

    hi Darren, thanks for the great job you’ve been provided us with, can u do a profile of filip jankovic of Parma? and why sometimes the minimum price you stated doesnt work out? the club keep rejecting it, or the club accepts it but the player keep refusing to move to my club, thanks

    • Darren Smith


      Jankovic hasn’t improved enough in my test save for a profile I’m afraid, I am not sure he’s good enough full stop TBH. As for your other question, its natural for asking prices to vary, just common sense applies, the price will vary depending on when you make the bid, how you negotiate with the opposition, if the player has flexible PA meaning he is worth more from one save to another etc. I also can’t do anything about a player not wanting to move to your club, again its just common sense, you couldn’t get Rooney to move to Crystal Palace in real life for instance.

      • koerangkerjaan

        Thanks Darren for taking time to answer

  • henriquemourao

    Hi there! I play mostly with Portuguese teams, but this question might apply to other leagues. I know Real and Barça also have b teams that work like this. When I am managing Porto, I can send players to Porto B. This team is independent from Porto. I can pick players from my Porto B squad, but i can’t train them, they don’t have the same manager or coaches. My young players are basically sent to an affiliated club, except i can give them tutors and give them some playing time. But I don’t know if the players are getting first team experience at Porto B or plain reserve team experience, nerfing their development. I can’t make first team players available for this team. Has anyone had experience with this type of loan? I just can’t trust the b manager enough to give him my young players. Isn’t it just like sending them on loan?

    • Darren Smith

      That would be very similar to just loaning the player out, what you need to consider is if the B team are at a high enough level to give your player decent experience.

  • henriquemourao

    Hi! thanks for the answer. Porto B is currently at the portuguese second league.

  • HM10

    Hi, i have a new regen 16 years old, he had 93 of potential rating (with fmrte) and since he was 15 i make him somethimes play in first team to grow up faster and he play every match with the primavera team, i have all 5 stars in training and excelent facilities but somethimes his skills drops and i dont understand why, i always talk with him to train better and he is happy of training and for his future in team,even tough his Potential is going down somethimes and it not depend of what i did, this thing piss me of a lot, now i saved as always at 7 may and go in holiday till 20 (because a lot of teams arise regen in that days) and i repeat this action till i dont find a real strong regen, and everythime the abilities of that younger drops, i tried everything(lower the load of training, lift it, give him a break, ecc) but it doesn’t change, the skills drops.
    ps. i grew up a lot of very good regens before, and somethimes the skills drops,even is all perfect, i apologize for my bad english hope you’ll understand. So the question is, there is a way to not make it happen (the lowering abiliy)?

    • Darren Smith

      All I can say is that everything in this guide is the advice you can use. Although if his PA was only 93 I don’t know why you’d bother developing him anyway, that is a very very low potential ability.

      • HM10

        I meant the potential rating is 93, the potential ability sure is 199 or 198.

        • Darren Smith

          Then I have no idea why he wouldn’t improve unless he isn’t getting game time at a high enough level.

  • TheFiftyTwo

    Hi! Thanks for the good tips. I have signed a few promising 14-16 years old kids. They are automatically put into my under 21. Should I move them to Under 18? I’m not sure what would be the difference if I do it otherwise. Thanks

    • Darren Smith

      Wouldn’t make much difference, as long as they’ll get played at the U21 level I’d leave them there.

  • Mariano

    Thanks for this article Darren.
    I like a lot to work on rising wonderkids.
    What I don´t understand is why the scouts change so much their opinion on wonderkids.
    One month the give 5 stars PA, the next 2.5 Stars.
    It also happens way to often that before singing a player it has 2.5 PA according to the scouts, but just the same day after singing him the scouts give him 4 stars of PA. And Im talking always of scouts with over 15 CA and PA.

    Another question I can´t figure out is what factor determine a player to be labeled as a Wonderkid, specially for regens.

    I notice this factors:

    1.The youngster plays in a world top team in a top league
    2.For real life players PA must be of -9 or over 160 of PA, for youngters I have no way to know.
    3.Player must be no older than 20.


    • Darren

      First off, I have never seen that high a variation in scouting reports, I feel like you are exaggerating a little with that. Ignoring that though, you will get a difference depending on how long the scout has scouted that person and their scouting ability.

      Also the scout report is based on your players also, so if you sign players inbetween then that will change the reports. When you talk about the report changing after signing the player, your scouts don’t give that report, your coaches do and they do so with full knowledge of the player, unlike your scouts whom you have asked to do a single report card and not properly look into the player.

      As for factors in labeling wonderkids I assume it will go off PA.

      I should point out though, I really have never seen such massive differences in the reports as you are suggesting, a rating from 4.5 stars to 4 maybe but not from 5 to 2.5, I really don’t see that even been possible.