May 012013

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Hey guys and welcome to our new and improved Football Manager Stories Podcast. This is our 11th episode and after passing double figures we felt it time to revamp our image.

Instead of blundering through random FM related chitta-chatta (aka bickering and arguing over unimportant details :)) we’ve decided to make the Podcast much more relevant, professional and organised. Don’t worry, the banter is still there, myself and Jake still argue over most points but we’ve added the features below…to understand exactly what they are you’ll have to listen to the Podcast ;)

  • FM News
  • The To Madeira Corner
  • Tactic Fantastics

The FMS Podcast will be available in the tab near the top of this site, through iTunes and in each episode post (see below to play today’s episode.)

Episode 11

Hosts: Darren Smith and Jake Lenahan. 

Duration: 1 hour 5 mins

Content: The new and improved FMS Podcast features a completely revamped look. We’ll be talking about the latest FM news including FM14, The To Madeira corner sees us discuss Stanciu, Tactic Fantastics includes a heated debate on the 4-4-2. Then it’s quiz time and don’t miss the listeners questions.

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As always we are happy to hear your thoughts, so if you have a specific question you’d like answering in the next Podcast, just leave a comment below. Not all the questions can be featured and only a handful will be chosen, we’ll basically pick the ones that we feel the other listeners will find interesting.

  25 Responses to “Football Manager Stories Podcast – New and Improved!”

  1. Well done guys, really enjoyed that and I think the new revamp has really improved the podcast… Don’t get me wrong it was good but this is has really imrpoved the whole thing, sounds much better. From the sounds of my question it seems it does take a while for the podcast to get it all together but I am sure everyone appreciates the time and effort you guys put in.

    Also happy to see that Jake is writing next year… and Darren what you were saying about starting a story and then realizing you dont have time is exactly what I have done and I understand your point and TBH I would rather read you guides ect ect even though your stories are really good.

    As for the tactics I would probably favor Darren tbh, I think Jake with wing backs would at the back leave him caught out where as Darren as much more link up play and still solid defensively.

    I have a question for the next episode witch is on an average day how much FM do you manage to play and do the people you live with eg wife, girlfriend, mind you playing the game?

    • Thanks Gaurav, glad the new Podcast has gone down well…its true the Podcast does take a lot of time, I could argue its more time consuming than any guide or post we write due to the preparation and then recording stage but its worth it if the community can just chill for an hour and listen to us argue :)

      I guess this is just one of the many things holding me back from story telling but I agree the guides, profiles and Podcast are more beneficial than stories.

      I guess that’s 1-0 to me on the tactics then :) TBH after reviewing the arguments again Jake’s does make more sense and is definitely tried and tested but its interesting to see how we all have a differing opinion on how tactics should be done, there really isn’t a right or wrong way unless you are getting thrashed week in week out.

      We’ll address your question in the next episode, that will provide some very carefully worded answers I’m sure, just in case the missus is listening ;)

  2. Really enjoyed this and this did seem to be much more organised and precise (not that it wasn’t at all before), although I do think I’ll miss the little snippets of music throughout the podcast.
    Really liking tactic fantastics! Enjoyed the banter and different perspectives provided by both of you which did have very valid points. I would however be forced to side with Jake as I personally believe it is important to rely heavily on the flanks and taking advantage of the two center-forwards always presiding in the box in the 4-4-2. It is hard to play brilliant football and you could sometimes be found out so I would be more inclined to rely on the wing backs and wingers more than the central midfielders.
    Thanks for your detailed replies to my rather vague question and both of you gave me some good advice. Oh and is their like a “magic” number for the quiz, as in the first person to reach it wins and you’ll start again? Or will it be ever continuous?

    • Thanks mate, glad you liked it. We’ll consider your opinion on the music for the next one, I’ll mention it to Jake and see if we can’t mix things up a little between old and new.

      The Tactic Fantastics was more of an argument than a discussion this time, I’ll try and calm down for the next one lol :) But to be fair I think Jake had the better points and seen as its his formation he’ll know best, I’m pushing for a 4-3-2-1 net time though, then I’ll be the one in the know :)

      We’ll discuss your question for the next Podcast, not sure on the answer right now as we’ve never really thought about.

  3. It’s great to hear that you’ve are following me closely, though I’m sorry to say I don’t get up to much interesting.

  4. Hey guys,

    Really enjoyed this episode and I especially loved the tactic discussion. May have to try and use a 4-4-2 again at some point :)

    I think Darren’s version would be better than Jakes in any other FM except FM13. This years edition has made wide play overpowered and as a result, if you play with a lot of width, you are likely to be more dangerous. I think it’s safe to say that that we have all conceded stupid goals from crosses where defenders just don’t try to get the ball. So Jake’s tactic, which utilises width, just gets my vote.

    I’ve been thinking that my tactic might be too attacking and you guys confirmed that so I will make a change. Thanks a lot for discussing that.

    I know a lot of people like to do challenges relating to youth so I had a question for you guys. Who do you reckon is the best wonder kid from every major nation at the start of the game? So the best young English, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, etc.

    • Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it.

      As mentioned since listening to the arguments again I’ve come around to Jake’s opinion, and you have a point that FM13 does require more attention on the wings.

      Glad to help with your tactic, sometimes it takes an outsider to point out what may be obvious but is blocked in your site by over use of the system.

      And as for the question, we’ll certainly take a look for the next episode.

  5. The official FM podcast was from January so much of your news is outdated

    • I guess you’re right. But that was the most recent news that was official, detailed and interesting to discuss so not much we can do about SI’s lack of updates.

  6. I like the direction you guys have taken the podcast in. The little sub-sections such as To Madeira corner are excellent.
    On the tactic I have to go with Jake’s idea on how its best used, the CF and poacher works quite well and even tho the LB and RB are wing backs I do think they provide sufficient cover in both attack and defend. Two CMs with support duty would lend themselves more to defending than an AP so defence is covered.
    I am not too disappointed to hear your answer to my question Darren, it just means the whole FMS community will benefit from your guides and continuous improvement of FMS.
    Excellent work as usual guys :D

    • Thanks Ryan, glad the new layout is getting some positive feedback. On the tactics side, as I said earlier on reflection I agree with Jake that his version is better.

  7. hi guys,love your podcast,always a good listen,just wanted to leave a comment on the most recent podcast where you talking about Football Manager Live.I used to play that game and their was real players on,their was two sets of gameworlds,real players and regens,so on a GW their was one Messi,Ronaldo,XAvi etc and you had to chat the manager and negotiate to get players,it was amazing but basically although at the start their was thousands of players the number of players died off so they shut the game but doubt they bring it out of Korea at risk of the game failing again.

    • Thanks Paul, as mentioned we didn’t really play the live version, I tried the regen version but wasn’t aware there were real player versions too.

  8. really like the rewamped version of the podcast. Been listening from the start, and always look forward to new episodes. You guys have really progressed nicely from the first episode. dont get me wrong, I really liked the first ones as well, but if you go back and listen there is a clear progression :) keep up the good work and (already) looking forward to the next episode.

    • Thanks mate, I like to think we have improved steadily but this newly revamped version included some major changes that took a lot of research and time to implement so I’m glad its all paid off so far.

  9. I have to side with Darren, although Jake’s formation is valid, it sounded a little flat in central midfield. Darren’s was more like the kind of formation I’d play, short passing and wing play to stretch the opponents. No need for a target man with wingers!
    The To Madeira corner is a great idea but I the player chosen wasn’t great, it should a bargain (3.5m not a bargain!) who turns into a world beater. Can’t think of any this year but Bogdan Stancu a few years ago and Marco Veratti spring to mind.
    Oh, and the lowest ranked playable nation in S America was a valid question!

    • Thanks mate, I think the tactics section will always come down to personal preferences. As for the To Madeira Corner, I think you (as you’ve pointed out) are looking for the impossible, in years gone by what you mention was available in game, however this year £3.5m is a bargain and even for that price its hard to find world beaters…So I’m afraid you won’t be seeing those any time soon.

      As for the lowest rank nation, it was a valid question, as it was FM related, but I just felt like I make Jake’s life easier in the quiz thats all…guess thats my problem with the questions I provide.

      • True, those bargain players are getting rarer. The most recent one I just thought of was Yaya Sanogo – 2.5m and he could be European golden boot winner.
        I have a question for the next podcast – do you guys ‘get into’ FM too much when playing? For example, there was a guy who dressed up in a suit for FM cup finals, I used to chew gum like Fergie, or even screaming punching the air when important goals go in.

        • Its a shame really, there’s no better feeling than finding the Sanogo, Verratti or Fierro of a save that can make all the difference and knowing you did it for peanuts…also that is something that happens in real life so hopefully SI will revue that for FM14.

          Interesting question there, we’ll be sure to discuss it next episode.

  10. Shinji Kagawa was bought by Dortmund for 400k in real life. Sold 2 years later for 17m. Bargain of the century!

  11. Hey guys, love the new format of the podcast. Can’t wait until the next one.

    My question is: Do you have any tips for keeping up your own motivation/enthusiasm when playing Football Manager? Time and time again i start a new game with the ambition of it being a long save but end up playing 2 or 3 match’s before saying to myself “I can’t be bothered.” and i exit the game. What keeps you guys going?


  12. Hey guys,
    I really like the new sections and especially enjoyed the “To Madeira Corner”.
    Considering the tactic fantastics section I suggest you drop the sharp time limit. At least for me it was a bit difficult to follow when you start to hurry describing your 4-4-2 approach because the time is running out. Take your time, make sure you do not forget the points you want to make and maybe set yourself a time limit for the overall section.

    Looking forward to the next episode.
    Cheers from Germany.

    • Thanks for the comment Anders, glad you like the new sections.

      We’ll address your comment on Tactics Fantastics, what we really want to do is limit the length of the Podcast to make it more accessible to other listeners, but as you mentioned there might be better areas to cut back in.

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