Nov 282012

Hey guys and welcome to our seventh Football Manager Stories Podcast. We are back to talk about Football Manager 2013 in great detail including what we are doing in game. In fact, we have got so much to cover on FM13, that the real life section has been cut. This is still of course an ongoing feature for the community and all the FMS Podcast’s will be available in the tab near the top of this site, through iTunes and in each episode post, but we’ll go into more detail in a minute. Let me start by introducing episode seven.

Hosts: Darren Smith and Jake Lenahan. 

Duration: 1 hour

Content: We’ll be going into great detail on FM13, talking about our in game experience and analyzing the new features. Then it’s quiz time and we’ll answer some of your questions from episode six.

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As always we are happy to hear your thoughts, so if you have a specific question you’d like answering in the next Podcast, just leave a comment below. Not all the questions can be featured and only a handful will be chosen, we’ll basically pick the ones that we feel the other listeners will find interesting.

  18 Responses to “Football Manager Stories Podcast – Episode Seven, FM 2013 special”

  1. Great Podcast :) Really enjoyed listening to it :) How do you find out your ranking on fm?

  2. In all fairness, mad world is quite depressing … :D
    Quality, Quality, Quality again and I can’t find anymore compliments to pay you that I haven’t already. By the way the banter is proper laugh out loud material. Loving it!

    • Oh whoops but I forgot to say I can’t believe about the online thing! Your right, false advertising! I’m gonna check up the full facts and if this is the case I’ll be extremely disappointed! Was looking forward to playing my mates one-off but apparently not.

      • Thanks mate, the banter is fun. :) As for the online thing I was wrong!! I looked up some tutorials and it turns out you can export a team from full version and use in versus! So sorry to worry everyone!

        • YAY! Did a bit of research myself and didn’t know that you had to export the team from the main game. Pretty complicated.

  3. Great podcast as always guys, I really enjoy these.

    About Versus Mode, it does work with games from the full version of the game, hope Jake didn’t send his letter haha :D

  4. Great listen again guys, the banter is great!

    Looking back at my question guess it was a bit stupid, as Jake said like have you ever put socks on, haha. Can’t stop laughing at the bit where Darren when “Where are you Messi, you midget” haha.

    Great one again guys and look forward to the christmas special.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Gaurav, your question wasn’t stupid at all I think Jake just enjoyed the way it read :) Didn’t even realize I said that Messi thing :) Just goes to show what happens when you’re multi-tasking lol, all part of the fun.

  5. Hey just listened to your podcast was great i really enjoy it and your scouting lists, tactic and of coarse your stories. If you ever want a guest for the podcast i would love to be that person. I’m 21 from Australia and love fm. Keep it up!!!

  6. Another great podcast guys, on Ben Arfa, I am a big fan of his but he is insanely over rated on the game. The banter was great, I think you have to hit Jake with some tough questions next time :)
    Looking forward to a some Christmas spirit next time :)

  7. Great podcast guys, very entertaining…the hour flew by.

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