Jan 212013

Hey guys and welcome to our ninth Football Manager Stories Podcast. The most recent patch has been released long enough for some heated conversation and debates over SI’s efforts to make FM more realistic. So join Darren and Jake as they discuss (political word for argue) about the new patch and its pro’s/con’s.

This is still of course an ongoing feature for the community and all the FMS Podcast’s will be available in the tab near the top of this site, through iTunes and in each episode post, but we’ll go into more detail in a minute. Let me start by introducing episode nine.

Hosts: Darren Smith and Jake Lenahan. 

Duration: 1 hour 5 mins

Content: We’ll be talking about our FM13 saves, discussing the games new patch and all its flaws and glitches. Then it’s quiz time and don’t miss the listeners questions, Gerald has stayed at home this time!

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  28 Responses to “Football Manager Stories Podcast – Episode Nine, Patch 13.2”

  1. Can’t believe you guys cut me out…

  2. Good listen again guys, really entertaining and funny, gotta say Jake’s questions are a bit harsh.

    I havent got a question yet but will think of one so Gerald doesn’t return.

  3. Interesting hour of debate and different points of view. It’s all fair making a game harder but I agree with you that it can feel random. Every game against less opposition feels like my team has got complacent, and I no longer feel as though my tactical mistake has been fatal to the team. The match engine is driving me around the bend; when players back away from the ball it is frustrating. But as Jake says, it has got harder and that I think is positive. It is actually more interesting reading stories off the forums, most notably Chester and Bournemouth because it has been a realistic progression, not just jumping up leagues. They need to find a balance though as it has gone one extreme to the other.
    And Darren Smith, Champions League winner with Scarborough, struggling on Football Manager!? ;) Must have heard it wrong.

    • Haha, yeah its driving me mental mate…from doing what I did in every save last year to struggling this time round is crazy, but I actually think on the whole I’m probably performing the same as most, I just expect too much maybe.

      Got further into my Gateshead save and we are truly bossing L2 and the tactic seems to work like I’d expect it too, problem is I expect that to change suddenly without warning as that is whats happened in other saves, we’ll see, maybe we all just need to adapt to the way the game is now and then we can enjoy it more.

  4. i agree with what you are saying with the randomness. i understand that football is unpredictableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to a certain extent, and they have to make allowences an you yourself as the gamer also needs to accept this, but at times its rediculous! in my ajax save, i finished 2nd int he first season but 17 points behind psv, an then won the 2nd season with 83 points out of a possible 102. in both seasons, especially the first one, i can understand a team like ajax losing 1 in maybe 5 games, but i seemed to beat teams generally 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1 ect, then lose to really crap teams by rediculous scores like losing to NEC 9-0, with no sending offs, no criplling injuries ect. even the 3 games i lost in season 2, i lost 6-0 5-1 an 7-3!? an not to psv, feyenord twente ect, but to rubbish teams who only win about 5 games a season, and they battering me!
    theres some other weird things, like erikson scoring about 10 freekicks a season, altho his free kick rating is 12, an his long range shooting anfinishing are about 13!?yet i had leighton baines on adifferent save, with high free kick taking, yet he wouldnt ever score one.

  5. apologise for the strange “unpredictableeeeeeeeeeeeee”, my keyboard/laptop has a mind of its own!

    • Thanks for your thoughts Kirk, I’d be surprised if at least one in three FMer’s didn’t see where we are all coming from. Its a weird year, on the face of it the game seems great and working wonderfully, but for the real addicts who play religiously I think its showing up a few very annoying glitches like the ones you’ve mentioned. We can all cope with these as long as we know it won’t offer a long term issue, as in the team crashing and burning, but unfortunately I have experienced that also with the likes of Liverpool. Still a mint game let me add, but would be nice to have them looked at for the next patch if SI think there’s a problem.

  6. Thanks for answering, great podcast as ever guys. meant that computer and user teams using 4-2-3-1 do well, and I use Goals Galore 2013 by Koflok, though winning is probably down to the players I have

    • Might have to look at that tactic in the future as the formation is always a fail for me and reasonably easy to play against unless the opposition are ridiculous.

  7. I agree with Darren, there is a sense of accentuated randomness in the match engine and I’m sure SI are working on it. There were upsets in previous versions of the game, a good team could lose a match to the underdogs once in a while but not on a regular basis. And that’s how it is in real life as well.

    But I’m sure that the new patch will solve most of the problems, I’m expecting it to be released soon after the transfer window closes, that way it will also include the latest transfers.

    P.S.: I’m having the long shots problem as well, the “work ball into box” shout solves some of it but not always.

    • Yeah I think that is the big issue, they seem to have taken it from the odd upset to being far too frequent, but then again maybe last year was a little too easy so its a fine balancing act for SI to manage.

      Looking forward to the new patch, will be interesting to see how they address these issues. The long shots thing is the most annoying, mainly because the ME shows you where the issue is but won’t let you solve it :) As mentioned though, SI should hopefully resolve this with the new patch.

  8. As ever a great listen guys.

    The new patch is pretty annoying sometimes, the results haven’t been that bad for me, but the amount of long shots being taken, even though everybody’s is set to rarely, is starting to drive me up the wall.

    Darren, the question about Pato that Jake asked was a really hard one, I guess we’ll have to think of one for you to ask ;)

    • Thanks for your thoughts on the latest patch Karl, hopefully SI will make some adjustments for 13.3, I reckon they will.

      As for the quiz, Jake is just determined to make me lose, where as I’m more interested in making fair questions, maybe I should go to the dark side, any ideas email me ;)

  9. I really can’t get into this game. I think they’ve maybe made it too realistic. Although some people prefer it like this I would rather have it a bit simpler next time. I think that would make it more fun for players like me who just want to relax and not spend weeks pulling their hair out trying to get Taarabt to stop shooting from 40 yards out!

    • Yeah it is a tough mix to get right, realism and difficulty versus enjoyment, I think they’ve gone too far onto the difficult side and made it too random but it won’t take much to solve the problem so keep playing until the next patch when they might correct a few things.

  10. Tooooooooooooooo Madeira! I had that guy on CM01/02, he took me through the divisions and was a monster. 20 pace, accelerating and finishing! I didn’t know the story behind him, that’s awesome!
    Thanks for answering my question about the legends edition. I think it could happen, each club has a squad of their club legends, eg Stoke would have Stanley Matthews etc.
    My next question is, who is the one player you have the most love for in the history of CM/FM? For me it’s To Madeira.

  11. Great podcast guys. The match engine is a mess. I have stopped playing FM13 for the moment. I bought Klass-jan Huntelaar who has a finishing of 20 and he is missing sitters.
    So i feel your pain darren. I will play Fm13 again when the new patch comes out and i really do hope they fix the match engine. Keep up the good work guys.

    • Well I am hoping for some improvements and I’m sure its been brought to SI’s attention enough times for the problems to be sorted, won’t take much to solve, just minor tweaks in comparison to some of the issues they sorted early on.

  12. something i also noticed, whenever my team seems to soar into a 2-0 lead by half time, it is almost inevitable that i will end the game either 2-2 or 2-3! its rediculous. i seem to remember this happening on an older version, maybe fm07 or 08 (trying to remember when i was wasting my university time playing fm!), an now it seems to occur alot on the newest one, no matter how i change my team to play possetion football or to defend al out ect, just seem to let a 2-0 lead slip about 80% of the time.

    • Yeah the other thing that can happen is if a top team goes 2-0 up against you early on the floodgates open and its near impossible to fix the problems.

      • yeah, its definatly a conundrum for the producers i imagine, as the randomness is a massive factor, but at the same time there are constant patterns. so im not sure how or where they would draw the line? i think if there was some other ways to analyse the game so that you could see why these problems occur,(not that im suggesting i have any idea how they could implement this!), that would help. theres a few things i cant understand how you can avoid, i find my teams generally tend to concede at the beggining (1st 10mins), an in the last 10 mins. the last 10 mins you could put down to fitness, concentration stats ect, but how on earth do you stop a team conceding regularly in the first 10minutes? only thing i can think of is to have a possetion tactic for the first 20 mins or so, to let the players get a grasp of the game, before switching to a more standard attacking tactic!?
        i guess all these little conundrums are what keeps the game so brilliant though, despite all the flaws we are pointing out!

  13. Anyone help me…How to download new patch 13.2 …pls

  14. Finally got the chance to listen, I would like to second everything you said Darren, its so frustrating when your, say, comfortably 4th heading for a CL spot then with 10 games to go in the season you crash and burn and dont win a game ! The long shots thing is unbelievably annoying too !

    • Yeah I think what makes it worse is testing tactics. When you made a new tactic it either worked or it didn’t and you could see where the issues were in the ME now you have to test for a full season just to find out it doesn’t work, thats the most frustrating thing for me and what leads me to think there is a problem.

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