Football Manager Stories Podcast – Episode Eight, Christmas special

FM 2013

written by Darren Smith

Hey guys and welcome to our eighth Football Manager Stories Podcast. Are you struggling to get in the festive mood? Well spare an hour and listen to Darren and Jake chat X-mas memories, a little FM and enjoy our hilarious outtakes/bloopers. Whatever you do, don’t miss the end of this podcast, its worth the wait!

This is still of course an ongoing feature for the community and all the FMS Podcast’s will be available in the tab near the top of this site, through iTunes and in each episode post, but we’ll go into more detail in a minute. Let me start by introducing episode eight.

Hosts: Darren Smith and Jake Lenahan. 

Duration: 1 hour 5 mins

Content: We’ll be highlighting the best FM13 stories from our Forum, talking about our in game experience and spreading some Christmas vibes. Then it’s quiz time and don’t miss our hilarious outtakes/bloopers, they’re worth the wait!

Want to listen to episode eight of the FMS Podcast? Its simple, just click the play button below!

If you don’t have time to listen right now and would rather listen through your iPod on the way to work or school, why not subscribe to our RSS feed, its simple and takes seconds…all you need is iTunes and to click this link here. That will direct you to our iTunes page where you can find all the episodes and subscribe through iTunes on your computer. Please note Episode 8 has just been uploaded so iTunes will need a little time to get everything updated, therefore the download may not be available straight away.

Alternatively just go to iTunes on your iPhone/iPod/iPad then find the podcast section and search for Football Manager Story Podcast, the download will be available there.

As always we are happy to hear your thoughts, so if you have a specific question you’d like answering in the next Podcast, just leave a comment below. Not all the questions can be featured and only a handful will be chosen, we’ll basically pick the ones that we feel the other listeners will find interesting.

Darren is the co-owner of Football Manager Story. He merged with Johnny Karp in 2011 after moving from his own successful site named Allthatisfootballmanager. A football fanatic, whether it be the real thing or video games. He has been playing Fifa and Football Manager for donkey’s years. Deriving from the North East Darren supported Scarborough. However turned into a dedicated Newcastle fan from the age of 7. He enjoys watching Soccer Saturday and any live games. However Football Manager is his real passion. You can contact Darren at darrensmith360[at]

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Karl Deighton

Great listen again guys, really funny.

Darren, I know what you’re on about with Crash Bandicoot Racing, it was a class game!
I have a question this time, will hopefully stop Gerald from asking some :D

When do you think you will stop playing FM, and would there be a reason for it?

Nick Sundin

Alright then, do you think 4-2-3-1 is overpowered on FM13, and aren’t agents/players greedy bastards on it, they won’t negotiate down a grand?!?

Gaurav Chaddah
Gaurav Chaddah

Hhahahhaa, I am just in stitches, that was hilarious, the banter is brilliant, best podcast yet to end 2012, thanks for the entertainment over the past few months lads, really good listen. That soccer game you mentioned towards the end Darren, I used to love, in fact still have a copy, might fire it up tomorrow. ;)

I have a question which is:

How do do guys approach a start of a new save, any in particular routine?

Thanks again guys and Merry Christmas, Darren just realiszed your birthday is on Saturday, so is mine! So Happy Birthday!

I look forward to the podcasts in 2013, that is providing the world doesn’t end tomorrow ;)

Paul Hart
Paul Hart

Hi guys – enjoy listening to the pod! I’m an old school CM/FM player – who was there from the start (the first game on one blue floppy disc in a cardboard box with a copy of ‘Fever Pitch’ chucked in for free). Those were the halycon days – about 1992. Not a great d/base of players in modern standards, but in the first game, you could buy (if they’d come to you), 17 year old players like Sol Campbell and Robbie Fowler for £50k. Hardly a foreign transfer market at all – the height of exoticness for me in that first game was buying a left-back from France. The game peaked for me around ’94/95/96′, when it had a significant revamp and I led the all conquering Boro (featuring Ravinelli, Juninho and 4 other Brazilian stars to a clean sweep of all 7 cups in one season). The stand-out player for me though was a steady Enlish centre-half called Steve Vickers who scored nearly 30 goals that season… Ah, yes – what prompted me to write – questions! I’ve only recently come back to the FM fold and wondered if you’d help me with 2 questions? 1. Nature or… Read more »


Very funny guys, memorable as ever.

Paul’s post took me on a trip down memory lane. Do you remember the separate editions of CM2 for Spain and Italy? Also there was a flier in the original CM2 box for a legends edition, with classic players, that never actually came to fruition.
My question for the next pod is, would you like to see a special legends edition of FM?


Trying to wait for Christmas Eve to listen to this but couldn’t resist :). Great Podcast again Jake and Darren, and the bloopers … wow. Just wow – I knew there were more mistakes then you were letting on. You’ve left yourselves with an impossibly high bar for 2013, so good luck!


I listen to every fms podcast and this one was definately one of the best you youve done if not the best. Loved the chat about retro gaming. My dad told me once about playing Sonic on a megadrive!
I can currently think of a question at the moment I will try and think of one in the next few days so Gerald isnt asking a question!
Merry Christmas!

Nick Sundin

Just a quick question, not one for the podcast, but is it just me or do players go on and score from mazy runs too regularly on this latest patch?


Just discovered the podcast and downloaded all the episodes, really good listen!

One problem I’ve had is the volume. One of you sounds very loud while the other is very low, any chance you could adjust your levels? I listen with headphones so it’s a little difficult, especially the loud coughs.

Cheers guys.