FMS Job Vacancies: Write For Us And Get Paid


written by Darren Smith

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UPDATE: We have now stopped accepting applications, thank you for your interest in becoming part of this community.

Do you have a burning passion for Football Manager, are you a tactical whizzkid or do you just desperately want to share your knowledge with a community that cares? If you want to do all this, for a friendly, supportive website, with an average audience of around 50,000 page views per day and also get paid for your efforts, then read on!

Football Manager Story was established back in 2008 and we have grown year on year. We have bigger and better plans for the future, including the recruitment of specialist writers. Myself and Johnny can’t keep up with the continued growth unless we get help, so we need you. Below are the job vacancies available, amount of staff required and what we’ll expect.

As mentioned these positions are paid, but we will discuss those details only with the successful applicants. We want serious writers, dependable folks that will stick around.

We would like to fill all the positions below for FM15, but anyone wanting to try their hand in writing about FM14 is more than welcome.

Tactics Expert(s)

Number of vacancies: 3

Description: You’ll be responsible for writing tactical posts. These can vary from tactical guides, to analysis of a tactic or creation of a tactic for the community to download.

Requirements: Each author would be expected to write at least two posts per month. These posts would need to be high quality, whether that is a tactic download that the community can enjoy (these must be presented well, not just a download link) or a thought provoking piece of analysis.

Community Reporter

Number of vacancies: 1

Description: This role requires you to write a monthly round up of the FM scene, highlighting the best posts from other sites, blogs and forums. We would also require download posts, so posts sharing links for logo packs, kits and databases etc from around the scene.

Requirements: One monthly community report and posts whenever necessary sharing downloads from the scene (most likely one or two a month depending.)

Team Guide Creator(s)

Number of vacancies: 3

Description: The title says it all, you should write high quality and detailed guides for specific clubs, countries and leagues. You are not restricted to that though if you want to expand past those boundaries to another form of guide.

Requirements: Each author should write at least two posts per month. Again we do look for high quality content.

How To Apply

Simply send us an email to and (please email both if possible) with the following:

  • Your name and any relevant details.
  • A bit about yourself.
  • Attach a word document stating your ideas, basically your letter of intent.
  • If you have written online before, even if just in a forum, links would help with your application.

There is no real cut off point, but beware this is a first come first serve basis. We will continue to look to fill these positions until the right applicant comes along, but once they are gone they are gone. Look forward to hearing from you all soon and remember, anyone can apply.

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