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written by Johnny Karp

Sports Interactive have just released a new patch for FM 2014, version is 14.1.4. This should fix several bugs, most of them from the match engine. The update is save game compatible, all you have to do is start or re-start Steam in order to bring the game to the current version. If the game doesn’t update please verify the game cache as shown here.

Here’s the full list of changes and fixes in FM 2014 patch 14.1.4:

Stability and Performance
– Fixed rare crash/freeze during processing
– Fixed rare crash when using edited data
– Fixed rare crash in backroom advice
– Fixed rare freeze when processing

– Prevented teams from entering both Champion & EURO Cups
– Allowed overage players to feature in Swedish Reserve league* (You will need to start a new save for this fix to be in your game)

– Fixed user being sacked for not dropping a player they already sold

– Adjusted Free Kick attribute progression

Transfers and Contracts
– Lower league players now more willing to negotiate contract renewals

– Prevented IGE use in network game
– Fixed free agents being unable to transfer in IGE
– User can now activate Italian Serie D

Match Engine
– Some important improvements to the engagement of the ball player with reduced slide tackle count
– Fixed under hit near post corners that caused too many easy chances
– Fixed the worst examples of wild off target shots and passes
– Reduced long shots
– Fixed bug causing some deflections/blocks to be potentially missed
– Reduced directional change on regular player collision avoidance
– Fixed metrification bug causing full back to run to centre of pitch when overlapping
– Fixed bug where keeper storms out too fast when narrowing angle and risks overshooting target point
– Increased fouls at lower levels
– Pushed d-lines ups a bit when ball not in attacking third
– Fixed some headers being directed higher than intended
– Fixed keepers not reaching some obvious balls above their head
– Fixed some instances of players not closing down ball player including at short corner
– Fixed some instances of players not making no-brainer tackle attempt
– Tweaked default cross aim point slightly
– Some further tweaks to kick/header inaccuracy
– Improved player blocking of shots and crosses
– Fixed some minor bugs in ball deflection code
– Some general improvements to engagement of ball player
– Reduced instances of tackles leading to corners
– Some more tackles made in danger situations
– Improved detection of Clear Cut Chances when player behind defence
– Slightly more opportunistic shots taken especially when chasing a goal
– Small tweaks to some shot velocities
– Minor tweak to pass AI reducing any risky short ones under no pressure
– Full backs come a bit deeper to offer keeper pass in 4 man defences when long kicks not instructed
– Reduced instances of keeper handballs outside area
– Fixed red cards being displayed for these handballs outside area
– Stopped players running through nets
– Fix for some issues with high d-lines not positioning correctly
– Fix for some issues with clearing header direction
– Reduced instances of clearance kicks in unrealistic areas
– Fix for keepers not saving some shots dipping and hitting woodwork
– Fix for players not leaving obvious ball for keeper
– Made keepers make use of their area better after catching ball
– Reduced some long shots in deeper central areas
– Fixed some examples of Clear Cut and Half Chances being missed
– Tuned player match ratings

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  • comment avatar Donat November 27, 2013

    Finally, the freeckick progression has been fixed! in all your scree shots, almost every player has amazing free kicks in future

  • comment avatar Pedro Roriz November 27, 2013

    3 things:
    1. less sliding tackles, which is great because everyone seems to do that every time and get sent off
    2. less long shots. many ‘why did you do that, you dumbass!!’ moments
    3. italian serie d? they already have divided the regional divisions for italy! there are the lazio, the umbria, the lombardia divisions and so on. they could activate even more divisions for them. nonetheless, epic!

  • comment avatar Andrew November 28, 2013

    In the past I could have 10 – 15 shots and score one goal. The AI will have 2 – 5 shots and score 3. Has this been fixed as it is a little annoying when you are in control of a match and lose 3 – 1. I can understand this happening in the odd game but not in most games. I manage in the lower leagues – level 10

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 29, 2013

      The list of fixed things is in the post. I suppose most of your shots were from distance?

      • comment avatar Andrew November 29, 2013

        Most of my shots are in the box which is why I can’t understand why I have so many and the AI have so few. I have also been in games where I have been 3 – 0 up at halftime and come out in the second half and lost 5 or 6 – 3. The AI seem to always score in the 47th Min.
        I even change my tactics at half time to see if this helps. But I still get the same result.

        Apart from that I love the game.

  • comment avatar João November 29, 2013

    Where i can download the patch? In this page i don´t see anithing to download..
    (Sorry for the bad English)

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 29, 2013

      You don’t need to download anything, the game will be updated through Steam (that information is available right at the beginning of the post).

      • comment avatar Andrew November 29, 2013

        Hi, If you are using Steam then you need to log out of the game and steam. When you log back in to Steam it will download the patch. Allow a few mins for this to happen. Once it has finished downloading then run the game and it will show that you are running 14.1.4

  • comment avatar mike November 29, 2013

    After this last patch release my club logos don t work. The kits and faces are ok. Any idea ?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 29, 2013

      Installing the patch shouldn’t have any effect on logos, kits, faces. So my guess is that you haven’t installed the logos properly in the first place, please read the relevant instructions and install them again.

      • comment avatar nielsneutron December 3, 2013

        No to discredit you Johnny but I just noticed that with the new patch my the kits of my Barry Town United has changed from yellow to blue.

        • comment avatar nielsneutron December 3, 2013

          A small change to my comment. It is only the club logo that changed and the club page says I am wearing blue but I am still in my Barry Yellow.

          • comment avatar Johnny Karp December 4, 2013

            If you think it’s a bug you should report it to SI, nothing I can do about it.

  • comment avatar Reza November 29, 2013

    The new patch has killed the game for me. I was unbeaten after 14 games with forest in second season after spending first tweaking tactics, the new patch uploads and have won 1 of my next 5. it seems like the opposition turn into a bayern barce hybrid after half time and destroy me in every game. has ruined it for me. I dont have a problem with losing the odd game if i have been dominating. or the AI doing me tactically but have found this update has been ridiculous.

  • comment avatar Reza November 29, 2013

    Also meant to ask how can i select a player to individually mark another on fm14? cant find how to do it anywhere!

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 29, 2013

      You can’t.

      • comment avatar Reza December 4, 2013

        I found how you can select individual marking. It’s in the individual player instructions. In game you go into tactics – players – edit – and it’s the bottom right instruction. Found by accident.

  • comment avatar smokie November 30, 2013

    since update have hired new ass. manager. the new ass. manager shows up in my staff details but when i go to training page and go to coaches it still lists my old ass. manager. also employed new coach and he his not listed in training, coaches. anybody else got this problem.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 30, 2013

      Never had that problem, you should report it on the official SI forum.

      • comment avatar smokie November 30, 2013

        cheers mate, will do.

  • comment avatar inzaghi December 1, 2013

    how to download ?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp December 1, 2013

      No need to download, it installs automatically through Steam.

  • comment avatar omar bassiony December 1, 2013

    where is the link as i don’t use steam ?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp December 1, 2013

      There is no link, the patch can only be installed through Steam. If you don’t use Steam I guess you have a pirated copy, so this conversation will end here as far as I’m concerned.

      • comment avatar omar bassiony December 3, 2013

        okay thanks :)

  • comment avatar Rookenaar December 4, 2013

    theres something wrong with the scouting or is it just me?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp December 4, 2013

      Haven’t noticed anything wrong with scouting in my game.

      • comment avatar Rookenaar December 4, 2013

        in my game( I was using 1.4.3 version) (Timo werner, just an exemple could be any other player) passed from a 4 star potencial rating to 5 star and so on, almost every player in the game add more ability on reports after installyng the 14.4 patch

  • comment avatar That Guy From Memento I Think... December 8, 2013

    near post bug finally fixed, conceded 3 of these in the champions league final in my 3rd season as liverpool to, wait for it… Manchester united. Also on a less horrendous note, Sakho finished 2nd season with 22 goals in all comps thanks to this bug with balanta with a modest 18 from Cb postions.
    Quick question. does this patch change player stats because suarez has the same finishing as torres, which from last season is quite tragic from not only a customer of the game’s point of view but for the developers as well…ps dont know if you noticed this but i’m a liverpool fan :D YNWA

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp December 8, 2013

      I don’t think it changed player attributes.

  • comment avatar hilariaomatavitorino December 13, 2013

    can samebody tell if having problems with corners. The are not in the positions i told them to go

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