Five Nice Skins for Football Manager 2010

written by Johnny Karp

If you are interested in changing the look of your Football Manager 2010 game then you must read this post, I found five skins that could make your game even nicer. Let’s see how each of them looks.

1. Vitreous Skin

Author: Mark 387

Download from here

1 vitreous skin

2. Vitreous 2 Skin

Author: Mark387

Download from here

2 vitreous 2 skin

3. SkyCalcio Skin

Author: Fabriziodg91

Download from here

3 skycalcio skin

4. Dominion Skin

Author: Nick Jones

Download from here

4 dominion skin

5. Steklo Skin

Author: TomDixon77

Download from here

5 steklo skin

How to install

Extract to My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/skins. Then go to the display preferences in your game and select the new skin from the drop down menu.

That’s about it, all of the five look pretty nice but so far my favorite remains Vitreous. What about you, which one do you like?

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  • comment avatar Kevin December 9, 2009

    I like the first one, Vitreous. I’m not too keen on the current white and black selection that come as standrard with FM2010. I think I’ll download it when I get home tonight, if I’m not shoveling snow that is.

    • comment avatar JohnnyKarp December 9, 2009

      I like Vitreous too, it has good functionality and a clean elegant look. Good luck with the snow, have some whiskey to help you with that :)

  • comment avatar Levo December 10, 2009

    I think I am going to add my vote to the Vitreous as well that is a really nice skin.

    Although I haven’t felt the need to change my skin this year, I am pretty pleased with the one that I have got with the game, the dark one which doesn’t blind me so much as the white one.

    Any of you interested in getting the new FM09 skin with steam when that is available?

    • comment avatar JohnnyKarp December 10, 2009

      You’re right, the default dark skin looks good enough. I don’t understand the “new FM 09 skin” question though, who would want a new skin for FM 09?

  • comment avatar Levo December 10, 2009

    Its an FM 09 style skin for FM 2010 due to be released along with FM 10.2. Its for anyone who really can’t get to grips with the new layout.

    • comment avatar JohnnyKarp December 10, 2009

      I see. I adjusted to the new layout quite easily but I guess it can be useful for some people.

  • comment avatar joed December 18, 2009

    where is the drop down menu

  • comment avatar yusrEx April 7, 2010

    i like all of them..
    thanks for sharing..nice

  • comment avatar Zheljo June 1, 2010

    i like the Vitreous2 skin, because it has all of the options under your name (in the photo) and has a calm looking dark background, but i haven’t tested it yet…

  • comment avatar MAR June 8, 2010

    1st vitreous
    2nd dominion

  • comment avatar hewy June 20, 2010

    i cannot install the skin after extracting it because i don’t have a skin folder and when i create one and add the vitreous folder after extraction, the game loads up but in the main view it is dark and you can only see the words ‘processing’ and it doesn’t move. Does anyone know what i can do. can i get an fmf file instead of getting a folder. Pls help thnxz

  • comment avatar hewy June 20, 2010

    All my files: the skins, graphics, screens and others are fmf file, this makes it hard for me to get a new skin

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp June 20, 2010

      I don’t know for sure but from what I remember there is a way to create .fmf files out of graphics folders and files. But as I said I’m not too sure about it and the way it should work, my suggestion is to go to the official Sports Interactive forum and have a look over there.

  • comment avatar Tomstorey97 July 11, 2010

    Johhny Karp, Will this give me viruses or malware if i download?

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp July 11, 2010

      Tom, I use the exact same files in my game so I guess they are safe. I also scanned them before uploading and they were clean.

  • comment avatar Josh Floyd August 30, 2010

    looks good finally I might be able to get a decent skin on my mac I LOVE U JOHNNY KARP lol :L :D thanks

  • comment avatar SC1980 November 14, 2010

    Vitreous was a top skin for FM10. Any chance of a revamp for FM11? I’m missing the overview>position that nicely halves the team on the screen. I’m missing players in FM11 as I can;t see them.

    • comment avatar Johnny Karp November 14, 2010

      There is no Vitreous skin for FM 2011 until now, I’ve been looking for it as well :)

  • comment avatar harris8 May 12, 2011

    Can I have all five skins in Preferences menu so that I can change it every time I want ? Thanks forward :D :)

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