Mar 212012

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the subpar quality of my most recent update. I was tired and hadn’t been drinking nearly enough to be typing an update. Well rest assured, neither of those conditions apply at present (as in I’m awake and proper liquored up)!

Secondly, let’s face it, the whole “The Bear” thing has gotten tired. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit (about 5 minutes, actually), and it isn’t adding anything to the story. From now on you’ll be stuck with just regular ol’ Jon, albeit in a somewhat more sarcastic form.

Finally, let’s get on to the real meat and potatoes of thus update: transfer activity! Now you may recall I ended up opting to let about half of my team walk at the end of their contracts (because it was impossible to sell them), and you may recall me mentioning in the comments that I perhaps went a little overboard in that decision. The main problem was, you see, that I couldn’t actually find that many decent players worth signing to replace the ones I’d lost. As a result, I’m fairly certain the team isn’t any better than last year.

So all that being said, here’s (in no particular order) who I brought in:

My previously keeper was hardly a young buck (turning 41), and he’d fulfilled his role of helping us survive last year’s relegation battle. Now I needed someone younger, and Piedade fit the role. He actually has a fair bit of potential left for someone of his age, which was a bit surprising.


Same as before. My old AMC was never especially good, and his attributes were declining faster than former President Bush’s approval ratings. In comes Canha, young, ambitious, and not very good!


It’s a right back! His technical attributes are nothing to write home about, but I was impressed by his physicality, which frankly is what matters at this level of the footballing world (the third tier is probably about on par with the Blue Square Premier).


I’d be lying if I said his name wasn’t a healthy part of why I signed him. Even so, he’s still a pretty decent central midfielder (even if he does have noodle arms).


I’m pretty sure I’m using this guy as my second central midfielder. I think? Is it bad that I already can’t remember what exactly I signed him to do? Maybe I should open up the save and double check… (nah)


Look! A left winger! I mean, he’s not anything special (he is, in fact, terrible), but at least he actually plays the position for a living!


This was my stupid signing of the off season. I grabbed him because I liked his physical and mental attributes, and only later did I realize he actually can’t really play in the middle of the pitch all that well. He’s a solid defensive mid, but I don’t use one, so he’ll probably be on his way out come January.

And finally, here is a shot of all of the transfer activity for the summer:

I didn’t show screenshots of the players brought in for the reserve or youth teams, but I ended up doing a one-for-one on the whole. All in all, it’s a distinctly average squad, but at least they all (excepting Azeez) play in positions I can actually use. Given those signings, I’d say we have a chance to finish anywhere between 1st and 14th, and we’re carrying a media prediction of 16th this year (one worse than last year). Here’s to hoping we find some consistency in our approach (I doubt it).

Thanks for reading all!

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  1. I really like your style of storytelling but you really did startle me with the title. I am glad that you have found players suitable (or not totally rubbish) for your team.
    Perhaps you could retain Azees for the midfield or defender.

    • Hehe, sorry about the title, I tried not to be too melodramatic with it. :) I’m thinking about retraining Azeez as a centerback, as he wasn’t half bad in that role when I had to use him as an emergency sub.

  2. Looks like a bit of a struggle this pre season Stromson, but, although the players may not look much good, I’m sure they’ll do a job and at least keep you up :) It should start to become easier to find players from now on, I found some quality regens on free transfers after a couple of seasons, so I’m sure you’ll begin to improve. Good luck!

    • I can’t wait for washed up regens from the top leagues to start trickling down to us. Right now the only regens I’ve been able to find are my own (terrible) youth players, and a few bright talents released by Porto who have no interest in playing for us. :rage:

  3. Ah, it’s a shame. I liked the bear … anyway they say when one door closes another one opens and whose knocking? A left winger … finally! You shouldn’t write him off (yet) as he has a determination stat of 20, which I always welcome. And your other squad players are decent too, so maybe with a bit of momentum and consistency you can make a strong promotion push.
    Good luck!

    • I may have been a little strong in my wording on that winger, because he’s actually been phenomenal. His finishing is awful, but he’s putting in some solid crosses for us, and works his butt off.

  4. None of those new lads are impressive from what I can see but I don’t really know the league so maybe I’m wrong and you will be winning the title! :) Anyway, I’m quite sure that you will do better than last season.

  5. If the league really is at about a similar level to the Blue Square Premier then these lads should do okay. Whether they’re good enough to see an improvement over last season is unclear. In the lower leagues things are very tough, and letting players go is always a gamble, but hopefully this will pay off for you.

    • Hopefully it will, this really is a bonkers league. Fortunately, it’s also forgiving. Since all the teams are pretty terrible, we can afford to eat a few losses and not suffer too badly in the title hunt.

  6. As mentioned by others the pre-season looks tough indeed. Its always most difficult at the start and I agree with Laxeyman, when the regens start forming the market should open up a little more. Good luck.

  7. Hi Stromson

    At least some of these new signings have better attributes then Bush – I loved that by the way :) You are probably in for another tough season but this is without doubt an interesting assignment in Portugal and suits you perfectly. Great writing by the way :)

    • Thanks Kevin. :) Who knows, I figure I’ll either win the title or get relegated, and one seems just as likely as the other. It actually makes the season pretty exciting. Glad you’re enjoying it! :)

  8. The bear must have passed away. Your new lads look good for you league. I hope they can help you do good this year.

    • Nah, he just decided to return to the wilds from whence he came. Hopefully we can hold out this year. >.>

  9. Hey Stromson, this looks like a real battle of a league! I kind of like that nothing can be taken for granted — pretty NFL-like.

  10. It’s nice to read a story where things don’t always go to plan! Even the best managers make a mistake so I’m sure you’ll pick it up soon Andover together a decent squad!

  11. Those players take me back to lower league South Africa!

    Have you tried it yet!!?? Am sure you would love it! :D

    I love your stories however you write them but its difficult to see how your season will unfold which makes its such an interesting one!

    I guess a run good of luck may put you at the right end of the table but seeing as most teams are all around the same level will make it far more difficult, so the best of luck!

    • I’ve not tried it yet, but I promise I’ll load the leagues into this save and give it a go should I ever get sacked from Dezembro! I’m glad you enjoy them, and I appreciate the encouraging words. :)

  12. Bunch of 30 year olds to rely upon eh? Where has the Bear ended up I wonder, since he’s been dropped and all

    Ah well I think you got some okay players (even an old decrepit left winger for a change), good luck for the season Jon

    • 30 year olds are some of the only decent players out there, I swear it! I think I’ve stumbled across a few halfway decent young players, but I can see myself riding on the backs of older, declining players for a while.

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