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written by Johnny Karp

I’ve been on the lookout for good training regimes for FM 2012 and after some research I can say that this post includes the very best training schedules for Football Manager 2012. I have visited almost every Football Manager fan site and forum out there looking for these and I have selected four training schedules that look good enough to make a difference. Let me introduce them one by one.

Maestro Ugo’s FM 2012 Training Schedules

Maestro Ugo was pretty successful with his schedules for FM 2011 and now he strikes again with brand new training regimes for FM 2012. There are both senior and youth schedules included and the basic philosophy is, according to the author, as follows: “Create training regimes of slightly higher workload than the default ones (two ticks higher workload), that would emphasize what I consider to be important attribute for a given position. Even though the SI finally started differentiating between positions by implementing four different default schedules, I still feel more differentiation is needed, thus creating these. Youth training should be more versatile than the senior one, thus the youth schedules are more general, ensuring players will improve in most of the areas, but still focusing on the position specific ones.

Here is a quick run-down of the included schedules:

Senior schedules:
MU – GK: for keepers
MU – FB: for fullbacks
MU – WB: for wingbacks
MU – DC: for central defenders
MU – DM: for defensive midfielders and defence oriented MCs
MU – AM: for attacking midfielders and attack oriented MCs
MU – WG: for wingers
MU – ST(fast): for fast, poaching type strikers
MU – ST(strng): for strong, target man type strikers

Youth schedules:
MU – Y (gk) – for young keepers
MU – Y (def) – for young defensively oriented players (DC, FB, DM)
MU – Y (wng) – for young wingers and wingbacks (AMRL, WB)
MU – Y (att) – for young attacking oriented players (ST, AMC)

You can find more information and download Maestro Ugo’s training schedule by clicking here.

Macdab55 Training Schedules for FM 2012

This one also includes schedules for players on part-time contracts along with regimes for full time and youth players. Each category has the following specific regimes:

GK– goalkeepers
CB– central defenders
FB– full backs
DMC– defensive midfielders
MC– central midfielders
AMC– attacking midfielders
WIG– wingers
ST– strikers.

You can find more information and download Macdab55’s training schedule by clicking here.


Ajinkx’s Training for FM 2012

Ajinkx made something a bit more complex, based on SFraser’s approach. There are two schedules for injured players that can be used to bring them back into shape quickly and there also are schedules for first team players, youth team players and schedules specifically designed for young players who have to be helped to reach their potential (these are the “Dev” schedules). Here’s the full list:

For Goalkeepers :
AT GKs MainTeam
AT GKs Dev
AT GKs Youth

For Centre Backs:
AT CBs MainTeam
AT CBs Dev
AT CBs Youth

For Full backs:
AT FBs MainTeam
AT FBs Dev
AT FBs Youth

For Defensive Midfielders/Anchor Men/ Ball winning midfielders:
AT DMs MainTeam
AT DMs Dev
AT DMs Youth

For Central Midfielders:
AT CMs MainTeam
AT CMs Dev
AT CMs Youth

For Attacking Midfielders:
AT AMs MainTeam
AT AMs Dev
AT AMs Youth

For Wide Midfielders/Wingers/Inside Forwards:
AT WMs MainTeam
AT WMs Dev
AT WMs Youth

For Target Men:
AT TMS MainTeam
AT TMS Youth

For Fast Strikers:
AT FST MainTeam
AT FST Youth

You can find more information and download Ajinkx’s training schedule by clicking here.

Raikan007’s FM 2012 Training Regime

Raikan’s package includes first team schedules and five youth schedules, all on medium workload because the author believes that heavier workloads can cause injuries. Here is the full list of the schedule categories:  Advanced forward/Complete Forward/Poacher/Treq/Deep lying forward/Target man, Wing backs/Full backs, Wingers/Wide midfielders, Advanced playmakers/Attacking Mids/Centre mids/Defensive mids/Deep lying playmakers/Ball Winning Cm, Covering/Stopper/Ball playing Centrebacks, Goalkeepers, Youth training schedules (Keeper, Defence, Mid, Winger, Striker)

You can find more information and download Raikan007’s training schedule by clicking here.

I think that all four are good training schedules for FM 2012 but if you are still undecided you can download all of them by clicking the image below.


If the above link doesn’t work you can click here for an alternative download link. Now please follow these instructions to get these training schedules into the game.

How to install training schedules in Football Manager 2012

1. If you have downloaded the whole pack including all the four schedules you will have to extract the downloaded “” file to Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2012. If you do that a folder named “schedules” will be created in there and it will contain all these training schedules (.tsh files).

2. Open your Football Manager 2012 game and navigate to your team’s training screen. Then click the “Schedules” tab as shown in the screen shot below.

3. Click the “Manage schedules” button at the bottom of the screen.

4. The “Manage schedules” window will pop up and there you will have to click the “Import” button.

5. Once you click the “Import” button a new window will pop up and the game should have automatically selected the “schedules” folder as the source for importing (if that didn’t happen just select that folder yourself from the drop-down menu.) All you have to do now is click the schedule that you want to import and then hit the “Select” button.

6. Once you do that all the training categories will be shown to you in a new window and all that you have to do is click “OK”.

7. The schedules are safely imported in your game at this point and all that’s left to do is to navigate to the “Players” tab and assign your players to the respective training regimes as shown in the screen shot below.

That’s all, enjoy these fine training schedules for FM 2012 and please let us know if you find any other good ones!

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  • Nathan

    I found a training schedule setup which had a lot of different schedules (focusing on technical/aerobic skills for each position) with a high workload, the author said it is to develop potential the best. It works okay, though I do get a few annoying injuries, if my players are professional enough they do make good progress due to training. Can’t remember where I got it from though :( If the players don’t like it I use macdabs schedule

    • Johnny Karp

      Thanks for the info.

  • themightymcphed

    Thanks for these. Was thinking of making my own like I did for FM11, but I’ve never really liked doing the training part. I’ll download these and have a look at the schedules and give them a blast.
    It would be interesting to read some reviews on the schedules by people who are further into their game (I’m in nov season 1) as to how they maintain/develop players.
    Thanks for the link and thanks to the guys who made the schedules! Saved me a fair bit of work and time that can now be spent enjoying the game.
    Thanks again

    • Johnny Karp

      You are welcome. I hope there will be some feedback from the readers after using these schedules.

  • Sears

    Wow, these are great. Thanks Johnny

  • Nicholas Phipps

    I would use these schedules but I have found one that seems to work well for me and don’t want to risk changing it. It’s on FM Base and is called Dunc’s training schedules – might be worth a look :)

  • Kevin

    Thanks a lot Johnnny. I downloaded the full package but will try Maestro Ugo’s and let you knwo how I get on with them

    • Johnny Karp

      No problem, looking forward to some feedback.

  • CsAtlantis

    Used MUgo schedules last year and they were great, wonder if my other schedule is up for FM2012,

    I also used SK schedules for pre-season only, even though the workload was far higher it seemed to keep my players fit over the course of a season, I think Scott Dann started around 63 games in one season too! (League Cup, FA Cup, Europa League and Premier League)

    • Johnny Karp

      Maestro Ugo has a good track record indeed.

  • vaibhavc

    These are great, I think I will use Maestro Ugo’s and the injured schedules from Ajinx.

    • Johnny Karp

      That’s a good plan ;)

  • pu6elist

    Tried them, here’s some feedback: MU’s schedules along with Ajinx fitness ones works great.

    My tips: I like possession football with ball-playing defenders and more versatile midfielders. MU’s schedules for midfielders are too extreme in attack and defence. Therefore, I suggest that the DC and DM be tuned a little by increasing the ball control for the sake of the attacking and shooting options.

    Schedules for developing players are a good idea in general (20-23 year-olds), but I guess they are just too much.

    • Johnny Karp

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, much appreciated.

  • Tomas de Vasconcelos

    I have installed the schedules succesfully, but when i try to import them it doesnt appear nothing. How do i solve this problem ?

    • Johnny Karp

      Maybe you are trying to import them from the wrong folder, otherwise they should appear in the game.

      • steve cliff

        I am having this same problem…

        • Johnny Karp

          Please check the instructions again and make sure that you have followed every step. If the problem persists please give me a bit more details so that I’ll be able to understand what is going wrong.

  • Thierry Reis

    When using a good schedule, downloaded or self-built, I can expect results to begin appearing in how much time?

  • nomercy

    im seeing the coments and i wanna know somthing – witch is the best schedule to use posted ?and gives good result if shedules and “mix” with your own schedules or mix with others ?

    • Johnny Karp

      Each of these schedules is good but you will have to see which one works best for you.

      • nomerc y

        ok i will see it

  • Bence Répási

    Thanks for this training regimes Johnny, all of them are very good, especially Maestro’s and Ajinkx’s.

    • Johnny Karp

      No problem mate, that’s good to hear.

  • mon

    can’t seem to get it working on mac, any ideas on how to?

    • Johnny Karp

      I don’t own a Mac so I don’t know exactly what to tell you but as far as I know the procedure is fairly similar to the one we use for Windows operating systems.

  • Scott Charleston

    Do you have to import the schedules prior to start a new game as i have just started a new game and don’t want to start again but would love to use these training guides

    • Johnny Karp

      No, you don’t have to start a new game.

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  • Craig Gubbo Gemmell

    How do you download this

    • Johnny Karp

      Just click on the download links.

  • Dan

    Can you help? I don’t seem to have a scheules folder got tactics, games, crash dumps, sounds folders and a few others but no scheules is there something i need to do ?

  • Dan

    ignore i my previous comment got it sorted

  • Salim

    In Ajinx Training Schedule what is the difference between youth players and players that need help to reach their potential?

    • Johnny Karp

      “Youth players” are those on youth contracts, the others have full-time regular contracts but still young.

  • Gordo

    Darren, for an IF like Hazard, what training scheme would you put him under Maestro Ugo’s training schedules: MU – AM or WG?

    • Gordo

      nvm I read on the dugout that he should be trained as a fast striker since IFs are basically supporting strikers anyway.

      • Johnny Karp

        I’d train him as a fast striker or winger, depending where you employ him on the pitch.

  • kreshnik

    can someone hel me how to remove players from their old training schedules (random ones) and assing them to these new ones

    • Johnny Karp

      That is shown in the post, you just have to click on the last image to see a screen shot of how it’s done.

  • assegid ketema

    it is nice for a person like me

  • dbptum


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