Oct 232011

They wonderful guys at Sortitoutsi released a brand new Metallic Logos Pack for Football Manager 2012, it looks even better than the previous one if you ask me! This pack contains every single competition and club logo you can imagine as the file count stands at a staggering… 125,570 files! Let’s see how these look in the game, I’ve used my current FM 2012 save to make a few screen shots.

Competition Logos

Club Logos

I think those look great and if you agree then I guess you might want to download the goodies right now! Well, you will have to click the picture below but bear in mind that there are two options:

1. Become a premium user at Sortitoutsi for around 10 pounds per year and have access to a single-file, super-fast download.

2. Become a regular user at Sortitoutsi and download the file split into several archives or via torrent file.

It’s your choice, all I can say is that the first option is a lot better and that is the one that I have chosen for myself.


How to install

Once you download the archive file you will have to extract it to your game user data folder, the default one is like this: Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2012

If you have set a custom data folder for the game then you will have to extract the archive to that folder. For extraction I recommend the free program called 7-zip, it rarely fails.

Once the extraction is complete you should have a new “graphics” folder inside the Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2012 folder. That “graphics” folder should have a folder named “sortitoutsi.net” inside. In that “sortitoutsi.net” folder there should be a folder named “”metallic_logos” which should have a folder named “logos” and a config file inside. If that is the case then the extraction went according to plan and you have just one more step before seeing the great logos in your game.

That last step goes like this: start the game, go to preferences>display & sound and modify the two settings as in the screen shot below (deselect “use skin cache” and select “always reload skin on confirm”). Then click confirm and the skin should reload.

That should be all, if you have followed the steps the logos should be displayed in your game. I hope you’ll enjoy this fine piece of work from Sortitoutsi, I surely will! If you encounter any problems you can ask for help here, I’ll always try to give you a hand.

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  1. Hi Johnny
    Thanks for sharing this latest graphics package. You are definitely “on the ball” with these updates and therefore enhancing the gaming experience for those whose choose to implement them.
    By the way I really like you teams logo..very cool!

  2. I have signed up to sortitoutsi, but when I go to download the file it comes up with a page that says Not Extended, not sure what to do

  3. Hi Johnny,

    Thanks a lot for sharing another great resource from Sortioutsi. These guys are really awesome enhancing the game even further. I actually have a try but their download link seems to have some problem. Don’t know do the others encounter the same?

  4. This looks like the best logopack since one I used in FM10 – shame I can’t download it. Any idea what the problem is?

    Thanks for sharing anyhow.

  5. How much is it, 623 mb?

  6. The site seems to be back up, I just can’t find the new logo pack.

  7. It’s wonderful that you are giving all these downloads very quickly pal, thanks a bunch!

  8. Anyone on here thats already got the pack thats willing to use some of that super fast UK broadband we hear about to upload the pack somewhere? Sortitout seem to be having a few more probs but with websites these things happen. Was even gonna try buying a self installing update pack from Ebay for 4,99

  9. this is not exist!!!

  10. Where is the high speed download you used I cant seem to find it???

  11. Hey Johnny Karp, could you let me know how and where to extract this Metallic Logo pack… I know its to be extracted in Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2012…. But i already have a graphics folder made by me, because of Cut Outs Megapack 4.0 and a few kits I downloaded from sortitoutsi…
    So now how do i properly extract this metallic logopack properly so it doesn’t overwrite my already made “graphics” folder…!!

    • Normally the folder shouldn’t be overwritten but just to make sure you will have to extract to a location of your choice and then just cut and past the extracted folder called “sortitoutsi.net” into your Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2012>graphics folder.

      • Oh hell yeah, It worked…! :D
        Thanks a million buddy…. The logos are working awesomely now…!!
        Just one more thing i am worried about is that my manager profile pic has gone missing :( Just a blank default screen… I remember this problem had a solution in FM 2011 by making a xml file… do we need to do something similar to that…??

        • Here is how to add your own picture in FM 2012 after installing a facepack:
          1. select “Show Unique ID’s” in the game preferences
          2. Go to your manager home page and you should see your unique ID at the top, just below your name.
          3. Create a folder called me in Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\graphics\
          4. Download this file (http://www.mediafire.com/file/zgmukq1zzmd/config.xml) and save it to that folder you just created. Open it in a text editor and change the 2 picture values to your unique id. (in my file the value is 1394644719)
          5. Take a picture of yourself and save it in the same folder. Rename the file with your unique id ( 1394644719.png in my case)
          6. in the game preferences – Display & Sound untick ‘Use Skin Cache’ and tick ‘Always Reload Skin on Confirm’. Press Confirm and it should now work.

          • The problem is solved :D I’m all set to resume my game..!
            You’re a life saver and a genius, I owe you a beer for the help mate, Cheers..!!

          • You’re welcome mate, no problem at all.

          • Hi

            I have had the same problem, however I tried the fix and nothing has happened. I followed it fully but nothing.
            Is it because of the skin I am using?

            This this the only graphical problem I have now and would love your help in sorting this.


          • It could be the skin, try with the default skin and see if it works (it should work if you followed the instructions and if all the files extracted properly).

          • I tried it with a couple of skins including the default and nothing. I have checked the number is correct too.

            I have backgrounds and the 90000 facepack installed fine. As well as 3d kits and logos. So I can’t work out why this won’t work…

          • OK. Can you check the folder and tell me its size and content? The folder should be “sortitoutsi.net”, inside the “graphics” folder and its size should be around 3.5 GB.

  12. I downloaded this, but then this happened:



    Think I’ll just wait until they release the split file.

  13. Ive downloaded the pack and put everything in the right place, however only the flags are working, no club logos are. Is this a problem anyone else has encountered and if so is there a solution.

    • I suspect that the archive might not have extracted properly. Check the size of the “soritoutsi.net” folder inside “graphics”, if it’s around 3.5 GB then my theory is wrong. If not, you should try to extract the file again with another program (I recommend 7-zip).

  14. Hi. Is for me a little hard to understand all the thinks you have to download. But at first i try to open ‘FM12 Metallic Logo Torrent’ but it didnt work. Which program is needed?

  15. hey buddy, i’ve got all the right things in all the right places… apart from the fact that i cant find the sortitoutsi file… but other than that i put the graphics and editor data in the right places and still not coming up with badges on my FM2012 game :/ could you help me out. i’ve done all the ticking of the right boxes etc… the usual procedure… but still no badges :/

    • Check if you have the logos inside the “graphics” folder, something might have gone wrong there. And by the way, I didn’t say anything about editor data, you might have taken that info from some other place.

  16. Hello. I’ve downloaded this and followed everything you said, but when i open the file and go into graphics i can’t find soritoutsi.net… what should i do? and how do i get football manager to recognize the file. pasted it into sports interactive and nothing happend

  17. Doesnt work, downloaded the file and it stands in the fm 2012 map.

    and than i start fm 2012 and do click confirm and the skin should reload and dan i see only flags and al the other club logos are gone!!

    what is my problem??

  18. Hey, I’ve downloaded the torrent, extracted it, put the files in a “graphics” folder and changed my preferences on FM12 to reload the skins. However; any club or competition that already had a logo (ie. English Championship and the teams in it) no longer displays their logos? All the other logos are working fine though? Any ideas?

    • Are you sure that you have the “graphics” folder where it should be? I can’t know exactly what happened there but I suspect you might have placed it in another place that the one mentioned in the instructions.

  19. Help!!!!
    If you download the mega pack does this change the names of the competitions to the correct one such as European Cup to UEFA Champions League or do you need to do this on Editor ?
    Thanks in advance

  20. I have downloaded it but it dosent seem to work can i have help to download it

  21. Can i download the club logos anywhere else

  22. Hi Johnny,

    just downloaded this using free torrent viewer and it fully downloaded, I then found it in the correct folders but when I got onto the game and reloaded it, there was no badges or anything. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

  23. yesssssssssss

  24. the good things

  25. I downloaded this and extracted the editor data folder and graphics folder into my football manager 2012 folder but the logos aren’t showing and the normal logos you have anyway have changed to random ones that SI made up.

  26. I have fixed that now but I only have logos like Real Madrid, Millwall, Birmingham, Palmeiras and I downloaded update 8 of sortitoutsi if that helps and haven’t installed any other 1

  27. I have installed all the updates and I have logos like Liverpool, Millwall, Birmingham but I don’t have Barcelona or any other teams like that. I have no national logos either and the logos you get given at the start of the game without having to change anything have changed and aren’t the real logos.

    • I think that you might have placed those files in the wrong place, otherwise the logos should have shown in the game. Please read the instructions in the post and check if you have done the same.

  28. karp the no.1 all my stadium backgrounds have dissapeared,ive had them a long time this makes no sense,can u help?

  29. When i extract these files to your addrese:my document/sport interactiv/football manager/graphics/sortitoutsi.net/metalic logo/logos(is it right or no?)there are ot any change in the game.i already had my logospacks in these directory.when i continue the game the game automatically exits to windows and this error is shown:

    Dump files

  30. What can i do now?as i said i had copied some logos and facepack from fmbase.com to my system and to that directory.if i wanna to use sortitoutsi logopack i should remove them?

  31. I downloaded the file and saved in C:\Users\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\, inside there has been created new folder named ‘Football Manager’ inside it there is a ‘Graphics’ folder but inside that one there is no Sortitoutsi file.The folder contains another folder called ‘pictures’ and a word file ‘Credits’. Please help, many thanks Olaf

    • Firstly, the path is not the correct one, please read the instructions again and you will see what I mean. And secondly, are the logos inside that “pictures” folder?

  32. THANKS

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