Oct 202012

You need player and staff faces in FM 2013 to make the game more enjoyable and the wonderful lads at Sortitoutsi.net have provided another cracking facepack for us all, continuing their proud tradition. The FM 2013 facepack has 116,631 player and staff pictures included, which makes this the ultimate facepack for Football Manager 2013. Here’s how the pictures look like in the actual game:

Lionel Messi

Jose Mourinho

Vlad Chirichesa good Romanian centre back ;)

You want to download this, right? Just click the download image below! (Please note: clicking the download image will take you to the Sortitoutsi.net website.)

How to install the facepack in FM 2013

1. After downloading you will have a “.zip” file. Extract this file to the following folder: Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2013 > graphics”. If the “graphics” folder doesn’t exist you can simply create it yourself.

Please note: You can also extract the zip file to a location of your choice and then copy just the “faces” folder inside the “graphics” folder mentioned above. This is the way I personally recommend.

2. Start Football Manager 2013 and go to “Preferences” > “Interface”. Make sure that you tick the check box called “Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences” and untick the “use chaching to…” box.

3.  A box will pop up saying “loading image data for the new skin”. Once this is completed the pictures should be working within the game. Then you should tick the the “use chaching to…” button again to make sure your game is loading as fast as it should.

That’s about it, feel free to ask any questions through the comments.

  115 Responses to “Download FM 2013 Cut Out Mega Facepack – Over 100K Football Manager 2013 faces!”

  1. Thanks for the download!

  2. Doesn’t work for me! Followed instructions exactly as above but the faces dont show up… It just gets rid of the faces that are already on the game, please help!


    • I’m pretty sure you have not followed the instructions, there is no way the faces that were already in the game would disappear. Are you sure you placed the download in the right folder?

  3. Do you have ton start a new game beacuse they haven’t worked for me?

  4. Hi All,
    I have downloaded he face pack no problem as i did last year on my desktop.
    This year however i have bought a new laptop.
    When i try to extract the files (using 7-zip file manager) the e tract keeps getting stuck after around about 4/5 minutes.
    Any ideas whaty i could do to get around this or can you recommend a new programme to use instead of 7-zip??

    Many thanks

  5. Thanks Johnny will try that now

  6. Hi guys,

    Initially it won’t work for me either but once i unclick “Use caching to decrease page loading times”, confirm and it works fine for me.

  7. Hi Johnny, downloaded the facepack and extracted it but the photos aren’t working and it says the file isn’t supported. Any idea how I can fix them?

    • Try de-selecting “Use caching to decrease page loading times” in Preferences, as Lye suggested earlier. That did the trick for him, might work for you as well. Not sure I understand what you were trying to do when you got the not supported message.

      • Sorry should have made it a bit clearer. When the file was unzipping peazip said the type of file was not supported, and when I went to view the images I got the same message. The kits have downloaded fine as have the logos, but the facepack hasn’t.

  8. How did you’s install it ? through crocko.com or something else ? i’m finding it hard downloading it

    • I downloaded directly from Sortitoutsi.net because I have a premium account there (around 10 pounds per year). I agree that downloading from those sharing sites is difficult but there’s no other option I’m afraid.

  9. Thank you so much for the download Johnny!! :D

  10. hi – a bit off topic, i added my picture for manager, when the game loaded 1st time it was there, however in preferences – interface – i changed the screen resolution, now my picture has gone (the face pack pics still show) – i’ve tried naming the picture the unique user id way, but still no luck – any ideas?

    • You also have to insert that unique user id in the config.xml file, at least that’s how it was done in FM 12. However, I have to say that I haven’t lost my manager pic after installing the facepack in FM 13, so I don’t know how and why yours disappeared.

  11. Hi

    I have downloaded the file a couple of times and followed all of the instructions, but when I go to unzip the file(using 7 Zip) approx 89,000 of the files are saying “unsupported compression method”. I can see the files in the unzipped folder but they have no file size and no picture shows up in either in the game or in windows picture viewer. Any one else had the same problem and know a solution?


    • The downloaded file might be corrupted then. Maybe try downloading from another mirror, if there are more available for non-premium users. I have a premium account at Sortitoutsi and the download worked fine right away.

  12. In all your instuctions you should state that people have to untick the “use chaching to…”-box in preferences to make the graphic work – this is why people is having trouble!

  13. I have now, MULTIPLE times tried as described but it wont work.
    Does it have any effect that only 4 of the 12 files have been downloadet?

  14. ive downloaded part 1-4 but 5-12 are coming up has error?

  15. It does not work for me , it is a winrar file and i put it in my graphics folder but when i go into prefrences and reload the skin and go into the game the faces are not there

  16. Also I tried downloading it separately but its says Download not available
    The following download is not available: on each one :(

  17. yes i have

  18. is it free to sign up at sortitoutsi?

  19. Hey guys,

    So I put the folders ‘faces’ and ‘pictures’ inside the ‘graphics’ folder. I un-ticked the ‘cache’ thingy + ticked the ‘reload skin’. Still it doesn’t work. What’s funny is that some nation logos are changed to the metallic logos I have downloaded. Pretty weird.

    I am using Windows 8 if it counts.

  20. There`s brazilian`s faces ??

  21. does this pack have all premiership teams ? and teams like Sheffield wednesday ?

  22. Hi Johnny!

    It works perfect for the logos and kits but not for the faces! I really don’t understand what I do wrong! I put the “faces” file into graphics (just like “logos” and “kits) and I then ticked “reload skin…” and unticked “use changing…”. And it actually works for the logos and kits, as I said! Do you see the problem here? :(

    Thank you!

  23. For the facepacks with file contains the premier league faces? 1-13? does anyone know i really don’t want to download them all..

  24. I was wondering if anyone knows wich facepacks are in every part..because i dont want to download 5.5 gb does anyone know in wich parts are the major champioships like premier /bundesliga/campionato?

  25. Hey man i did everything, and the faces still dont appear. I made the “graphics” folder, and within the graphics folder all i have are the “faces” folder from the download. What do u suggest i do?

  26. Hi, i will ask again something tha has been asked again from mayne guys. I have followed the instructions and it is not the first time I add face in FM. I do what i have to do but there are nowhere faces. The .xml is in the folder. Thank you.

  27. I suspect there is a problem with Windows 8 and facepacks.
    It works on my PC (w7) but not on my new laptop (w8). And I have used facepacks for years with no problem.

  28. So I downloaded again the megapack and its still 13.293 picks+1 config file. And still not working. I really dont want to spend your time. I just want to help the community to solve this problem.

  29. So odd. Faces, logos, kits and flags work perfectly on my desktop. However, none work on my laptop. I used the exact same process to set up and checked that the files are located in the exact same spot, have same number of files, as well as config files.

    Note that both the desktop and laptop run off the same save file that is located on dropbox. However, the graphics files and folders are separately local in the users/me/mydocuments/etc… file locations.

    The laptop is less powerful than my desktop (rated one star by FM13). Any help is appreciated.

    • If you have the same game settings and same folder structure in your FM user data folder on both computers it should work on both. I’m not sure what went wrong there but I suggest comparing the user data folders and see if there’s any difference between your desktop and laptop.

  30. i am downloading all the parts but i only have FM 12 it works on FM12?

  31. Hi, I’ve never used a facepack before, I downloaded the faces, however I wanted the league symbols and club badges also. I assume therefore I need to get the Icons Megapack also?



  32. Please help me
    i have done all of that but my facepack doesnt work but when i put it on the demo it works perfectly i dont know whats the problem

  33. do you need to download all steps to get the facepack or only the last

  34. Hello Johnny, I have query for you, how come, with some players on the game, you get their ‘icon face’, but not their face on their profile!?

  35. Hey Johnny,

    I just found you guyz and really happy to download all of these parts. Here you can reach my blog and find the talented players on #FM13. http://mertkuyumcu.blogspot.com/2012/10/football-manager-2013-talented-players.html It’s held in Turkish but not need to know in order to understand Turkish.

    Here also you can reach my YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/mertkuyumcu I’m uploading some goals on it. I was Director of Youth Football Team in one of the professional Turkish club once and won championship for two consecutive years, 2010. On the other hand, I fed up with being a Direcfor and go for Referee. So I’m referee right now. :)

    I guess meeting process is over. ;) So I’d like to be an author on footballmanagerstory.com like you or your other colleagues.


  36. Hi again,

    I followed what you say in last four paragraphs. Here you can reach my downloads via sortitoutsi.net: http://i52.tinypic.com/1zxnwag.png (just first three parts are downloaded)

    But have a problem with the faces… I did very well with the Preferences / Interface / ”use chaching to” box. Do you think that I shouldn’t change the folders name in graphics folder as faces 1, faces 2, faces 3. Do you think it’s the problem?

  37. Can I use this packs to FM 2012?

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