Best FM 2016 Tactics: Tinkerman’s Phenomenal Playmakers

FM 2016 Tactics

written by The Tinkerman

best FM 2016 tactics phenomenal playmakers

Hi guys,

Welcome to the latest edition of our best fm 2016 tactics series. This tactic is balanced and is wonderful in defence and attack. Testing has been carried with Valencia as I fancied having closer look at Gary Neville’s side who are currently struggling in the league.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Formation



The formation is a 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 4-1-2-2-1 or whatever you wish to call it. The main feature of the tactic is the advanced wide players, which are advanced playmakers and they proved to be fantastic, they play in space usually tucked inside and cause havoc.

I think it’s quite a popular way of playing now for some wide players – think of Willian at Chelsea for example. He’s not an out and out winger, getting to the byline and putting in crosses, nor is he an inside forward cutting inside and driving at defenders – he can do both but he is mainly finding space, creative and good on the ball basically a wide playmaker.

The advanced playmaker role fits this perfectly on FM 2016 and they contribute a lot to the teams overall pattern of play. The striker bags most of the goals which is nice and the full backs get forward a lot to support attacks.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Team Instructions


These instructions were kept constant throughout the season for all matches. I kept it pretty simple this time around, not too many instructions and it’s all self explanatory.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Player Roles

GK – Goalkeeper (Defend) – Usual keeper

DR/DL – Full back (Attack) – Get forward to support attack well – good pace, stamina and crossing would be beneficial.

CD – Central defender (Defend) – Typical central defenders – get the best you can.

DM – Defensive midfielder (Defend) – Stays between midfield and defence to try and close down attacks and keep hold of the ball.

CM – Box to box & cental midfielder (Support) – quite similar in many ways. To decide which midfielder to put in each role. I would put the one better on the ball as CM and one with more stamina as box to box midfielder. Both will chip in with a few goals.

AMR/AML – Advanced playmakers (Attack) – Important players in the team, passing, vision and dribbling ability are important.

ST – Complete forward (Attack) – Scores the goals, Negredo got 27 in 27 games in the league. An all round striker is the best. Seems to get a good few chances in the air so heading ability is useful. Pace, finishing and aerial ability would be a brilliant combination.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Training



I changed focus between fitness and team cohesion during pre-season and sometimes changed intensity to high but be careful you may get injuries.

During Season


This is the routine I used when the tactic was fluid. I’m not saying it’s the best or only way but it worked ok for me. For individual player training I trained them for the role they were playing in the tactic.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Results




A good season in the league, winning by 11 points and having the best goal difference.

Champions League


Tough quarter final draw against Bayern done for us in the Champions League. Two good wins over Arsenal and solid group campaign were the high points.

Spanish Cup


We won the Spanish cup to make it a double winning season for Valencia. Highlights were victory in the semi-final at the nou camp to knock out Barca and convincingly beating a strong Atletico side in the final. All in all a pretty successful season – two trophies won and some wonderful football on display. Maybe a certain Mr Neville will come to ask for some advice…haha.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Tinkerman’s Top Tips

  • Get the tactic fluid as quick as possible – play at least 5 friendlies in pre-season and don’t have other tactics in the slots until this one is fluid. Placing this tactic in two or more slots will improve time until it becomes fluid.
  • You need at least two players for each position, so build your squad with this in mind, if you have a small budget, players who can play two positions are invaluable.
  • Use your AM or best coach with high tactical knowledge attribute for opposition instructions.
  • Indvidual player instructions are crucial so you must download the tactic to get the best results.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Download

If you would like to give the tactic a go, please follow the instructions below.

FM 2014 Download

1. Click the download link above and download the file.

2. Once the file is downloaded move it to the following folder documents>sports interactive>football manager 2016>tactics

3. Now load the game as normal and enter the tactics screen.

4. In the tactics screen, click the tactic you currently have loaded then select ‘load’ from the drop-down menu

5. Select ‘Tinkerman’s Phenomenal Playmakers′ and click  load.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback. Enjoy!

The Tinkerman

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Hi I know this isn’t specifically about the tactics, but I was wondering what potential transfers I could make when managing Valencia?


What would you say is better this or the Swansea tactic?


Looks not so far as Swansea tactics. Just Wingers are higher and SS striker returned down as CM. How do you think -it can be made with your Swansea 442 players? Demarai Gray and Ayew going up, Jack Cork as DMC, Ki Sung as CM support and Shelvey as BBM…What we have in result? What difference-more control in midfield, better deffence?


Will it work on FM2015?

Jamie Goodrum

Just a quick question. With the corner routine you have, which player do you have taking them? Thanks.


Hello, do you use match focus-attack movement ?


Have you tested en PL? in general I find that PL is a more demanding league and tactics that work in say Italy fall short.


I’m currently trying it with Newcastle in my second season with them. I’m four games in and this is the result: 2-1 victory vs. Liverpool away, 2-2 against Palace at home, 1-0 victory vs. Norwich away and a 1-0 victory vs. West Ham away.

My opinion is that we’re playing well but we’re struggling with creating chances, we’ve around 1 or 2 clear-cut chances/game but that’s the only downside so far.

On the good side though is that the defense seem really solid and the opinion is struggling to get past your back six and creating opportunities.


Have you tested the tactic in PL?


sry for double entry…trouble with code :-)

Jack Reacher

Do you believe this would work with the everton squad, no transfers? If no, what positions should i upgrade??


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[…] Best FM 2016 Tactics: Tinkerman's Phenomenal Playmakers • FM Stories Found this tactic at the above adress, so it's not even 0.01 % mine. It belongs to The tinkerman, and I have to say it's massive. Started with Budapest Honved in order to recreate in time that fabulous 1950s team, and had a wonderful surprise since my first season. So the tactic it's a 4-1-2-2-1 formation and below you have some details: you can find all instructions in the above link, where you can also download the tactic. Reply With Quote […]


Tinkerman, do you think the 2 wide playmakers can still make a good job with a AMC between them? And such a position deservers what kind of role?

Ball boy

You need to step up thinkerman!
This and the previous 4 4 2 táctics are mediocre. Cant win shit! Im starting to doubt the screens you post. I try your táctics and your methods and it doesnt work! You need to recreate goal scoring strike force ASAP (best FM tactic ever – I praise You for that tactic). But lately your táctics are mediocre. But thanks for sharing anyway. Started a save with Aston villa using this tactic and after 6 PL games only 1 win!!! Im so frustated right now… I had to come here and let you know.

Paulie b

You could always create your own tactic mate

Darren Smith

Ball boy, While your comment wasn’t all negative I don’t think its fair to question Tinkermans ethics when you rightly so said that last years tactics were ‘best FM tactic ever’.

There is always the possibility that you are just struggling to make the transition from FM15 to FM16 and considering Tinkermans track record I’d expect a little more respect personally.

Ball boy

I know darren. Im sorry thinkerman.

FM makes me so mad sometimes. Im cool now.


ive used this in my southampton save and it’s working wonders! shane long has 29 goals in all comps (february of first season), and mane is averaging 8.25 from the right! Currently 3rd in the premier league, with 51 points after 27 games. thanks for this fantastic tactic tinkerman!


Do this tactic and your other two still work on patch 16.3? Keep up the good work.


Neah….not so well. Some changes is match engine I think. I’m struggling with Real Madrid with phenomenal playmaker…futile possession without goalscoring chances

Fm 16player

I am doing a save with bournmouth and I’m 5 years in. just started 5th season and I’m using your tactic. I drew 1-1 with Chelsea on the opening day and lost to spurs next game 1-0. I just lost to Newcastle 2-0. I think the problem is my striker misses to many chances can you help me out

What do you think about maintaining the 2 playmaker style with the same formation but instead of having them both at the wings have 1 at the wing and 1 as 1 of the 3 central midfielders? Using top teams just for the example, so with the likes of Barcelona, Bayern, etc, you have some very creative midfielders and defensive midfielders that fulfill the deep laying playmaker role perfectly. Moreover some of their wingers(say Neymar in Barca) that are better as Inside Forwards rather than advanced playmakers from the flank. So using Busquets in the Barcelona example as a deep laying playmaker from the defensive midfield formation with Messi as the advanced playmaker for the double trouble setup and Neymar as an inside forward. Of course you don’t have to be a top team for this concept, Thiago Maia is a great cheap wonderkid that most teams can afford who makes a terrific deep laying playmaker from the defensive midfield position and there are plenty of cheap inside forwards available as well. Would the above still maintain your spirit of the double trouble concept? If you’d use it would you change any of the player instructions? What about preferred moves?… Read more »

Hello.I just wanted to really thank you for this tactic TINKERMAN.I used one of your tactics in FM15 for such a long time and it was incredible…i still remember,after the promotion with Watford,i finished 6th in first season and the next season we were champions and won everything.And the next season I won the ch league.I just used your tactics,got some good staff,proper training,set pieces and got some good players like saul,munir,mammana,balanta,rulli,lucas romero,grimaldo,jovic etc.I m playing this game for a long time but your tactic was devastating,the possesion,the chances,everything was incredible.I had some problems with this year FM tactics playing with Liverpool and i once again tried one of your tactics,this one,i won the league and the FA cup,and overall it was a very good season givin the fact that i had so many injuries.Thank you very much mate and keep up the good work.And thank you also Darren for keeping this website alive and you did such a great work.Greetings from a romanian currently living in Liverpool. (Stima!)


How about the ground pitch dude?