Best FM 2016 Tactics: Tinkerman’s Double Trouble

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written by The Tinkerman

Best FM 2016 tactics Tinkerman Double Trouble

Hi guys

Welcome to our latest FM 2016 tactic, I hope your all enjoying this year’s game. It is definitely a challenge to create decent tactics but I have got one for you here. It will get you plenty of goals from your front two – hence the name ‘double trouble’ – plus exciting football. Tactic testing has been completed with West Ham during first season, winning the league by 7 points!!

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Formation


The formation is a  and was based upon Tinkerman’s Magical 3-1-3-3 from FM 15. The back three and defensive midfielder provide the main defensive roles and are instructed to close down less to try and stay in shape and solid by not getting pulled out of position. The rest of the players or the front 6 create and score the goals while also making some contribution defensively. As the name of the tactic suggests the front two are goal machines, during the course of the season in all competitions my strikers banged in over 100 goals between them. The midfielders will also chip in some some goals and bags of assists especially the AMC (Payet) who got 26 assists in 44 starts.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Team Instructions


The team instructions were fixed as above for the entire season and they are very simple really. I have tried to not over complicate things here. We tried to pass the ball short and play out from the back because too many long balls from the back wasting possession was frustrating me. Defensively we dropped a little deeper to try and remain solid but also closing down at times and preventing the opposition from playing out from the back through their GK.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Player Roles

GK – goalkeeper (defend) – Usual attributes here, get the best one you can. However if you have a small budget and an average GK he will be fine, I would spend the budget elsewhere.

CD – central defender (defend) – Obviously the usual defensive attributes are important, try to make sure you have some pace back there as well as it really helps alot.

DM – defensive midfielder (defend) – Important attributes include workrate, teamwork, positioning, tackling and strength etc.

CM – central midfielder (support) – Quite important player, he is essentially in midfield on his own at times so must get through a lot of work and have the ability to help out the defence and support the attack.

MR/ML – wide midfielder (attack) – Probably the most important players in the tactic. Use a right footed player for left side and vice versa. These are basically inside forwards with a much deeper starting position, they create goals and havoc for the opposition but also chase back and help the defence.

AMC – shadow striker (attack) – Will chip in with goals and assists, must be able to finish and provide key passes, look for finishing, composure, vision and passing.

STRC – deep lying forward (support) – Scores a load and will provide a lot for the other striker as well.

STLC – complete forward (attack) – Have your best finisher/goalscorer here and a striker who can create goals and pass as the DLF.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Results

Premier league

westham3 westham4 westham5

A fantastic season for West Ham, winning the league with 86 points. Results got better as the season went on, from mid December we only lost two games and became more consistent. Nothing much to report in the cups, played a severly weakened team and got knocked out early to Chelsea and Fulham. In the Europa League I also rested a lot of players, we got to the semi-final but the journey ended there. Sandwiched between the two semi-final legs was a league defining game against Spurs which we won 1-0 so a lot of players were rested for that.

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Tinkerman’s Top Tips

These tips are really important if you want success with this tactic you must take these on board, but don’t worry they are really simple.

  • Get the tactic fluid as quick as possible – play at least 5 friendlies in pre-season and don’t have other tactics in the slots until this one is fluid.
  • Pre-season training – fitness (average), team cohesion (high) & tactics (average) -rotate between these three. Match preparation – match tactics with max focus.
  • During season training – balanced (medium). Match preparation – defensive positioning with little focus (half a day). Allow rest after matches during season.
  • You need the right players – so for example look to sell your full backs unless they are capable of playing CD or LM/RM. Use the funds to buy players to suit the tactic and try to get 2 players for each position.
  • Use a player with strong right foot ability on LM and vice versa.
  • Use your AM or best coach with high tactical knowledge attribute for opposition instructions.
  • Set your AMC to take corners.
  • Indvidual player instructions are crucial so you must download to get best results.
  • Train players for the role and position if it is not their natural role and position.
  • Don’t expect the record for fewest goals conceded or you will be disappointed but do expect to score loads and win loads of games :)

Best FM 2016 Tactics: Download

If you would like to give the tactic a go, please follow the instructions below.

FM 2014 Download

1. Click the download link above and download the file.

2. Once the file is downloaded move it to the following folder documents>sports interactive>football manager 2016>tactics

3. Now load the game as normal and enter the tactics screen.

4. In the tactics screen, click the tactic you currently have loaded then select ‘load’ from the drop-down menu

5. Select ‘Tinkerman’s Double Trouble′ and click  load.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback. Enjoy!

The Tinkerman

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So, you played the season purely plug and play?
Also, you applied your assistant’s OI every game?


Hi, yes that is correct :)


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And where I can download individual player instructions?


The download link is above mate, just follow the instructions, it’s dead easy!


Great tactic, any recommended ppm moves?


They are important yes. I found play one twos and try killer ball good ppm’s for ‘front 6’ in this tactic.

Hope this helps :)


Thank you, a league and cup double for my West Ham save. Sakho and Valencia my starting forwards but lots of goals from Jelavic and Carroll too. Also Cresswell was superb as a right midfielder. Great tactic.


That’s great – cresswell as RM sounds interesting – good idea mate. I just sold him.


Hey there. I’m using this tactic with an Everton save at the moment. It’s very good and I have had some excellent performances but I did go on a bit of a poor run and am currently around 6th at Xmas but on very similar points to 3rd.

A couple of questions I have:

1. When you say half a day for match prep during season, do you mean the very lowest setting which is half a day on the day of the match? Or half of the day before the match which is two notches on the slider before the lowest setting?

2. Why do you set your AMC to take corners? Is it due to positioning if it breaks down, or is that just because the AMC will normally have the best attributes?

Cheers for the download though!


1. Half a day on the day of match is what I used.
2. I used AMC and it seemed to work ok, think it was around 10 from corners in the season. However I didn’t do a lot of work on the corners and if you can create an even more successful corner routine you will have a better tactic as well :)


I really enjoyed your 4123 on FM15, could I try replicating it in FM16? Or have you found this to be more successful?


Yes you can try if you want, so far this is the best I have came up with though


I actually meant the 4231, and what I loved about it was the all out attacking nature. This one seems a bit more defensive.


This one is definitely not defensive!


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In the lower leagues, where a Complete Forward is hard to find, what player role is best to use? Advanced Forward?


Any chances you’re making a 4-2-3-1 tactic? I really like your fantastic 4-2-3-1 for fm2015, but We all know We can’t import those to fm2016….


Tried this with southampton, bringing in Barbosa to add some flair to the attack and lucas romero to add bite to the midfield sadly results have been awful for me, shipping in frightening amounts of goals, between 3-5 per match and scoring very few.

Richard Williams

Just started using this, seems like the opposition score with every attack lol


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I have started a West Ham save and it is working pretty well – but the Euro matches before the tactic has got better than competent is having problems. The results are good but in the first four matches I have had a player sent off for bad tackle in two matches – AMC and DM. should I take ‘tackle harder out?


Very impressive tactic : 8 wins in 9 officialq games with average 29-11
I’ve tried it with Tottenham. I’ve lost my first points in the 7th game against Liverpool who was 3rd in the Premiership before the match)
Transferts out : Harry Kane (Man Utd, 68 M + 22 in future bonus), Kyle Walker, Ben Davies, Alex Pritchard,
Transferts in : Rodrigo Mora (River Plate) 7 goals, 6 assists in 630 minutes, played CF, Gabriel Barbosa (Santos) 5 goals, 7 assists in 578 minutes, played DLF, Guillaume Gillet (Anderlecht), Nicolas Nkoulou (Marseille), Diego Reyes (Porto)
Results :
Friendlies : 6 games, 6 wins (4-1 vs Galatasaray)
Champ 4-2 vs Norwich
Champ 3-1 vs Bournemouth
Champ 5-3 vs Leicester (Lamela, the right winger, sent off after 10 minutes, I ‘ve replaced the offensive midfield with a right winger)
Champ 3-2 vs Man Utd
Champ 2-0 vs Aston Villa
Euro 2-1 vs Augsburg
Champ 5-1 vs Newcastle
League Cup : 4-0 vs MK Dons
Champ 1-1 vs Liverpool


Are you playing the matches, game planning or instant result?


Not exactly a great formation. Followed everything to the letter. One win in the opening 5 games, and 19th in the League.