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written by Johnny Karp

FM 2014 will surely look nicer with some polished real-life team and competition logos in it and there will be quite a few downloads to help you with that. I will select the best FM 2014 logo packs I can find and list them here for comparison, then you can decide which one you download for your Football Manager 2014 game. If you find any good FM 2014 logo packs please let me know and I will add them to this post.

FM 2104 Metallic Logos Megapack

Main features

  • 26,000 club logos.
  • 1,000 competition logos.
  • Every National Logo, Continental Logo and Flag in the game.


  • 142,413 images


  • 3.27GB


  • This Megapack was put together by, you can download it from here. (you will need an account at Sortitoutsi to download) Instructions on how to install it are also available at Sortitoutsi.

FM 2104 TAS’14 Logos

Main features

  • Club logos & competition logos.

Pictures / Size

  • Unknown, these are not in a megapack but in separate packs for each nation / competition.


  • These logo packs were put together by TAS, you can download all of them from here. Instructions on how to install them in Football Manager 2014 are also available at TAS here.

More FM 2014 logo packs will be added as soon as I find them, stay tuned. And if you find any before I do, please let me know ;)

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I think this is the most complete logopack on the web; I previously had a pack of around 350 MB and this is almost 10 times bigger, which is indeed much much more. It even has logos for clubs that are disabled by default but can be enabled through editor, such as lower english leagues. Two thumbs up for this pack!

Gaurav Chaddah

If I don’t make an account and download them in parts once I’ve downloaded them all do I need to extract all of them?

steve hatton

used this last year and using it this year!.best pack out there imo.

FM 14 Fan

It dont work for me


didn’t work for me either


how do i install logo pack (I am using steam on Mac)

Aaron Silva

I would like to download this but it takes 5 hours for ! part.

serkan akcay

i downloaded the tas files but i don t know which folder to open up the archieve, pls help…


it says i need some sort of password to open it


Thanks. I Like This


Need Help!! Can’t install the TAS Logo Pack

I have already reloaded the skin.

Is there another way?



I would love to download it, but from Rapidshare, it gets at 2kb per second and it’s impossible to continue. Could you upload it in MEGA? Thanks


I downloaded the tas and extracted the file to the graphichs folder where I then created a folder called logos. So the path is: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\Logos\TAS14Megapack

But I have tried to reload the skin but still no difference. What am I doing wrong?


Downloaded and installed …works fine, but some clubs in England , Dutch , Spain don’t have logos…anyone with same problem?


Hello Mr Karp, i’m a premium member at sortitoutsi for a while now and i ‘ve downloaded the whole graphics pack as always..The thing is that i have 2 internal hard drives now, and the game is not installed on the one that boots the pc (it’s a ssd drive)..So i ‘ve created the whole si/fm14/graphics path on the other drive (not the default one)..Could this be a reason that the game doesn’t load the graphics?
Thank you.

Gabriel James
Guest is down at the moment.


How do i install this? “Extract files into Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2014 > Graphics > Logos”
I have installed fm14 in steam so i dont have that folder? What do i do?


Hi. I downloaded the TAS logopack. When I downloaded then and extracted then into the correct file some of them appeared as normal documents but most of them appeared with the Windows Media Player icon next to them. The ones that have appeared as normal documents appear in-game but the ones with the Windows Media Player icon next to them do not appear. I also have the same problem with the Panini facepack I downloaded, which appears in the documents with the Windows Media Player icon next to all the parts of it and also does not appear in the game also. I have tried everything to fix this problem but to no avail. Can you please help me?


For those of you who followed the TAS instructions and still didn’t get the logos, go to the preferences menu and the clear the cache. After restarting, you’ll have the logos.

Excellent pack, by the way, thanks!

Dhanang Prasetya
Arounas Pap (@PapArunas)

Anyone has an idea why in EVERY logo pack i use ONLY the Spanish league logos don’t show up???