Oct 212013

FM 2014 kits are in high demand and I’ve been spending a bit of time looking for the best ones to share with you. I haven’t found many of great quality so far but I promise I will be adding more FM 2014 kit packs here as soon as I find them.

Sortitoutsi FM 2014 SS Kits

There are several packs for leagues and nations, you will have to download each of them individually. Here’s how they look:

You can download the kits from here (select the 13/14 ones), instructions on how to install also available in the help and support forum.

More FM 2014 kit packs will be added here as soon as I find them, you can also help by letting me know if you find any good ones before I do.

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  1. Try looking on FM View, there’s some good quality there.

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