Best FM 2014 Challenges: Tired of the Pentagon Challenge?

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written by Nick Fenn

Are you looking for something more original than the old pentagon challenge or San Marino challenge? I know they are seen as the best FM 2014 challenges but I have been for a while now, no doubt they’re challenging, but we get that every year. In this list I will look through some other challenges you can attempt, both easy and hard. Basically, I’ll give each one a rating of 1 through 10, 10 being hardest. So, without further ado, lets get started, feel free to attempt any of these:

Domestic Domination – FM 2014 challenge

Start off with a team who’s predicted finish is 20th and in England, Spain, Germany, or Italy, but still in the top division. Your objective is to win the title in 2 of those nations, and if you complete all 4 you have my props. You have to move teams in this challenge a few times, which keeps things fresh and allows you to build a reputation.

Difficulty- 7.5/10- Impressive to complete, but starting in the top division makes it much easier than some challenges …

Steam FC – FM 2014 challenge

I’m sure many of you have heard this one. You start off with a downloadable team Steam FC (Download in Steam Workshop) and bring them to the top (Win UCL/BPL). But here is the thing: they are in the Skrill North and have a budget of 500,000,000. Yes, prepare for one of the easiest first 5 seasons of your life where you can annihilate teams.  It is pretty easy, but still very fun to absolute destroy teams for a few seasons before you reach the BPL.

Difficulty- 3/10- If you’re not used to managing in the backwaters of football, this will be an easy way start.

Beyond World Class – FM 2014 challenge

Start off with any of the best teams in Europe, if you support a big team feel free to use them, but you must make your team play Bayern Munich on steroids. You must have an unbeaten season in the, win 5 domestic titles, 3 Champions Leagues, and become a legend of that club. It will take a while to achieve all these, but  if you are interested in turning a European super power into the best team in history, this is the challenge for you.

Difficulty- 8/10- Wouldn’t be too hard if it wasn’t for the unbeaten season and becoming a club legend, but trying to get those things make you pull your hair out. Experienced FMers only…

English Legend – FM 2014 challenge

Start with a Premier League team of your choice and the England national team. Win the BPL at least 8 times with the club team and win 5 world cups with the national team, as well as making them ranked 1st in the world. If you do this you will be an English legend, that simple.

Difficulty- 10/10- Extremely hard, expect this to be a quick save if you try it.

So I hope you will have a go at one of these challenges, I would be delighted to see some stories on them in the forums. Currently I’m attempting the Domestic Domination challenge, and it is good fun. Anyways, thank you for reading and good luck to all of you that give these a go!

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