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written by Darren Smith

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Hey guys and welcome back to our third FMS Story Award. There are lots of great stories in the Forum, the activity is just fantastic so keep it up and you might be featured in one of these fortnightly posts. Today I want to highlight Archie’s Boavista Story.

Archie has completed 4 seasons so far and enjoyed great success, but we’ll come to that in a second. Its worth mentioning first and foremost that Archie’s posts are very easy to read, well laid out with good screenshots. You get a real feel for what his side are doing.

First season
  • Eliminated by Operario Acores in Taca De Portugal 2nd Round.
  • Finished 1st in Portuguese Second Division – North.
  • Bank balance: £1 million in the red.
Second season
  • Eliminated by Oliveirense in Taca De Portugal 3th Round.
  • Finished 2nd in Liga Orangina (gained promotion to top flight.)
  • Bank balance: £3 million in the red.
Third season
  • Eliminated in League Cup 3rd phase group.
  • Eliminated by Benfica in Taca De Portugal semi final.
  • Finished 4th in Liga Zon Sagres (qualifying for Europa League.)
  • Bank balance: £5.3 million in the red.
Fourth season
  • Eliminated in League Cup 3rd phase group.
  • Runners up in Taca De Portugal losing to Porto in final.
  • Finished 3rd in Liga Zon Sagres (qualifying for Champions League.)
  • Eliminated by Dynamo Kyiv in Europa League Quarter Final
  • Bank balance: £1.8 million.
Fifth season (currently halfway through season)
  • Qualfied from League Cup 3rd phase group.
  • Not yet started Taca De Portugal.
  • Currently 1st in Liga Zon Sagres.
  • Eliminated by Lyon in Champions League best placed play-off.
  • Qualified for Europa League First Knockout round.

Some fantastic achievements there already and I reckon this is just the start of what could be a hunt for silverware. But rather than assume, I caught a quick interview with Archie himself to find out what else he has in store for this save and where it is going.

Darren: You have done fantastically well so far, but what is the overall aim for this save?

Archie: I’m surprised by how fast we’ve moved up, but ultimately I want to win the Champions League and make us the best team in the world. After that, I haven’t decided, but I would like to try and win the World Cup with Portugal too.

Darren: Do you have any transfer policies, I noticed the bank balance is finally in the black, it took some time to get there, any plans to increase that? Or is it all about progression on the pitch for now?

Archie: My transfer policy is pretty simple: find the most talented players, see if they fit into my system, then try to sign them if the price is right. Most of the players I sign are youngsters so they tend to be cheaper. For now, I want to try and keep this current team together and watch them grow. We have a nice team balance right now, although I will spend if I feel we need to.

Darren: Last but not least, do you have a favorite signing? If so where was he from, how much did he cost and whats his career record to date?

Archie: So many players have impressed me, Sidy Sagna, Duhamel, Ubbergen, and more recently Kosorog and Futre. But my favorite players has to be Fernando. We got him for free in the first season after he had been without a club for about 3 years. He got 50 assists and 25 goals in just 90 games and an average rating of 7.36, from the lowest division right through to the top. He’s retired now, but he’s still a coach with us.

From Archie’s answers we can only assume the story will carry on for some time to come, I personally can’t wait to see how this save develops and I hope you’ll follow the story too.

I hope you enjoyed this FMS Story Award post, remember you could be featured, just keep posting your FM Forum stories and good luck.

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Congratulations Archie – well deserved!


A story I have thoroughly enjoyed for the last few months so well done Archie! Nicely presented again, Darren.