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Hi everyone! :)

Again a huge apology for just how late my posts are coming am swamped at work at the moment and my free time is being reduced by my younger brother moving house and some family troubles on my boyfriend’s side.

So am only playing a few games a week, so my next post will be again a little while longer.

That said I did finally manage to complete my second season in England so here is how it went!

If you can remember from last time (I couldnt I had to find my last post and skim read it!) we managed to win the premier league , the Europa league and the FA cup so have we will be competing in the champions league this time around.

I did quite poorly at the world cup with Spain but I have a chance to redeem myself with the upcoming European championships.

Managerial C.V

- Black Aces (June 2011 – June 2018)

African Premier League : 2016

Super 8′s Winner : 2015, 2016

First Division : 2012

South African Knockout Cup : 2016

The African Champions League : 2017

- New York Red Bulls (January 2019 –December 2021)

U.S. Cup : 2019

MLS : 2020, 2021

North American Champions League : 2020

- FC Seoul ( January 2022 – December 2025)

K-League : 2023, 2024

Korean FA Cup : 2022

Korean League Cup : 2024

The Asian Champions League : 2025

- Arsenal (July 2026 -Present)

The Premier League : 2027

The Europa League : 2027

The FA Cup : 2027

International Career

- U.S.A (May 2017 – July 2021)


- Spain (July 2024 – Present)


So first up a look at my club’s information and it reads pretty much the same as last year. Our club value did go way up though by almost £100 million I also have a new captain and a new vice also due to my last two being sold and released.

So our finances went way up thanks largely to a massive TV revenue that we received, this was also before I was given any champions league money as well and after my transfer dealings so we should easily surpass the £100 million pound mark.

Transfers In and Out – First Transfer Window

So following a traditional Arsenal style transfer window I only spent a fraction of what we received, but I did feel we needed a few new players whilst selling of our older players who were on huge wages.

Luciano along with Wagner, and Nettekoven were all bought for the future with only Dias and Veron who will be pushing for first team places with their picture profiles below.

David Kelly was a brand new goal keeper I bought and he too will be the first choice in our goal this season.


Gonzalo Veron

So Dias was a bit expensive but I really needed a good fullback and he was the best I could find but he did cost a fair bit, Veron was another forward I bought, last season we didnt really struggle for goals but I felt after selling Maric I needed a replacement and I wanted Veron last year but he was denied a work permit.

However someone said last post that he needed international caps to be given one and when he did I put a bid for him and he signed with no problems, who would have thought with all the places I have managed that England would have the most confusing rules on work permits!! :)

League Results and Table – Halfway Point

So a pretty good start and we actually lead the league with a three point advantage over Man Utd, my biggest highlight was beating Man City at home by five goals to zero!

Veron with a hat-trick and is looking like a brilliant signing already.

Job Offer/Rejected! :)

So right after beating Man City their manager was sacked and I was offered it! I rejected of course because I dont like Man City and I am happy at Arsenal but the thought or earning £76k a week!!

Thats like two and a half years work for me and I would still be short I think! :)

Spain – European Qualifiers

So as you would have expected we easily qualified top of our group and are going to the upcoming European championships. Only a last game defeat against Scotland which I think happened in my world cup qualifiers also cost me a perfect maximum.

I forgot to take a picture of all the groups so here is mine, not too difficult I fully expect to beat all three nations but Belgium do have a pretty good team so thats probably my trickiest game.

League Results and Table – Run to the End of Season

So I finally won a milestone game! My 800th was a narrow win over Southampton so I was very pleased with that. :)

A tremendous run as we just kept on winning in one of my best ever seasons on this game!

Cup Competitions

Community Shield

So a brilliant debut from Veron as I introduced him at half time he struck twice and probably should have got a hat-trick. My two Brazilians struck also with Matheus from a free kick and Washington with a typical clinical finish and we easily beat Manchester United.

The European Super Cup

Veron again! He seems to relish the big games and once again he struck twice either side of an Illias Kolonis header to seal our first ever super cup win! Their scorer is someone I know from the Spanish national team as Raul Fernandez is my first choice striker.

The Champions League

The Final


All I can say was this was the best game I have ever played in my time on this game! It just had everything so its hard to even began where to start!!

First thing we started horribly and were infact THREE down after 25 minutes! The game already looked gone as we were just so poor, Pedrinho added one back on 35 minutes but at half time we looked a beaten side.

I introduced Fabio Silva and gave him the talk of no pressure after he hit a bad goal drought and on 73 minutes my faith in him payed off and he finished a brilliant move as we were all over them in the second half. The clock was ticking away and when it got past 88 minutes I felt that was that I had tweaked everything I could the red card made no difference as they just defended anyways then a miracle happened!!

I joked yesterday on Johnny’s story that I had infected him with my bad luck somehow and he hoped we would have some better luck in the future and he was right!

Pedrinho in the last minute of the game curling a wonderful free kick into the far corner and the most unbelievable of comebacks!

However I feared the game would get me back on penalties as it so often happens! But I didnt have much time to react to Sylva’s missed one as Pedrinho latched onto the re-bound and we led in extra time. Pedrinho added his hat-trick and what a player he is! Then Sonmez made even more sure that this would be our year!

Nothing more to say! But only one more to go! What a game. :)

The FA Cup

So we lost to our local rivals in a pretty poor game, wasnt many chances but the one they took was enough and we were out.

The League Cup

The Final


So we manged to win the league cup and I’m surprised how many games we had to play! But we did get to the final against Brighton which was a nice comfortable win for my team as we never looked in danger of losing the league cup.

Final Player Ratings of the Season

So going forward we were excellent with Washington and Pedrinho leading the way, Sonmez came along very well this season and Dias was really worth the big money we payed for him after a brilliant first season.

Veron was another who had a great season scoring 32 times but I was delighted with all my players, even my future players had a great season.

Star Men of the Season – Washington and Pedrinho

End of Season Finances and Save Game Status

So with all our prize money that we won this season and another massive amount of TV money next season the long term future is more that secure.

I probably will only buy a few new players and for the future as I have assembled probably my best ever team on FM, Pedrinho is amazing and is defiantly close to being as good as David I had at Real Union a while ago! :)

End of Season Round-Up

So I thought with only the South American CL to go I would post my Bio up!

Its pretty much everything I have already posted but makes a nice summary of what I have done on this game so far.

So I resigned, I guess I could have stayed for another season but England (dont hate me please!) isnt my favourite place to manage in fact I didnt really enjoy it all. I never understood the work permit rules, I dont like the fact that young English players are never good enough to make the first team and if they are they cost so much money.

I joined a team that already had everything, five star training, five star youth system, a vast scouting range and loads of quality scouts. In all honesty I couldnt really fail especially as my players settled into my formation right away I found it a bit easy as with the money given you can just buy who ever you like.

Sorry if that sounds a bit arrogant or anything! It wasnt supposed to come across that way I just dont feel like I have accomplished anything unlike managing at the Black Aces or at Seoul.

But I did get that European champions league and apart from that big scare against Roma in the second leg and that amazing final! I never looked like I would lose it at any stage but fitting I guess that my best ever football manager game was playing with an English team. :)

So only the Copa Lib to go and I decided to get a team after the upcoming European Championships, I have decided that win or lose I will resign (or get sacked!) from Spain and focus 100% of getting a team from South America and trying to win that final part.

I have (or will) deselected all the leagues except Argentina and Brazil for the last part of my journey, so thank you all very much for following it so far and hopefully I can complete it with only one to go! :)

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  1. Wow! What was that? The quadruple! I don’t think I have a descriptive word to describe how good that season was, especially in the second half of the season where you won all bar one against City.
    The Champions League looked too easy (or rather you made it look), and that final against Real Madrid certainly did sound thrilling, one day I hope to have a match like that.
    Washington and Pedrinho’s stats are unbelieveable, no wonder they were your players of the season.
    It’s nice to see the curse of the milestone didn’t trip you up again, and finally I understand fully what you mean about managing in England in FM12. While I find it the most entertaining league in real life, I didn’t enjoy managing there too much either (damn work permits!) and am finding my latest save with Udinese in Italy much more interesting. Good luck in Argentina or Brazil!

    • Thanks! :)

      The final against Madrid was by far best game I have managed on the series, at three zero down I was worried they might beat us by five or six!

      They are both fantastic and again Brazil always seem to produce the best players on the game, I hate the work permits too!

      I even tried reading to try and understand the work permits rules in England but it doesn’t seem to make any sense, am sure the people who came up with them are also a little confused!

      Thanks for the luck! :)

  2. This was a sensational season Ana, culminating with that amazing comeback in the Champions League final! I guess your last season in England couldn’t have been any better, congratulations! And fingers crossed for the European Championship!

    • Thanks Johnny. :)

      The final was amazing I cant remember too many times I have fought back from three down as usually its the other way round as we throw leads away! :)

      I will need that luck! My record at international level is pretty hopeless so hopefully it will change!

  3. That was a really good season, the champions league final was a great come from behind win. Shame about the FA Cup but it’s nice to see Arsenal finally having sucess. :)

  4. Fantastic Ana, you did the treble and lifted the CL/EPL in style. While I can relate to easiness in which you won some matches, I can’t really relate to the way you claim its so easy. While I may win in similar fashion to yourself it always feels so much harder than in other leagues as the competition is stronger domestically though it seems that was a little short yourself this season. Still an incredible achievement though and I sincerely hope you can complete your unfinished business after last years disaster. Good luck.

    • Thanks Darren! :)

      Ha! I just had a feeling as I was writing that I was thinking Darren will disagree with this!

      I can understand you views, I mean ease more in terms of being able to buy, or pay sky high wages on who ever you like with no real danger of ever falling into debt etc due to the money received each season.

      I hope so too, am almost doubly determined to complete it now! I have a feeling it will be one that takes me forever to win as I need it to wrap up this challenge. :)

  5. wow Ana,
    what an amazing season you had!! i think we all expected you to win the champions league, and what an amazing final it was! it definitely must have been one of the greatest turnarounds in champions league history. unfortunately for Arsenal, that doesnt happen in real life :D you won everything except the FA Cup i think which is just incredible. only one more champions league to go, and i cannot wait for the next instalment of your story. best of luck in the european championship with Spain and good luck for next season! and ask your boyfriend what he thinks is wrong with us?? being outplayed by spurs at home yesterday and now we’re not going to finish in the top four..NOOOOOOOO :’(

    • Thanks Malhar! :)

      I nearly lost my semi though against Roma! But knowing me and my stories I can never ever do things the easy way!

      True! But didnt Arsenal nearly beat AC Milan is this season champions league after being 4-0? I think I remember watching that game and at times hoping they would do it!

      Last part and hopefully my final champions league! I did like South America last time so I just have to wait for the right job to become available.

      I will! But Chelsea did beat Benfica tonight so who knows your team might just win the champions league then the top four wont matter! :)

      • yeah i know!! i was ecstatic that we beat benfica. but barca (most likely) await in the semifinal and i dont know what will happen in that one…and true, arsenal almost came back to win, and i kinda wanted them to too. cant wait for your next story! have a good week!

  6. Way to go Ana! So close to an undefeated season. I can see how it seems easy when all of a sudden money isn’t an issue. You could’ve stayed another season and gone for the Club World Cup, but you could do that in South America just as well. Good luck in the Euros and I can’t wait for your next update.

    • Thanks Dan! :)

      That was the point I was trying to make, having toiled with finances in lower league South Africa and losing players by not being able to pay them an extra £50 on their wages its so frustrating.

      But then you join a team with almost infinite money where wages etc have no bearing as you can offer them what ever you like. So I find it easier to succeed as you can get the best players available at any time.

      I should have maybe stayed for another season, but I didn’t really like England. I know some people only manage there but its not for me and thanks for luck!

      Knowing my track record at international level I will need it. :)

  7. Holy cow, what I a final (the CL one)! I can’t even imagine how stressful that must have been, and how absurdly exciting it was to win in extra time. Job very well done Ana, there really isn’t anything else I can say!

    I’m looking forward to finding out where you end up in South America. You should keep South Africa loaded too, you know, for when you win the Copa (you’ll need a place to “settle”, after all).

    • Thanks!! :)

      I was just annoyed at first as we went three zero down I just thought ‘well there is always next year’ then we somehow clawed away back then it all got exciting again! :)

      I really did think that the game would punish me on penalties as it so often happens, but am so glad I didnt have to wait an find out!

      True! But I can always just re-select it if need be I do have some unfinished business with those pesky Orlando Pirates….. :)

  8. An amazing season, winning almost everything that was available. I can understand why you didn’t particularly enjoy playing in this league, which I think had a lot to do with just how easy it was to win most of the competitions you entered. The work permit rules are indeed frustrating.

    English players being more expensive than the foreign players is something of a debate. I hard it being spoken about on the radio, and they couldn’t come up with an answer, but it is quite frankly ridiculous. I’m sure that’s why we see so many English players who come through looking like they have lots of potential ending up at big clubs, but then struggling to get enough football, and end up stagnating in their development. The other thing is getting sold for a ludicrous price and then seeming not to be able to cope with the pressure that seems to bring.

    • Thanks Ziggy! :)

      I tried my best to enjoy it but its just not for me if there was a better explanation on work permits rules then maybe I could have liked it more but who knows!

      As an outsider looking in on the premier league if you like, I find it quite worrying to see the lack of English born players at the bigger sides in the premier league. Sure that football is a multi-national sport but three or four English born players in a team cant be right for a nation where probably 75%+ of young kids play the sport almost everyday.

      Its about backing and trusting your youth players, I guess I will have to bring money in again which will annoy lots of people but teams in Spain for example have no choice but promote young players as they dont have the finances to spend £200 million on transfers every year and keep a massive squad of high wages.

      Not even Barcelona could do that so I guess in England it easier to just buy foreign players than promote young English players which is why the national team seems to struggle.

  9. Oh yeah! That was fantastic journey there! Too bad that you didn’t won the FA cup but hey, at least you’ve got yourselves the Champions League which is magnificent.

    So you’re going to south america huh? Well I’ll be looking forward on your next chapter.

    • Thanks Tegar! :)

      Yeah only trophy I didnt get this season but if I being honest I dont really mind as I dont take the domestic cups too seriously.

      South America it is!

      Then I can hopefully win my final champions league to complete this challenge! :)

  10. Hi Ana
    What a fantastic season tht was, I don’t think I recall seeing anything quite like it and a brilliant comeback in the Champions League final too. That game must hvae taken you through emotional lows and highs for sure.
    Not to take anything away from your obvious abilities, but I think you make a good point about this season being too easy. With that kind of money your can’t fail which I think is a design flaw of the game – that’s just my opinion. I’m sure you will do wonderfully well in South America to complete the challenge though I look forward to your more obscure teams like the Black Aces sometime in the future. Well done though!

    • Thanks Kevin! :)

      It did! But was just glad to be on the right end of the victory for once! :)

      I hope so too! I really enjoyed South America last time out so hopefully I can enjoy it once more and finally complete this challenge!

  11. Well done Ana that is a very successful season in charge and it was a shame you couldn’t win every trophy but you won the main ones and won them in style. Good work :D

  12. Wow fantastic season, the Champions League final must have kept you at the edge of your seat. You had a fantastic season, winning four cups. You make a good point of this season being easy, but thats what happens when you are a top club. Have fun in South America, and I hope you can finish your Pentagon story soon.

    • Thanks! :)

      I agree, I prefer managing unknown teams with no hope! :)

      Me too, I have really loved this challenge but I really want to complete it as I cam so close last time so this time I owe it to myself to try and finish it off!!

  13. Fantastic season Ana! And as an arsenal fan it’s great to see them winning so much ;-) what formation do you tend to use?

  14. What a splendid season Ana! I hope you can maintain your great form in South America. I can’t wait to see, what team you chose. I think this will be the most interesting part of your incredible journey and i’m looking forward to it.

    • Thanks Bence! :)

      Am really glad you are enjoying it makes me want to keep writing it. :)

      Am going to wait for the right job I have a few in mind so just have to wait until they become available!

  15. Hoho Ana don’t you want to try something harder for your last Champions League? Something like say the Uruguay/Chile leagues?

    Congratulations on winning the UEFA Champions League, Veron was great (Man Utd were probably wondering why their Veron never really came good :P) and you won a lot of trophies in a short time with profit from transfers too

    • Thanks!

      I guess I could load up those leagues I havent played since this update but those league will be loaded next season so I could try it.

      I have managed in Chile before and I did really enjoy it so who knows! :)

      I always try to make profits and spend within my means, Veron was a super signing! I wasnt expecting to have the impact he did but he is a very clinical finisher.

  16. That was such an amazing season! You must have been furious after going 3-0 down to Madrid, but what a phenomenal comeback your team staged! Congrats!

    Btw, when you finish this challenge, what have you got in store next for us? :P

    • Thanks Sears!

      I was indeed! I couldnt believe it but my team didnt let me down they just tried to sucker me in then fought back to grab the win! :)

      Oh, I really have no idea! I guess I will cross that river when I get there! :D

  17. Wow! Another amazing achievement Anna, congratulations.

    I must ask, what system do you play? Do you keep the same system with every club or do you change it depending on which club you are at? I’m looking to learn from the bes FM players and this site seems to have them all :-)
    Do you create your own tactics and if so, could you possibly post them so I could learn from them please?

    Many thanks and massive congratulations again

    • Thank you! :)

      I play a 4-2-4 with two wide forwards the same system I made at Cruzeiro when on last years game. Well it all depends I tend to build my teams around my 4-2-4 but if needed I will play a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1 depending on who I’m playing.

      I am one of those who believes that one system wont work all the time in every league, so I tend to tinker around with my tactics game by game.

      I wouldn’t say I’m one of the best!

      I mean I have some success here and there but mostly its balanced with some good seasons and some pretty awful ones.

      I do create my own tactics but I tend to changes them constantly every game depending on the situation, like if we are winning or need a goal etc It would be quite tricky for me to explain just what I do!

      But I have no problems in answering any questions you may have but I am by no means an expert! :)

  18. Go with River Plate and win the Copa Libertadores!! Can you please show in your next post the list of champions? I don’t like the fact that almost always is either an argentinian or brazilian team.

    Regards from Argentina.

    • Thanks Agustin!

      Well my main aim is to manage in Argentina so River Plate are one of the teams I would like to manage.

      Sure thing! I will take a pic when I put up my new post. :)

  19. Wat formation do you use?

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