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FM 2014 Best Players

FM 2014 Player Profile – Kevin De Bruyne

FM 2014 Kevin De Bruyne image

Kevin De Bruyne

Age: 22


Role: advanced playmaker / trequartista

Club: Wolfsburg

Nationality: Belgian

Value: £10.25 million

Price tag: £46 million (in patch 14.3)

CA: 150 / PA: 175

Kevin De Bruyne profile in 2013 (after starting new game, patch 14.3)

FM 2014 Kevin De Bruyne initial profile

Kevin De Bruyne profile aged 28 in the year 2020

FM 2014 Kevin De Bruyne 2020 profile

Kevin De Bruyne career history until 2020

FM 2014 Kevin De Bruyne history

This FM 2014 player profile of Kevin De Bruyne shows one of the best attacking midfielders, he starts the game with outstanding attributes and develops well. Again I could not find a test save where Kevin fulfilled his potential but this game was enough for me to profile due to a great career and impressive improvements on the mental side. I would most certainly use De Bruyne as an advanced playmaker from AMC and think he’d be a handful with attack duty. Gems for this position can not only spot a pass and open doors but can craft their own chances and finish them off, that describes De Bruyne for me. Insane technical ability with good mental stats and a nice physique make this kid an all rounder. Not to mention his versatility and ability to perform very well across the entire midfield positions.

In my test save he moved from Wolfsburg to Man City and played out 2019/20 with 10 goals and 14 assist, he’d be top draw for any side. Just a shame Wolfsburg recently signed him from Chelsea, otherwise that £46 million asking price would be much lower. But we don’t just profile players to sign off the bat, we also want to show you who to look out for in case they are going cheap.


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Me ,myself and I
Me ,myself and I

He is good , but he never became world class . i have him at Spurs ,the mental isn’t his strong point, and drag him down to becamne w. class, unfortunately

Me ,myself and I
Me ,myself and I

I sold him for 38 mil .euros at Psg + 15 % next sale, and got J. Wilshere for 43 mil. E , he is from another planet in comparison to this guy


What facepack is that?


potential might be fulfilled in that save, but it got the transfer right… just a year off

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