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FM 2015 Players

written by Darren Smith

Best FM 2015 league 2 players feature

Hi guys and welcome to my best FM 2015 lower league players shortlistThis list is for Sky Bet League 2 specifically and rated as so. I have only selected FM 2015 free lower league players. The wages were researched using Shrewsbury so no player unwilling to join is included.

The list below is completely interactive, you can sort it via any of the columns and also use the search bar to find the exact player you want for any position. Just type in the letters that represents your desired position and the table will do the rest. These FM 2015 League 2 players have been rated on their current ability and potential. Both are a numerical rating out of 10.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and you can download all these best FM 2015 lower league players  in a shortlist. We are also bringing our favourites to your attention. Just look for the star icon.

FMS Favourites: star1

The only way to see every FM15 lower league player below is to load a custom database set to large, selecting Europe as a continent to display all players with national reputation.

This list was formed using the FM 2015 BETA, details may change upon full release.

Best FM 2015 Lower League Players

NamePositionAgeWage (£ p/w)AbilityPotential
Stephen Foster star1DC/DR3312009.39.3
Ruddy Haddad star1AMC/MC2920009.39.3
Ivan Milicevic star1AMR/ST265009.39.3
Dani CifuentesDR/DL/WBR/WBL3320009.29.2
Velimir RadmanGK313009.29.2
Rachid Bouaouzan star1AML/ML/MR/AMR305509.29.2
Dragan BlatnjakAMR/MR/AMC/ST3210009.19.1
Inigo VelezST3213009.09.0
Alex Nimely star1ST2327008.910
Cristobal star1MC/MR/AMR/AML/AMC3018008.98.9
Maik Taylor star1GK425008.98.9
Miguel Angel Nieto star1AMR/MR/AML2810008.98.9
Tomislav PekAMC/ML/AMR/AML2815008.88.8
Lorenzo StaitiAMR/MR/MC/AMC279008.88.8
Emile HeskeyST/AMC3612008.88.8
Matthieu DebisschopDMC/MC3014008.88.8
Job ButlersGK283008.78.7
Nicholas AddleryST327508.78.7
Gael GermanyDL/WBL/ML/AML2919008.78.7
Ian GoodisonDC4111008.78.7
Jon OstemoborDR/DC317508.78.7
Andre KrulGK276008.78.7
Christer YoussefAML/AMR/AMC268508.68.6
Cedric Van Der GunST/AML/AMC358008.68.6
Mark GowerMC358008.68.6
Bobby HassellDR/DC/DMC349008.68.6
Jaime PetersDR/MR/AMR2713008.68.6
Elbekay BouchibaML353008.68.6
Adam DruryDL3517008.68.6
David Foley star1AMR/ST/MR/AML276508.58.5
Calum AngusDC/DR/DL288008.58.5
Valentin GjokajDC207008.39.4
Julian GrayAML/ML343758.38.3
Etienne BarbaraST328508.08.0
Arran Lee-BarrettGK305507.97.9
Frank SimekDR297507.97.9
Rowan VineAMR/ST317507.87.8
Akpo SodjeST3312007.77.7
Rohan RickettsMC312507.57.5
Anton RobinsonMC286507.57.5
Kris BrightST2718007.57.5
Mateusz TaudulGK195007.58.6
Alan GowML/AML/AMC314007.47.4
Daniel RobertsAMC/MC252007.27.2
Marcos PainterDL279507.17.1
Yannick BastosAMR/AML218007.08.9
Sean ReynoldsDC243506.98.6

Download the FM 2015 League 2 players shortlist by clicking the download button below:

FM 2014 Download

Please note: If you want to share this download on your website you will have to link back to this page, hosting the file elsewhere is not allowed! 

How to install the best FM 2015 lower league players shortlist

1. Put the downloaded file in this folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/shortlists. If the “shortlists” folder doesn’t exist you will have to create it.

2. Start your game and go to shortlists.

3. In game click ‘scouting’ on the sidebar, then ‘shortlist’ within the top tabs. Click the small arrow pointing down just above the player list screen on the far right.

4. Select “load shortlist” from the menu and then select the respective file

That’s about it, enjoy!

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Darren is the co-owner of Football Manager Story. He merged with Johnny Karp in 2011 after moving from his own successful site named Allthatisfootballmanager. A football fanatic, whether it be the real thing or video games. He has been playing Fifa and Football Manager for donkey’s years. Deriving from the North East Darren supported Scarborough. However turned into a dedicated Newcastle fan from the age of 7. He enjoys watching Soccer Saturday and any live games. However Football Manager is his real passion. You can contact Darren at darrensmith360[at]

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