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The Assistant Manager Attributes , his most relevant attributes and his role in your team.

football manager assistant manager attributes

In Football Manager as in real life, the assistant manager plays a fundamental role within the backroom staff.

So welcome to this FM 2018 FMS guide “FM Assistant Manager Attributes”, here you will find why we think which are the most importan attributes an assistant coach must have and why.

When we look for an assistant to work with us, the most important attributes are:


Judging player current ability:

The assistant is the one who is going to report to us on the skills, pros and cons of each player, specially the ones regarding the hidden attributes such as adaptability, ambition, consistency or performance in big matches.

Judging player potential:

The assistant manager needs to have this attribute very high, because it is the one that will decide if you keep or loose a future wonderkid or not. He can’t miss spotting a youngsters talent and skills.


If it’s not you the one who is going to take the team talks, you need an assistant manager with good motivation skills to bring the lads fired up at the beginning of every match and to keep them on track in the half time talk. He must be very careful to not over praise or over criticize the players, he may even have to play mind games with the players as his task is to have the squad at the edge of their mental capacity.


Tactical Knowledge:

I like to have assistant managers with high tactical knowledge, because sometimes I feel too lazy to set the opposition instruction, so it’s good to have someone reliable and up to the task.

Man Management: 

The assistant coach must have good man management skills to help you “administrate” the squad.

assistant manager German Burgos


Assistant Manager Attributes (according to the game):

It must be said, that the FM 18 game, only consider judging player ability and potential, and man management as the only important attributes for the assistant coach, but in my case, I like to include motivating and tactical knowledge.

Also remember that with good determination, level of discipline and other technical coaching abilities, the assistant manager can also become a fundamental piece within the coaching team on a daily basis at the training ground.

Famous Coaches that before were Assistant Managers:

  • Zinedine Zidane who won 3 European Champions Leagues in a Row, was the assistant manager of Giancarlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid.
  • Jose Mourinho was an assistant coach before managing first team football and winning the Champions League with Porto and Chelsea.
  • Joachim Low before winning the world cup in Brazil 2014 as the German National coach, was Berti Vogts assistant coach.
  • Tito Vilanova was Guardiola assistant coach at Barcelona before leading the Catalanes to glory.
  • Alejandro Sabella was Daniel Passarella assistant manager in the Argentina National team in the 90’s before becoming manager of Estudiantes de la Plata where he won the Argentinian League and the Copa Libertadores. Plus, later on he won silverware in the Brazil World cup of 2014.

Louis Van Gal and Jose Mourinho at Barcelona

Alejandro Sabella with Daniel Passarella and Gallego

So, as you can see, all the names mentioned above excel in the attributes required in Football Manager simulation video game for a great assistant manager, the best and more realistic of the manager games ever!

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