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written by Jake Lenahan


Hey, for anyone on here that doesn’t know me, and thats probably most of you,  i’m Jake (Excessive) and i’m going to bring you a massive guide on the backroom staff in FM 2011. Johnny has already gave you a decent outline of the topic but i’m going to expand on that a little, taking you into a little more detail and recommending staff in each role for the elite teams in Football Manager. The backroom staff play a very important part in FM by aiding your players development and generally aiding your decision making for every aspect of the game. If you want to carry a saved game on for a few years atleast, this is a very important part of the game-play and you will need the  very best staff if you want to excel.

In general, what you need to look for is these attributes in the following staff: (Note: DDM = Determination, Discipline, Motivation)

Assistant Manager – (Man Management, Tactical Knowledge, Judging Player Ability, Judging Player Potential)

Strength – (Fitness, DDM)

Aerobic – (Fitness, DDM)

GK Shot Stopping – (Goalkeeping, DDM)

GK Handling – (Goalkeeping, DDM)

Tactics – (Tactical, DDM)

Ball Control – (Mental, Technical, DDM)

Defending – (Defending, Tactical, DDM)

Attacking – (Attacking, Tactical, DDM)

Shooting – (Attacking, Technical, DDM)

Physio – (Physiotherapy, DDM)

Scout – (Judging Player Ability, Judging Player Potential)


Aside from these attributes, it is beneficial to have a high ‘Work with Youngsters’ for all the positions aside from scouts. The coaches are obviously to work with youth development and you will see that some of the coaches also work with the youth squad (aside from the youth coaches). A physio will need one because of working with the health of the youth team. It may sound strange, but it works and will get your younger players fitter, faster.

What most people do not know is that, like players, staff have CA (Current ability) and PA (Potential ability). So, a coach that has just come into fruition has a long career ahead of them as a member of the backroom staff and will most likely improve. This to me makes no real difference as I get in the best staff I can regardless but it is nice to know that once players turn into coaches they have the ability to improve. Maybe hanging on to that old player could pay dividend? Shame that you cant ‘scout’ coaches though to determine their CA/PA, but if you could then there would be no need for this guide!

In terms of coaches and their star ratings, it is better to go for ‘Quality over Quantity’ which basically means that you should be gaining as many coaches as you can so they can do a specific job in your training as multiple jobs will decrease their star rating and ultimately have a direct impact on players training.

A good way to develop young potential backroom staff members is through tutoring. Personally, I like to put everyone who is 28+ on a tutoring regime developing a member of the youth or an U21 player. This will be beneficial in the long term development of not only your youth players, but the future coaching stats of the player. The more you develop them now, the better they will be in the future. Also when approaching the age of 30, have a look at your players ‘Personal’ tab. Look to see if he plans a backroom staff role for the future. If so, go into private chat and recommened the role he is looking for. Further down the line when approaching retirement they will obtain Staff Attributes so you can see if they will be beneficial to your setup.

Lastly you have to realise that coaches, like players, differ in CA and PA from every database created. Therefore, the staff that I recommend may differ slightly in your database and as a result could differ in star rating. So appologies if that happens to you.

Ill be going through every position individually, posting 10 of the best on each page. Every league from all six continents will be loaded up with a large database and I will take control of the best teams to ensure that I can get the elite coaches and analyse them fully.

I have included the ‘Unlikely to move’ coaches in this because you might want to manage that club in FM. Also, you might find that they do move when you approach with other clubs I haven’t tried or move in the future!

(Note: I am doing this with the 11.2.1 patch and as a result it is harder to get some coaches that would otherwise move to other teams in the earlier patches. Some I have included purely based on their stats, even though they are reluctant to move)

★ – Star

☆ – Half Star

# – Obtainable in previous patches

Anyway.. Lets get started!

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Johnny Karp

Great work Jake, thanks a lot!


Wow!!!!!! Great work!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. I’ts my B-Day!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Karp

Happy birthday Hils!!!


Great guide, backroom staff are very important in FM, and this helps a lot. Cheers :)

Darren Smith

Great post Jake, this will be a huge help in a difficult area. Thanks for the effort mate

Ana Garcia

Fantastic post, really helpfull in an area that most people just ignore.

I always sort my staff out as soon as I join a club its the first thing I do so will use aspects of this to get the most out of my staff.

Really well done!


Nice post, another factor I consider when looking for staff is their scouting knowledge as they can recommend players from parts of the world where I can´t send my scouts and increase the clubs scouting knowledge.



Does reputation matters much?
Say, I found a “regional” staff who has better attributes than a “national” staff… I used to go for the better reputation one, unless the difference of their attributes is too significant. Don’t know if that makes a difference though.

Thank you for the info and the list.


I’m not great with back room staff, but this will help loads. Cheers!


TQ kindly for the huge post, both in number of pages and importance. I’m sure many people dismiss the importance of the above. I myself every two months look at the available candidates, as my reputation changes upwards rapidly and it is important to get the best possible coaches.

The thing that bugs me the most, and I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this. Which is better, giving 4-5 games to the youngsters in your own team, or sending them to the feeder club, where they would play every game of the season, but their facilities are rubbish and they won’t get good training.
How to look at the trade-off? (I have only semi-professional feeder club, with very, very, very poor youth training facilities and coaches, not even to mention…..)…
Thanks guys to whoever can share their experiences….

Johnny Karp

I prefer to keep the youngsters in my team but those who can’t get too many chances to play are sent on loans to other teams which will also pay their wages, I don’t have a feeder club.


Me too, if my youngsters are good enough to play as first team or rotation players they stay, if not they go out on loan as that increases their value and if I need the money they can be sold, they are a good “commodity” as a way to earn money to grow thew club. I just sold a couple for 10M that where bought for less than 2M and I havent reach the Premier league:)

Anyway, in my experience the thing that I give priority when loaning a player out is to reveive an offer from a club that wants the player as a first team.



I always wonder if I should let my young players on loan. Of course, they may get more chances to play, but on the other hand, I’ve a better training schedule, facilities and coaches here. So, they improve by gaining match experience but they also improve by having some good training.

Therefore, I only let my players who’s over 21 or something out on loan. Other promising boys under 21 will stay and train hard. Those who’re never going to make the 1st team will go on loan at feeder clubs.

Not sure it’s good this way. Any suggestions?


Does Motivating help Assistant Managers with motivating the team during team talks?

Nice guide by the way


How come i cant find some of these staffs in my fm?


Some other tips (spelling may be wrong):

– GK:
Abate 4,5* (Italian)
Basigulap 4,5* (San Marino)

– Defending:
Narcisio 4,5* (Brasil)

– Attacking:
Chico? Fraga 4* (Brasil)

All of them are pretty good (13+) at youth develompent too.

And Filho is just awesome, however, as attacking coach he has a 4* rating at may game?

3 good general coaches with some youth management, I have them as assistent coaches to the 9 specific ones (yeah, Malaga allows me to use 13 coaches!). They’re pretty good, even though I’m using them as “assistents” to lower the workload originally:

– Tous (Spain) – Attacking, Shooting
– Bonini (Argentina) – Strength, aerobic, defense
– Carlos? Luiz (Brasil) – Tactics, Ball Controll

Works great so far, and I just tried my first individual training schedules. So far it looks good (have no comparison thought, but the development is steady and positive and the attributes of my young players (nearly a U23 squad lol) rarely decrease.



I have Ceolin as scout and Pinedo as physio! :-D My other physio is pretty good too, forgot his name though, will have to look.

Still can’t kick Cousillas as Assistent mgr. though. :-/

Here’s my staff in 2015. All are 4.5/5* (only fitness and GKing at 5* it appears to be very hard to find other coaches at that level). A number of them are listed above and I found them without using this guide, which shows if you use a filtered search on the staff search screen you’ll find the best coaches out there. Strength + Aerobic – Carlo Nicolini and Peter Davidson – Both 5* GK Shotstopping – Pedro Jara – 5* GK Handling – Juan Jose Lasuen – 4.5* Defending – Martin Keown – 4.5* (Also my assistant manager, has excellent mental stats and should stop Arsenal poaching him) Attacking – Andrew Cole – 4.5* Shooting Hernan Crespo – 4.5* Tactics – David Bowman – 4.5* Ball Control – Tommy Martin – 4.5* All are normal coaches so the youth players benefit form them as well. I don’t really see the point of first team coaches, its hard enough getting all these guys, only allowing them to coach the main squad and having to do it all again for the YT seems pretty pointless. The “famous” ex-players in that list are a bit pricey when it comes to wages but… Read more »

How many physios would u recommend? You said quality over quantity so is having 2 or 3 physios with good ratings be better than 7 or 8 mediocre guys?

thanks for the post.