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written by Ian Martin

Now days, with live football streams it doesn’t matter if you are away from home, you have no tv, no Sky or DirecTV. Your team is about to play an away match and it’s crucial for the rest of the season. You don’t either have to follow the social media, frequently refreshing, now you can watch the game with live football streams.

These days every match in the entire world is much closer with the advantages of streaming. If you get in the right stream, you can just relax and enjoy the game, although the quality isn’t always high definition.

Of course there are annoying ads and some of those sites require downloading a bunch of plugins with software you’ll never use again. It won’t matter if you are no newbie and know where to click and how to avoid clickbait. Ad blockers are strongly recommended but some sites require you to get rid of them. This can be done just by opening links in Incognito mode (Yes, there are other uses for Incognito mode too).

From this list below I’ll try to avoid those sites requiring a registration or payment. There are also some websites who want you to gamble for the you to enjoy the live football streams, but remember this can be harmful for your health.

So let’s begin with the list of sources:

Cricfree live football streams logo


This website may not be the best, but it is a complete one. There is a list of upcoming events with the kick-off time in the left. Click on what you want to watch and try different links to the broadcast. It is very simple to use and you can find any other sports like boxing, tennis, basketball and rugby.

First row sports

Pretty simple layout. List of games, each one with a bunch of links that redirect you to the actual streaming. If a stream suddenly stops broadcasting, you can just click another source without changing the screen. There are a lot of other sports if you want to expand your horizons beyond live football streams :)

Social 442

This one is not as good as the other live football streams mentioned before. The offer of games is reduced to major leagues in Europe and America. It has a great database of other stuff like featured videos and forums. Also available in the Play Store and Apple Store.


Live stream tv logo

An Android app from Google Play. You can watch TV from the entire world, but the sports streaming depends on the actual broadcaster. The quality and speed of streaming will depend on the internet connection of your phone or tablet. There is no need to pay anything or to sign up.

Roja Directa

The ol’ reliable RojaDirecta. You can choose what you want to watch from a list or search. There are tutorials to use this website and it is also available in Spanish. For many of us this was the first approach to online football streaming.

Sport Lemon tv

Not much else to say about this website. There is a flag representing the league so you can recognize it better. Same method, you click the match and then the link to the streaming.  There are different tabs with each sport and you can also change the time zone to your preference.

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