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[FM17] Life On The Road - Conquering Europe - 2016 Iceland

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Posted 16 January 2017 - 08:08 PM


Welcome to my first Football Manager story! I'm new to this scene but have previously blogged on football for fairly reputable websites. My decision to blog on this incredible game was the love to share my stories which I have largely done on Twitter. These include winning the Champions League with Rosenborg, taking Carlisle and Rochdale from League 2 to the Premier League and winning 7 Premier Leagues and 4 Champions Leagues with Oxford. 

Nevertheless my latest challenge is slightly different. Taking inspiration from Dooley1990 FM14 Pan-European Dream, I set out to emulate this. I hadn't envisaged blogging this hence a season has already taken place, so apologies to any who see this as copying, but it is just because I am a huge fan of his work! 

Regardless, the challenge is as follows...

- Journeying through Europe attempting to win the league in every European country available on FM17.
- Having only five nations open at one time which have been selected by a random generated name picker (this is helpful due to ]using a very average laptop!)

- Only the top division will be open in each nation.

- The starting team has also been randomly generated. 
- When the top league title has been won, the nation is completed and is removed from the five open countries and replaced by another country by the random generated name picker.

- I can only move to one of the five open nations when a nation is completed.

The 5 randomly generated nations: 

- England

- Finland

- France

- Iceland

- Sweden


I was slightly disappointed to be generated England/France to begin with as I didn't want to start in such a reputable league, but nevertheless the team generated was... 

Attached File  FH-Hafnarfjordur.png   29.54KB   1 downloads

Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar! That's the last time we'll use their full name I think! FH is instead how they'll be known.

This was a lucky generation. I avoided starting in England/France but also got the best team in Iceland. 

As previously stated I didn't envisage writing this so therefore I've nearly finished season 1. So the next update will be the a whole overview of the first season. But, I wouldn't end this update with a little sneak peak...

Attached File  cl.gif   55.84KB   0 downloads


See you in the next one!

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Posted 16 January 2017 - 10:21 PM

End of Season 1 update


Here's how our first season in Iceland played. As you know we were generated FH and were very lucky in that. So were we able to win the league and thus complete Iceland in one season? Let's find out.



Attached File  Squad 1.png   542.93KB   0 downloadsAttached File  Squad 2.png   213.48KB   0 downloads

The squad is solid, good depth in most areas and it's on this basis alone that separates our squad from the rest of the league. A few stars in there to gave me a lot of confidence to take on the league!



Attached File  Tactics.png   78.81KB   0 downloads

This tactic may look complicated on the outset, but believe me when I say it's far simpler. It's basically a 4-2-3-1 but inverted. This allows for more fluidity and draws opposition players slightly out of position which if moved at high tempo is very effective. 

Icelandic Community Shield

Attached File  Community Shield.png   6.21KB   0 downloads

A crushing victory to start in Iceland and win my first trophy as a manager.

Icelandic League Cup

Attached File  League Cup results.png   43.66KB   0 downloads

As the league is the main focus in this save, I will most likely be playing rotated sides to save players for the league. However, this competition took place before the league season started so I mostly used the strongest lineup as an extra pre-season. Nevertheless, we dropped a few points here so did we have secure enough to qualify for the knockout?

Attached File  League Cup Table.png   27.46KB   0 downloads

Just about enough! We moved into the top 2 on the final game. This gave us another chance to win more silverware! So did we achieve it?

Attached File  League Cup results (part 2).png   19.88KB   0 downloads

Not quite. We lost in the final which was poor as I felt by this point we'd kicked into good form. Regardless, the board felt this competition was not important. 

Icelandic Cup

Attached File  Icelandic Cup.png   7.11KB   0 downloads

As above stated, we choose to rotate in the cup competitions to preserve players for the league. We were slightly unlucky to draw a Premier Division club when we could've got a club far worse. The board were slightly p*ssed but let's see how the league went down.


Iceland Premier Division


Attached File  League Results 1.png   119.67KB   0 downloadsAttached File  League Results 2.png   10.12KB   0 downloads

Excellent league results. We smashed the league pretty much the whole way through. The title was clearly won. But by how much?

Attached File  League Table.png   404.5KB   0 downloads

At an absolute canter! Iceland has been breezed through, and what fun it was too! If this is how each nation will go then I can't wait!


Champions League

By the time the Champions League rolled around, the league was going so well that I decided to just go for it. Let's see how we got on!

Attached File  Champions League qualifying.png   42.94KB   0 downloads

Crazy! The first tie saw us play a team from the Faroe Islands. Simple enough, we rested players and qualified with ease regardless. However, when we drew Viktoria Plzen, a regular European outfit with far superior players to ours, I was sure this was the end. How wrong was I? We were incredible and unstoppable at times. The final qualifier we were extremely fortunate to draw a Swedish team, when we could've drawn the likes of Manchester City or Celtic. We weren't excellent, but amazingly we qualified for the group stage.


Unfortunately, after just 1 group stage game played (a 2-0 defeat to Sevilla), we'll be resigning as per the rules before seeing the campaign out. In spite of that, it was awesome to be the first manager to take an Icelandic club to the Champions League group stage. 




Bronze'Floki' - The young Icelandic striker was red hot until breaking his leg half way through the season. I have no doubts he would have won Gold without his injury yet 18 goals in 25 games deserves being in the top 3. 

Attached File  Floki.png   659.31KB   0 downloads


Silver: Jeremy Serwy - The leading assister in the league was electric down the win and an absolute devil on set-pieces. 7 goals and 14 assists made him well worth the silver. 

Attached File  Serwy.png   689.98KB   0 downloads


Gold: Þórarinn Valdimarsson - The team's vice-captain was very similar to Serwy. Both finished with 7 goals and 14 assists. However, where the winger stood out was his versatility to drop into left-back when needed and perform excellently. He finished with the league's second highest average rating through sheer consistence brilliance. 

Attached File  Valdimarsson.png   669.45KB   0 downloads




Iceland was an absolute ball! A perfect starting place for this challenge. I'm feeling really invigorated to press on with this challenge. And so with Iceland complete, a new nation must take it place among the 5. The country randomly generated was Israel. This means my next destination will be in either England, Finland, France, Israel or Sweden.

Thanks to all who will take a chance and click on this. If you are willing, please spare a moment to write a comment with what you like and what needs improving so I can learn and deliver better content. Till the next update!  :)

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