Football Manager Legend Freddy Adu joins Blackpool

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written by Darren Smith

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Every Football Manager veteran will have a household name that time forgot, a player that once ruled their virtual world but then failed to deliver in the cruel, complicated spectrum that is real life. I know many a player to fit this bill, but one pops to the forefront of my mind as a stand alone legend that will forever have my respect. Not for his amazing performances in real life, but for his scintillating displays as part of my all conquering Newcastle United side of FM05.

The long winded, cheesy babble above is of course about Freddy Adu, a Football Manager legend. Freddy became famous overnight with the release of Football Manager 2005. At just 14 years old he played for DC United and was available for peanuts. Do you remember that edition? Back in the day of Vanden Borre, Lekohang Mokoena and a young Robinho…I digress, back to the point.

We all thought a move to Benfica during 2007 would see the young American come good and offer him a platform to fulfill his in game potential. Unfortunately that never happened, Freddy was thrown around on loan and eventually moved back to America.

Its not all doom and gloom though, as this Football Manager legend joins Blackpool FC, on trial. Whether Freddy Adu will earn a full time contract remains to be seen, but its clear FM researchers still believe there is some spark left. The attributes below (taken from FM14) suggest Adu might still have that extra something, especially for the Championship. With good speed, creativity, flair, dribbling and technique I’d certainly consider my FM05 idol for a second tier team in the latest edition of the game..

freddy adu

Freddy Adu recently took part in an interview for ‘Tangerine TV’ as he spoke about the legacy left behind in FM05, offering his thoughts with a light hearted reaction. Watch it in the video below.

What does everyone think to the news? Will Blackpool sign Adu on a permanent deal and could Freddy make a name for himself in English Football? Or will Adu continue to walk in his FM shadow?

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