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Hey guys and welcome to my FM 2012 Scarborough AFC season 10 report. My last update saw the Seadogs finish their first ever season in the Premier League 6th. This outstanding achievement meant my boys would experience European football in the Europa League, obviously I’d need to strengthen in the summer but there is much more than transfers to look at. Today’s post will be a long one so buckle up for a nervy ride!

I actually forgot to get a screenshot of the boards expectations and media odds. But the clubs owners demanded a top half finish which led to a transfer budget of £26 million and extra £260K a week in wages.

I put my new riches to good use but not before offloading a few players. All our departures were no longer needed and some didn’t even warrant a transfer so I had to settle for loan deals. A total of £11.75 million was raised and every penny was reinvested in the squad.

Now for your favorite part of the season, my summer signings. Almost every area of my squad was strengthened and most of these signings would become rotational players at least. The best of my signings came in defense with new centre back Timo Finke and upfront with my new 24 year old prolific Brazilian striker Vieira. (Both players profiles can be seen by clicking their names.) My summer spending hit an all time high of £35 million meaning a net spend of £23.25 million.

Premier League results – first half of season

After such a successful first season I set myself the goal of 4th place…while that may have seemed like a stretch looking at the quality in England, I felt like the summers additions would give us the edge that was lacked last season. And I was proven right by our early form as Scarborough won the opening three games including a 3-1 victory over Man Utd. Then despite a loss to West Ham we carried on winning against Wigan and Birmingham before things got tough. A difficult fixture list and bad luck with injuries saw my boys draw the next two against Arsenal and Newcastle before losing to both Manchester City and Chelsea. With a tough run out the way we regained composure though and went onto win 5 and draw one of our next 6 matches.

The good end to December left us sitting 4th, just four points off top spot but also just five points above 7th. The season was well and truly up in the air, anyone in the top half could challenge for Europe and the title seemed like a bizarre four horse race.

Stepping back a little to November I had some very good news, my board showed their support and enthusiasm by coughing up £12.25 million. This helped raise the bank balance significantly.

But the good news didn’t end there. My board then decided to reward me for their own generosity by upping the transfer budget to £16 million…I love you Jordan Bradshaw!! ;)

I secured the signature of a genius central midfielder in Ryan Simonin, after Cardiff’s relegation he was available for £2.2 million but I couldn’t capture the 23 year old during the summer, so was delighted to finally get my man. I also bought Lukazs Pyda for £5.75 million, I needed a central defender that could dominate aerially and one with some potential to boot so the German seemed to fit like a glove. The season went on while I waited for my new recruits to join in January and when the time finally came my board announced the new expectations.  They were still happy for me to finish in the top half and I agreed, this left me with just over £8 million to spend before deadline day.

I had almost given up searching for talent, the main area I wanted to strengthen was central midfield as I required more depth (you’ll see why soon.) Then my scout provided a report on Arsenal’s Ricky Northwood who I tried to sign in the summer when the player wasn’t interested in a move up North. Well now he had done a U-turn and completed the £5 million switch, an excellent coup that brought our winter transfers up to the £13 million mark.

Yes I have spent a lot of money this season, but I did mention needing more strength in depth and below is one of the reasons…come January we had a long list of casualties and players away on International duty. Besides, my backup CM’s just weren’t good enough.

Premier League results – second half of season

So with Scarborough sitting 4th and my new signings ready to go I felt optimistic going into January. We started in style thrashing Spurs 6-0 at White Hart Lane and then continued with victory over Aston Villa. The next four games were mixed seeing two victories, one draw and one loss. The mixed form continued with two wins and one loss from our next three games, but then what felt like disaster struck as my key centre back Pedro broke his leg and would miss 6 months. This awful injury didn’t seem to effect us too much though as my boys went onto win 9, draw 2 and lost one of our next 12 matches.

The superb late rally had put us right in the frame, not only had Scarborough qualified for the Champions League, but we just needed one point to secure second place but we even had a shout at the title with one game to go.

Just two points behind United with one fixture to go, our game was at home to Sunderland while Manchester United had to travel to Goodison Park for a tough match vs Everton.

I honestly couldn’t have asked more from my players, we had a sending off after 9 minutes, then lost star left winger Carlos to injury just 37 minutes in. All was going wrong but then from nowhere we gained a penalty and Foster converted with a lethal strike. It was all Seadogs from there as we ran out 5-0 victors…I told the lads they were brilliant and then nervously waited after clicking continue…

…I took a glance at the other EPL results as my eye cast over the names Everton and Manchester United. Anything but a win for United would secure the title!!!

Ahhh so close!!! Ow well, my old star striker, Shepherd, came back to haunt us as he scored for United to win them the Premier League title. My boys finished a very respectable second and that means automatic Champions League qualification.

That was the league, but we are only one quarter way there my friends, I still have three more competitions to report on so go to page number 2 for our journey through the cup competitions.

Go to the next page to read the rest of the story.

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  1. Excellent stuff again Darren, the title was mighty close but you still have plenty of reasons to celebrate after grabbing two trophies. That chairman of yours is the best I’ve seen in any version of the game but one of the best managers surely deserves such spoils ;)

    • Thanks Johnny, it was a great season and the chairmen is the bets I’ve seen too, he just keeps throwing money around. While its good to get going I want to make the club stable soon though and start pulling profits together off our own backs. Though in reality that will take a good few years until the stadium is upto par.

  2. That was a great read darren! Like you said, im sure you’ll start raking the money in whe you start the transfers in a couple of seasons, that and champions league revenue! Well done :)

  3. Hi Darren
    I’ll go page by page if that’s okay? First up those young German defenders, they are very nice acquisitions indeed. Finke and Pyda should do you for a long time in your first team. What an unlucky finish to the EPL and football irony strikes again as a former player robs you of a first EPL title. Great finish though and second place is not to be sniffed at.

    Your FA Cup run seemed a bridge too far after knocking out both United and Chelsea which in and of itself was just magnificent, though beating Arsenal in the Carling Cup final probably gave you some satisfaction? What a simply brilliant Europa League campaign and congrats on winning the final and in such a nail biting way to.

    A great season again supported by a real money bags chairman – nice!!

    • Thanks Kevin, the EPL title was very close and so was the Europa League final…to be honest if I had to pick between them I’d choose the Europa League as I can go for the title anytime but only had the one chance at the Europa League. I was shocked by our FA Cup exploits too but when City came out of the hat it did seem like an impossible draw, I was just delighted to get one over on Arsenal after they beat us all those years ago. :)

      The chairmen sure knows how to throw money around but as mentioned I am desperate to stop that as soon as possible. I want the club to be stable and work within its own bank balance but that may take years yet as the stadium makes challenging impossible.

  4. A great season Darren, you can be very proud like every season earlier! This story is very joyful to read, i couldn’t imagine that a so little team can go so far. And even further..
    Anyway, congratulations for the two silverware and needless to say that i’m waiting for the next chapter :D

  5. oh wow!! what an unbelievable season Darren! congrats!! really has been an epic journey, and you almost won the premier league too! you secured some fantastic signings, and i think we will see something even more special from Scarborough next season! good luck! cheers :D

    • Thanks Malhar, I think we have reached the stage where challenging every season is a must…so while my focus remains on improving the squad and staying in all comps, I have one eye on the finances and trying to build a sustainable side…only problem is I can’t offload my big wage players until some youth has been raised so we’ll continue to lose money for a little while but that is the only negative.

      • yeah, that will be the down side, but you’ve got an amazing chairman. and thats nothing to be apologetic for, you more than deserve all the money that you’re getting from him. just out of curiosity, does he love the club? because that can mean he will be there for a very long time. in my previous save at PSG, i had similar owners, but unfortunately, the owner changed after 5-6 seasons and i lost all the free money that he was investing in the club. so you should definitely make the most of his money while you can. good luck with next season mate, and dont worry, i think you have a fantastic chance of winning the premier league. and also, the turkish guy again didnt have the best season did he? why do you think he’s not playing to his potential?

        • The chairmen loves the club so he should be around for a long time yet, besides he only bought the club three season ago. As for Dincer I don’t know why he can’t reach his potential in game…his attributes are brilliant but he must have some hidden attributes that prevent him from performing well. Either way he’ll be seeing the door come summer.

  6. It was the stab of irony that Shepard robbed you of the title, but to still finish second is incredible. Well deserving of the Europe League and the Carling cup and to be honest I’ve almost ran out of complementery things to say over the last 10 posts.
    I cannot wait for the next post and I’d be damned if you don’t already have that suit on the ironing board!

  7. What a great season Darren, I said to you last time that I felt you would win the Premier League this season and I thought for a minute you where going to do it but what a effort. Congrats on the Europa League and the Carling cup that is a great achievement. Next season I hope you win the Premier League :D

    • Thanks Martin, I think we must challenge for the title again next season and hopefully put on a good show in Europe too but I want to start building a younger squad also.

  8. Some fantastic signings mate and well done for winning the europa league!! so close in the premiership though!! from now are you hoping for premier league glory or champions league glory?

    • Thanks David, I want to focus on the EPL next season as Europe is a game of luck really…I am hoping to push for the domestic title and take my luck when it happens in the Champions League.

  9. Another great season Darren, really enjoy reading these every week :) Got a great chance of winning the league next season and hopefully getting far in Europe, good luck :D

    P.S I was the one last week who asked about how Bob Shepard was getting on, looks like he’s doing alright haha ;)

    • Thanks Jamie, I’m glad you’re enjoying the read. Shepherd is doing very well and seems to be one of the best English strikers around, he has a great strike rate for his country.

  10. That was an awesome season mate, it’s amazing how far you’ve taken the club in such a short space of time (with the help of that lovely chairman lol) I honestly think that you’ll win the PL next season, with a few more additions to that already talented squad of yours I can’t see anyone stopping you’re boys from lifting the title. Best of luck ;)

  11. Wow! Simply amazing! I still amazed that you’ve managed the Europa League for your first appearance! It’s really amazing that your team managed to defy the odds here. And for the league, I think you’ll be considered title contender in upcoming years very soon based on the performance there.

    Anyway, I’ll looking forward for your new adventure in Champions League, and I hope that you keep the promise if your team managed to win it. It will be outstanding achievement and memorable for the seadogs there.

  12. The first thing I thought of when I saw the name Shepherd was your old striker, and I was right. He came back and haunted you, but it was a great effort. You managed to win the Carling Cup and Europa League, enjoy your success!

  13. well i said at the end of kast season that you would win the title and you came ever so close, well done on the cup wins.
    My prediction for next season is that you’ll win the legue by more than 10 clear points UTS!

  14. Hi Darren,
    I’v been reading your posts since back in your newcastle days in FM11 and I really think your fantastic.
    I’m only 13 an d I hope some day I’ll be as good as you or Johnny or Kevin and all of you.

    Back to the post and I like those German backs.Good buy.So unlucky in the prem but you more than made up for it with the Europa League and Carling Cup.That chairman is fantastic. Reminds me a bit of 1 I had in FM10 and every time I spent more than 5 or 6 million, hed pump 3 or 4 back into the balance !

    • Thanks Eoin, its just about attention to detail and investing a lot of time really. The chairmen has certainly helped us though and put us a few years ahead of ourselves. Thanks for reading.

  15. good work!! wow 2nd in the league..never expected that
    btw can you make a post on how to premier league teams like you did in fm11 with Newcastle?

    • Thanks mate, I knew we’d challenge the top four but I didn’t think we’d go so close to the title. Unfortunately I lack the time for such post and guides at the moment but if I find the time I will see.

  16. another great season darren, congratulations. By the wya how do you have the lower leagues? do you have to download something?

  17. Hi Darren
    Congratulations on yet another extraordinary season with the Seadogs. In addition, the signings you made were fantastic. I can’t see anyone stopping you next season. If you can avoid any long term injures to key players, then the title will be heading to north Yorkshire. I have to ask, given the fact that you’re training facilities and youth recruitment had been pretty dire up till now, how did you manage to increase the younger players attributes?

    • Thanks Liam, as for the players increased attributes, the facilities don’t even make up for 30% of the players development, sure they help but with great coaches the correct schedules and the right type of player they will grow in any conditions. But the real key is first team football and I never sign a youngster over the age of 17 if I don’t intend to offer him at least 15 games a season.

  18. Hi Darren, great stuff again. That title was close. You’ll be winnig it next season definitely. And your Chairman definitely deserves all the trophies you can win him. He is wonderful. Looks like you didnt mention the FA cup. Is it me or you skipped it?

    Joe Lance.

  19. Congratulations Darren, another great season! With a bit of luck you’ll be adding the Champions League and PL to your trophy cabinet pretty soon! Once again, great job and keep it up! :D

  20. Absolutely incredible, Darren! Just another magnificent performance from your teams!

    Is there any team this man can’t excel with?!?!?!

  21. An amazing season to finish second in the EPL, just two points behind Man United, and also win the Carling Cup and Europa League. The signings you made were excellent. Your chairman is superb as well, throwing huge amounts of money into the club which has allowed you to progress so far the last couple of seasons. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we see you win the league next season, and it will be interesting to see how far you can go in the Champions League.

  22. Talk about an amazing season! You really had us going there for a bit on the first page, and I thought for certain you’d been able to overtake Man United for the title! Alas, 2nd place is hardly something to scoff at. That’s also a pretty thrilling Europa league run. That’s some very impressive stuff, and I can only imagine how nervy those penalty kicks in the final must have been. :-P

    This is some impressive work Darren, congratulations! Oh, and that owner…feel like sharing? :-P

    • lol, yeah I wanted you all to think we’d pipped United. :) I reckon the owner would have enough cash to share for sure, just a shame you can’t exchange between games :)

  23. Hi Darren, another great season and your team really seems to be improving every year. Another couple of astute signings like you managed this year and I’ll be damned if you don’t bring Mr Bradshaw the PL next season! It was an excellent achievement winning the Europa League and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of success to come.

    Just a small request if it’s not too much bother, would it be possible to see profiles for your home-grown talent in the form of Shepherd, Southern and maybe Ross? They’ve come a long way and it’d be nice to see how they’ve progressed and how they’ve performed in past seasons. Cheers and good luck with the rest of the story!

  24. Have to say, i am really impressed with how far you have got this little team. even without the chairman i’m sure you could have done it although it may have taken a few more years ;).
    just out of curiosity how do you search for your players as you always seem to find gems?
    On my carlisle save (newly promoted prem side) i’ve only found one good player when i was in league 1 and is now playing for barcelona also just won 2014 world cup golden boot award aswell as ECL golden Boot not bad for a centre back although i bet 6″8 did help ;)

    Really enjoying the read
    keep it up !!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Scotty, in terms of searching for players I just look everywhere. I start by having at least 6-8 scouts searching the World (not possible in lower leagues) I also do filtered searches under the players age and preferred attributes. I also manually look through Brazilian and Argentinian teams as well as all the major International U21 teams.

  25. That Sir was bloody awsome! Congrats fully deserved Europa League and Carling Cup crown and who knows, maybe the UEFA Super Cup next year?

  26. A great report and fantastic reading! Good season too, remarkable rise up the leagues! Interesting formation too, I must try it out.

  27. Darren, you are simply brilliant. I am 14 yrs of age and play fm everyday. The thing is though im starting to loose passion 4 it because i keep starting new saves coz i get bored. I dont no what i perfer as u prefer epl and championship teams. Could you help me, im realivley new to fm? And also everday in game what do u mean when u say u pay attention to every fine detail and not just a matter of pressing continue, what sort of things do u do?

    • Well my best recommendation is to take a break from the game and watch some real life football, that can help inspire you into a new save.

      As for what I do, well I look into everything…if I see Chelsea getting beaten I check the opponents formation for future reference. I check my players development every week and the same for new players. I basically just explore the game constantly.

  28. A good double to end the season on a high note, and Champions League football this season, without the help of your generous Chairman this would not have happened so early

    Your decision to add depth to the squad turned out well Darren, quite a few of your players clocked up more than 50 appearances :P

    Good luck for next season

  29. Hi Darren,
    congratulations on your winning ways.
    I really enjoy your site, but is it possible to add another writer who is struggling a bit more?
    It seems like most of the stories here are “I bought some players, used this tactic and won everything. Now I just got promoted”.
    It seems to be getting a bit repetitive in some ways.
    Kevin used to be that struggler, but he seems to be cleaning up in the MLS a lot more.
    It would be a bit different to see someone getting demoted or fired.

  30. excellent use of the FMRTE feature, although it is very obvious. Oh well, each to their own if thats how you like to play the game. I class it as cheating myself.

    • You are obviously pretty bad at the game then if you assume that, I am probably the most anti-FMRTE person you’ll ever meet…its simple, slander isn’t accepted around here, carry on and you’ll be band.

  31. Super late post, my apologies.

    Cant really add anything! Your progress has been amazing I would just like to see you struggle at least once though! :)

    Your just a good player, interesting to see you use the same tactic I have this obsession with constantly tweaking my tactics every game even at times when I dont need too.

    Quick question, your strikers seems to score loads of goals but during the season do they ever have a goal drought?

    I mean I can have a forward score say 12 goals in 10 games or something then he wont score for weeks, its driving me mad! I tried rotating but that didnt work its always a ten or twelve hour drought and I cant seem to find an answer.

    Anyways best of luck next season, am sure you will be champions very soon! :)

    • Thanks Ana, before FM 2011 I use to be obsessed with tweaking my tactics too but then as I developed my tactics I found that I could settle on one and just change the starting strategy.

      As for my strikers, they do indeed go through bad spells but I always rotate them whether they are playing good or bad anyway so I don’t get caught off guard. I often find that if one of my strikers is on a drought I have to try someone else then bring him back for easier games where he’ll stand more chance of scoring and therefore get some confidence back.

  32. do you know where i can download the real badges and kits ?

  33. You sir, are a God!

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