FM 2012 Training


Best Training Schedules for Football Manager 2012

- Best Four Training Schedules for FM 2012 -

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  3. i must be dumb where is the link to download it ?

  4. Worth mentioning that training schedules from FM11 are compatible with FM12. You might need to tweak workloads (especially for youth and part-timers), but by and large they still work.

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  6. how do we need to insert the training?

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  8. Hi, there’s been this nagging problem i need help on. i have amazing regens but the predominant problem is:
    1. They are fairly lethargic
    2. unintelligent and only see what’s in front of them.
    These are usually what my staff report about them. How do i train them?

    • You can’t change much of those aspects through training but you could set up some tutoring for them, experienced players in your squad might help them improve.

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