FM 2012 Tactics


Best Tactics for Football Manager 2012


- Darren’s Football Manager 2012 Arsenal Tacticdownload -

- Darren’s Football Manager 2012 Stoke City Tacticdownload -

- Johnny’s Football Manager 2012 Barcelona Tacticdownload -


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  1. this team is the best

  2. hope this takes care of my arch rival

  3. Really really like the barcelona tactic its wicked. So good for my littlehampton team that i am at the moment ive been moving up the table rapidly!!

  4. how come small teams beat top teams

  5. pretty damn awsome

  6. cheers for the tactics guys pretty damn awesome!

  7. barcelona tactic is awsome using it on my york save in blue square premier after 11 games ive scored 22 goals and conceded only 4 and on average im having 65-75% possesion and my pass completion has been in the 80′s / 90′s

  8. What tactic u recomend for chelsea first season?

    • I haven’t played with Chelsea so I can’t recommend any tactic. But from what I know from other users, any of our tactics can work if you prepare the team for them and maybe tweak to suit your players.

  9. What tactic would you reccomend for Arsenal,Malaga or Southampton

  10. Hey,
    I’ve started a new game unemployed and then i took the manager post at Malaga. I’ve been trying to reshape the squad and I’ve bought 6 reinforcements at the winter transfer period. The budget is really tight and it’s hard to get good money from my players, specially with the season they were having…
    I haven’t settled with a tactic yet, and believe me I’ve tried a few with this team… One of the things that really bothers me is that I’m conceding too many goals, something that I don’t tolerate (my squad really sucks, I’m hoping that the summer period brings more new faces).
    I’m want to try one of your tactics and I’d like your recomendation please.
    Good work by the way =)

    • All our tactics are good but that is not the point. You should carefully evaluate your squad and then you should pick a tactic based on that evaluation. For instance, if you have good wingers, then you should definitely pick a tactic that employs wingers.

      • Actually my team is weak in general =D
        But I’m giving a try to Barcelona’s tactic and already thinking about the new season.

        Thanks for the tactic =)

  11. where can i download this tactic? or do i need to set it all up manual? thx :)

  12. Do these tactics work better as modern or classic?

  13. your tactics are amazing and really well explained
    make sure you do it for fm 13 !!!!

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