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  1. [...] Manager 2009 Graphics : 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0


    • Paste the files into the My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2009/schedules folder and then import the schedules in your game.

      • i know this is off topic,but mr karp are the top boy,what it is im leeds united an david batty an lucas radabe are both unemployed coaches and are leeds ledgends,yet they wont even enter negoiations with me,doesnt make sense,can i use fmrte to rectify this,this was one of the reason i got fmrte not to cheat but to stop ridiculous transfers etc

        • Maybe the club reputation is not high enough for them to be interested, I find that perfectly normal. Anyway, I never used FMRTE or any such program and I probably never will.

    • hi my arsenal game wont load up when i try and all my others work im not sure if it’s corrupted if so how do i un do that


      • I’m afraid there’s not much you can do when the save game becomes corrupted. That’s why I always back up my save game files by turning on rolling autosave to multiple files from the game preferences.

  3. hey johnny

    do you have another link for the english backgrounds, the link you sent me dont work. it says error 404.


  4. Would you share your 4-4-2 Spartans tactic with us??

  5. hi jonny, just wondering wen downloaded the latest patch for fm2010 wots the next thing to do? how do u put patch into game?

  6. how to import the training scheldules….

    • Bob, first you have to put the .tsh files into My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/schedules. Then open the game, go to training and you can import them there, one by one.

  7. where do you put the kits??

  8. Hi Johnny

    I just wanted to bring your attention to one further error in your updated config file here – in the file itself you still have Arsenal_hird instead of Arsenal_third – adding the missing T displays the third kit, whereas before it was simply a white shirt.

    Just in case you wanted to do a further update, but if not I’ve set up a link here:

    Just an option to save you a bit of time :)



  9. Argh sorry I meant to place that comment in the kit pack board, my bad, sorry about that.

  10. Thanks for the correction Jamie, I appreciate that.

  11. hey karp i’ve downloaded the kits and follow the instructions.the thing is mine sport interactive folder dont contain the folder graphics. what shall i do???

  12. Follow the instructions-
    #Extract the file to My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2010/graphics/kits
    #If it ain’t there then create those folders

  13. yo bilal

    thks dude it work

  14. No problem nxsix I’m just happy to help you and if you have any other problem just ask.

  15. Link for facepack – file no. 25 on mediafire..’MEGAPACK′ not working..please reupload

    • @Mesol
      Sorry for that. Unfortunately I’m away from home so there’s nothing I can do about it. I will check it once I get back, in a week or two. Thanks.

  16. can i download this?

  17. why i can’t select macedonian league?

  18. Because Stefan Sports Interactive deem that we(I jas sum makedonec) do not have a league of sufficient quality to make it playable :) Plus neither you or me, or the macedonian FA, know the format of the league :) So till our crappy league gets fixed enjoy Calcio :)

  19. hey Johny, a question about the kits, is there anything i can download so that when in the match, not all the players are wearing white in white !? I cant recognize who is in my team and who isnt, except from the names !!

    • Moo, I never had that problem, the two teams always have slightly different kits in the game. So I don’t know if there’s a solution to that, does that happen in every single game? If yes then I think you might have some corrupted files or something like that.

  20. thenk.s

  21. Hi,

    I have added the kits and followed the stephs, however, Tottenham, Arsenal home kits dont show, both burnley and hull do not show home and away, and a few trd kits aren’t showing, can you advise, please?


  22. hi

    thanx for this site it is real awesome

  23. How do i download the United Kingdom league?? and how do i put it into my football manager 11 ?

  24. I just bought the game via Steam, but there’s no folders for the game like there were with Football Manager 2010. How can I download the facepack and logopack?

    Thanks & Happy New Year!

    • You should have a Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011 folder in Documents, check again. About the facepack and logopack, the instructions are provided in the respective posts. Happy New Year!

      • Thanks!

        One last thing, though; after downloading and extracting the files, there are 7 folders named “sortitoutsi_megapack_(respective numbers)” plus a “config” folder. In each “sortitoutsi_megapack” folder, there is a “readme.rtf and a sortitoutsi folder containing a “faces” folder. How do I arrange this to make the facepack work in my game?

        • You don’t have to extract each archive separately. If you hit “extract” just on the first one that should unpack all the archives into one folder. In the end you should move the “faces” folder (it should have all the pictures in it plus the config file) in the Documents/Sports Interactive/Fm 2011/graphics folder.

  25. English Language Doesn’t work after I update Patch from 11.0 to 11.2.1 in Football Manger 2011 RUSSIA PLEASE HELP

  26. Hi,
    Is there any Barclays Premire League kit packs??

  27. Hey Johhnny ,
    I followed all your instructions and it did not work for the skin. Can you tell me why this is?

  28. Please how do i upload downloaded tactics to my game. The file i downloaded is a rar file.

    • Extract that file to Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/tactics, then start your game and select the respective tactic from the tactics screen under “archived tactics”.

  29. Do you have a solid 4-4-2 formation for Man Utd. Post me their roles & instruction!!!
    Thank You!!

    • You can try any of the 4-4-2 tactics that are posted in this page, all of them can work pretty well with Manchester United. Roles and instructions are available in the respective download posts.

  30. Is there someone there know where I can get all the nationalflags? Really need this…

  31. Not in the metallic… Is it in the other logopack?

  32. Hi Johnny I appreciate all your hard work i downloaded patch 11.3 , Does this patch overwrite all previous patches or it ‘s better to download all patches , Thanks mate

  33. Thanks Johnny , btw I want to tell you something a couple of days ago i just get bored from my Q.P.R’s job and i decided to return to my past glory days with Nottts Co in fm2010 so i decided to return to fm2010 for a while I guided them to Europa league final & in the final against Liverkusen , the match was 1-1 they scored a goal in 117 minute to break my heart i sympathized with my players and get out of match to get a surprise that i won the europa league by penalty kicks i shocked returned to match highlights but it ended 2-1 for liverkusen but fm2010 insists that i won the competition by penalties after the match ended 2-2 :D

  34. hey johnny i downloaded my fm online so if i use this patches willit work

  35. Hi Johnny,

    Are there downloadable kit packs that replace the default kits during a match, so that the players are playing in them?

    If so where can i find them?

  36. When I go to the FM12 training-page, there are no files to download.

    Does anyone know how to get the fm12 TUG training or some other great schedules???

    • We will be adding training schedules shortly but it takes time to test them and make sure that they are good. As soon as we’re sure about a good training schedule we’ll post it.

  37. Can i use a patch from fm 2012 on fm 2010?

    • If you mean an official patch the answer is no.

      • fair enough,but batty an radabe have leeds as their only favoured club and are leeds ledgends,so for them to flat out refuse is stupid,i dont get the snobbery of fmrte fm needs to be saved from itself examples;city signing 2 new left backs when they have 2 already,big club like lfc signing awful players an giving them 1st team football,spurs wanted rid of van der vaart an then he goes to sporting gijon? exactly its a joke thats why fm needs to be policed,i dont use fmrte for bugdets or signing players therefore using it the way i do only makes the game more realistic,tell me im wrong mr karp!

        • I’m not telling you that you’re wrong, I respect your opinion but I like the game just the way it is and I don’t feel that I need to modify it through FMRTE or other programs of that sort.

  38. I need link for download face pack… Please Help!

  39. I need link for download face pack for FM 11… Please Help!

  40. Thank you! And you can help me to download any skin of Manchester City, or any player, for my FM 11?

  41. I need Football manager 12 password? Please Help me!

  42. Rooney is the best player in England

  43. Please help me i have buy the game and i have a lot of crashes!!!what can i do???heeeelpp

  44. I downloaded the FMC skin and im barely able to read.Many of the texts are white in colour,how do i change it?

  45. My game use to crash when am trying to add a new manager, please how can i solve this issue?

  46. I played two seasons with Galatasaray and then I left for league champs Man U after Sir retired in the game. In the squad he had previously bought Ramsey who I see as a key player. I bought M’Vila to balance defending and attacking capabilities in the midfield but I play 4-2-2-2 (two MCs) and since Ramsey isn’t a good defender that provides easy counter-attack goals for the opposition. Any recommendations so that I can strengthen my midfield and prevent easy goals?

  47. what is the latest patch? are the players signed in the january window updated?

  48. How do you import them? I have an IMAC and I have gone into Steam and opened the local files, and put them in the tactics folder. However when you look at all the other tactics they are controlled by ‘terminal’ any help would be appreciated

    • I’m sorry but I don’t own a Mac so I don’t know what folder structure you have in there. However, the custom tactics should not be with the default game tactics files, they should be in your user data folder (whatever that is on a Mac).

  49. I was just wondering if some of evertons great young players like Barkley and deuflou could be profiled.

  50. Hey Johnny Karp.. Could you please help me out with this confusion regarding the start of selecting leagues n nations… Do I need to need to make a certain league/nation “Playable” in order to load up all the staff from there or will the “View Only” option be enough to load up the whole staff from that particular country..?

  51. awasome games

  52. If I using Cracked FM14 games, Can I Upgrade patch ?

    Sorry for my bad english

  53. Hi, where can I download a file to fix ALL player & manager names? My version of FM 14 starts with fake names for all players & managers (i.e. Lionel Messi is ‘Olaf Eland Traore’)

    Please help! Thank you! :D

  54. Hello Guys! One question. I bought the game alright… But still, I get fake names and fake players. Why? I always see a guy called Johnny Karp. If you are reading this. I bought a legal version and updated to the latest. I’m playing on Mac – The Real Player Fix doesn’t work.

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