Nov 072010

I hope that most of you have already bought Football Manager 2011, a great game that should keep us busy for the next year. As always, the game is good but there are things that can make it even more enjoyable, like a facepack with more than 72,000 pictures…

The guys at did a great piece of work again to release a superb facepack with 72,396 pictures, all made in the nice and elegant cut-out style. Here is how they look in my game:

Here’s what you have to do in order to install the facepack in your game:

First you have to download it from, they have a few options available. The size of the file is quite big, 3.5 GB, so they split it into several archives. You might need a program called 7-zip to extract the archives after downloading, it’s a free program that you can grab from here.

After downloading extract the files to a temporary folder of your choice. After the extraction is completed you should have a “faces” folder, most likely inside a folder named “sortitoutsi”. You have to copy or move the “faces” folder into the game graphics folder, usually located in My Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2011>graphics. If the “graphics” folder does not exist in there you will have to create it.

Then launch Football Manager 2011 and go to the preferences screen. Click on ‘Display and Sound’ and tick the check box on the page called ‘Always Reload Skin on Confirm’ and un-tick then box labeled ‘Use Skin Cache’. Press confirm and there should be a box popping out saying ‘loading image data for the new skin’. When that process is completed the new faces should show in your game. If things don’t work out you can always ask for help here. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. This looks amazing! A good facepack always makes the game feel more real and enjoyable.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t got the game yet, because there are alot of good games coming out for the PS3, which i’m going to prioritize and then get FM maybe for christmas instead.
    Anyway, when i do get the game, I’m definitely going to use this!

  2. I already downloaded it Johnny, it’s the best facepack available, the only issue was the lack of a torrent, not so easy to download as it is now.
    But it’s worthwhile.

  3. Thanks Johnny.

  4. Thanks for this Johnny

  5. This looks amazing

  6. Looks great! I’m going to download it now

  7. that look amazing!thanks

  8. I did everything step by step, not working. What to do?

  9. My football manager seems to be lacking a “graphics” file. What should I do?

  10. Thanks for this Johnny, they look really good in your game. The only problem is the download speed, as mine is currently taking around an hour per part. It’ll be worth it though :)

    • I downloaded the pieces from Filefront and it took less than half an hour overall. I would have waited even longer though, I agree that it’s worth the effort.

      • I have a problem. My config file doesn’t have ,xml after it, even though I downloaded it properly through sortituoutisi, which is probably why it isn’t working for me. How do I get the right config file?

        • It might be the right file but your operating system might be set not to show the file extensions. Mine doesn’t (Windows XP) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the correct file.

          • I’m pretty sure it’s the right file, but it’s still not working. I’ve done everything, the “faces” folder is in MyDocuments-SportsInteratcive-FootballManager2011-Graphics, and unticked skin cache and everything, any suggestions?

          • Do you have a custom data folder set in the game preferences? If so then the faces folder should be in there.

  11. just wandering is their any easier way to do it then downloadin every individual file theirs loads cant you just download 1 big file ??

    • There is no other way at the moment since it’s quite difficult to host a 3.5 GB file anywhere on the web. That’s why the file was split into smaller bits.

  12. ive downloaded the filefront one and the 7 zip aplication but it keeps on not letting me extract the files

    • Right click on the first part of the archived files and select extract, it should work just fine. Have you downloaded all the pieces? Because it won’t work unless you have all the pieces.

  13. ive downloaded everything but its not letting me extract

  14. it says it cannot open the file as an archive and i have downloaded 7zip

  15. Hi Johnny, thanks for the advice, but it’s just not working. I think I’ll give it up for today and try again tommorow.

  16. it says 001 after it

    • If you have a file named sortitoutsi_megapack.7z without any numbers in the tail then that’s the one you should extract. If you don’t have such a file then I suggest trying to rename that file with 001 to sortitoutsi_megapack.7z and then trying to extract again.

  17. ok ive renamed and it failed again

    • I think that you should try do download that first part again, the download might be incomplete or the file might be corrupted. I tested the Filefront download again and that first part appears as sortitoutsi_megapack.7z after downloading. And it does extract just fine on my PC.

  18. Hey Johnny,
    do you have to create the folder called ”sortitoutsi” or is there once you’ve all the files downloaded? And how did it take you just half an hour to download all> Did you download at the same time?

    • I downloaded them all at the same time, yes. The “faces” folder is inside a folder called “sortitoutsi” after extracting, at least that’s what happened with the Filefront download. Off to bed now, see you tomorrow.

  19. Thanks. I don’t understand it though and I don’t have enough time right now to download them all so I might try again tomorrow. Thanks again.

  20. i downloaded it again and the same thing happend

  21. Hello. I bought the game on steam, and i did’nt get this to work. should the folder called graphics just be placed in the fm2011 folder, or in data?

  22. hey, i couldnt download the config file. on fileserve it just wouldnt open while i easily dl’d the others. i went and did the rest of the steps and it didnt work. is the config document necessary? also i have it set up like this fm 2011- graphics- megapacks – sortitou.. – faces. is that fine or does it need to be graphics – faces?

    thank you for your help! great download

    • The config file is essential, it can’t work without it. As for the folders, I guess it could work the way you have it but you have to have the config file placed in the same folder as the picture files.

  23. maybe its irrelevant question, but I cant download it..where do I have to click? I clicked on the big “Download Gigantic Football Manager 2011 Facepack” and nothing happened..
    Thanks for answer and sorry for my disturbing.

  24. thank you

  25. Yeah I’m having the same problem as Charlie, I’m using 7zip and it allows me to extract the original file to a new location (sports interactive>sortitoutsi [note: I created this file it was not there when I extracted the file]) I was then about to extract that file to the faces file in docs>SI>FM11>graphics>faces But it comes up with the message saying “the archive is either in an unknown format or us damaged”


    • Well, if you extracted the file then you should just copy the “faces” folder into docs>SI>FM11>graphics. If you have extracted the archive you should have a “faces” folder inside the “sortitoutsi” folder.

  26. ive downloaded 3 of them and placed them into the wrong file but it wont let me delete them any help ?

  27. Hi there…can download the files from diferent sites?

  28. Hey Johnny, was just wondering where you downloaded the badges from that are shown in your screen shots?

  29. I had the same problems as above after downloading the files.

    I think the problem is with the link to 7-Zip, I could not download the file at all. I googled 7-Zip, downloaded it from their site and then installed it. I can now unzip the files as mentioned above.

    Its working now so hopefully works for you

  30. This pack contains portuguese league?? With Hulk, and other players of Portugal??

  31. Does this work for Mac? Ive downloaded the 7 pieces from Filefront

    • It should work for Mac too but I don’t know which program you should use for extracting archives. I’m not familiar with MAC OS so I can’t really help you with that.

  32. Morning!

    I have downloaded all files and sored into one folder.
    I didn’t have the ‘graphics’ folder so i created one and placed the ‘faces’ folder in there.
    I dont seem to have the config file thing which i understand (from above) is essential! Can you please tell me where this is located or how it can be created, is it an easy process??
    Any help is greatly appreciated, if I can download it from somewhere that would be great?? I thought it would have been in the original dowwnloads but I just cant find it!

    Thanks again and best regards

    • David, where did you download the files from? The config file should be in there but if you can tell me which links you have used for the download then I might be able to help you.

  33. Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for coming back to me. I used the link you posted further up –

    I downloaded from the first 2 hosts that are in there – mainly file factory but one or two from easyshare.

    They all downloaded fine (sortitoutsi files-faces and readme) and I merged all the ‘faces’ files into one folder named ‘faces’ but there doesn’t seem to be the configs??

    As I didn’t have the ‘graphics’ folder I simply added new folder and named it graphics. I put it in My docs – Sports interactive – Football manager 2011 – ‘Graphics’ – ‘Faces’

    Any ideas??

    Thanks again for your help

    • Dave, you should have downloaded all the parts from the same host… Anyway, as far as I know the file factory batch has one link from where you can download just the config file. Download it and place it in the “faces” folder.

      • Awesome, what a wally I was to miss that! Thanks for your help and lets hope it works!!!

        I sent you an email, would it be possible tosend that screen shot just so I’m 100% right??

        Massive thanks, I owe you a beer!

  34. I have a question for you Johnny Karp if we started the game and I already played two seasons after installing this pack can continue or must start from the beginning… Thanks

  35. hi
    im have problems downloading the facepark ?? any help its say use 7-zip but i click on one of the many files and nothing happening if u can email me would be great as i really want the facepack so it look more really to go with this great game


  36. I just finished downloading the game via sr¡team(14 HRS), my Indonesian connection is very bad.

    So no way i will be able to download the facepack that way, also because powercuts are quite often here…….

    Is there any torrent for me to dowload the face pack?

  37. Amazing stuff, I just installed it and it looks great.

  38. Hi Johnny, this is an incredible download – it’ll absolutely take a full day for me to download.

    Just to clarify, in the graphics folder, there should be one folder called faces containing the faces and config file?

    Cheers, Scotty

    • That’s right Scotty, a “faces” folder with all the pictures plus the config file. And the “faces” folder goes inside “graphics”.

      • Good man, I thought so. I’m not surprised you have your head in your hands in your pic!!!!

        I’m almost there I think, just need to move them to ‘graphics’.


        • Hi Johnny, do I have a problem if I have a ‘sortitoutsi’ and ‘faces’ folder for each extraction?

          I’ll still have all files in the ‘graphics’ folder under ‘faces’ though.

          Let me know.


          • No, that’s not a problem Scotty. Just copy the “faces” folder from “sortitoutsi” to the “graphics” folder and it should all be fine.

  39. Hi Johnny, do you have to download file factory, easy share, deposit file etc? or is it a specific one? Cheers Luke

  40. Hi guys

    Just downloaded the packs and they work fine.

    However i’m missing the pictures for Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano

    Could anybody send me to the images for these two players or let me know which of the download packs they are in ?


    • Tevez should be picture 950298 while Mascherano should be 951028. Both show just fine in my game so I think that if you’re missing these two you might be short of much more pictures than these two.

      • Thanks for the links mate – i’ll go and have a look now

        I have every other premier league player showing apart from Tevez for some reason

        Same with Mascherano every other player in la liga is fine other than him

        Maybe my computer just doesnt like ugly argentinians that used to play for West Ham ! very weird hahaha

        • Haha, that’s really strange. Look in the folder for those two files and see if they’re there. If they are then there might be a problem in the config file.

          • sorted it out mate thanks – seems the final patch had been installed but wasnt working properly as when I checked again Zabeleta was missing from Man city

            so it must have been a problem with the argentinians in the final download part 8

            great stuff though much better having the players faces up

  41. where I can find huge logopack? Thanks in advance

  42. hello, firsts of all i would like to thank you for the amazing job you have done.
    i also want to make you 2 questions about the instalation.
    1)why the national team logos doesn’t appear no where in the game and also the portugal team logos?
    2)why when i install this pack ,at the tackiks screen doesn’t appear on the pitch the players kits nad only the name?
    please if you can help it would be very useful for me.thanks

  43. Hi Johnny – I’ve followed the guidelines exactly as you’ve stated above, but it simply loads NO photos whatsoever. Config file is in the foler named ‘faces’, which in turn is located in the ‘graphics’ folder which I created. Downloaded all 8 files one after the other, so no problems there either. Any ideas?

  44. I tried to download them all but since i have downloaded pack 5 by easydownload, sortitoutsi blocked the other ones, how can i avoid it?

    • I guess you meant EasyShare. Those files seem to be blocked indeed but there’s nothing I can do about it, I’m sorry. I would suggest downloading the whole bunch from FileFront, it worked very well for me.

  45. Hello, I used filefront to download the facepack, all but number 3 on filefront doesnt work, can you uppload number 3 on another site?

  46. I mean all but 3 does work, The number 3 doesnt work, sorry for my english ^^

    • I’m sorry but Sortitoutsi are in charge of the download links, I can’t just take their work and upload it somewhere else. So please ask them to fix the problem.

  47. Hi Johnny, it’s still not working for me. I’ve got all 8 parts plus the config file in a folder called “faces”, which is inside the graphics folder. I’ve unticked the skin cache and everything, but it doesn’t work. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  48. I have the same problem! :S
    Please help somebody!

  49. Can you help Please…!!! Does this work for Mac? I have downloaded all the zip files painstakingly, but it won’t open and can’t download 7zip because it’s not for mac. Is there another program i can use that is mac friendly??

    Appreciate all the help.

  50. hey, thanks for the post! but im having some problems here. i downloaded all of them and extracted but why did i only get 9795 images? thats far from 70k images. please help me. thanks for your time. cheers!

  51. If you have filefront pack 3 can you please upload it to another site? Ihave all but pack 3 :/

  52. HI, do you know what pack contains the premiership face pack?


  54. Use JDownloader.. and copy all the links from Deposit File.. JDownloader picks them up and downloads them all.

  55. I installed and extracted the pack and created a ‘faces’ folder within the ‘graphics’ folder. Then I reloaded the skin in the preferences but their not working. Any ideas?

  56. i have downloaded the mega pack, put all the faces in one individual folder within sports interactive – football manager 2011 – graphics – player faces, un-ticked skin cache and ticked always reload skin on confirm, however the faces still wont show up on the game!!! i’ve been playing football manager for years and normally adding player faces is a routine procedure!! really don’t have a clue why the faces are not showing up!! help please!!

  57. Part_2 doesnt work!!!!!!!

  58. Hm, i tried to extract those files, it came a popup “Cant open file”

    Any ideas?

    I tried also use 7-zip fix, and it says those file are incomplete…

  59. hi mate, is there any torrent download for this ? thanks

  60. Hi i copied the files to jdownloader and its saying the files are out of date what do i do is the facepack still available

  61. Hello Johnny,

    First of all thanks for this site.

    I downloaded all 8 parts. Do i have to extract ( 7 Zip) the faces folder from all 8 parts and combine the picture files into 1 folder?

  62. hi johnny, i downloaded all 8 parts from Easy Share and i only got 62,319 faces, not 72,000+ what can i do?

  63. Can i move the folder with the “Faces” and the folder with the “flags/logos” … etc to another destination other than “My Documents” ? i mean i don’t want to put it on my C:/ drive , specially with all this space it takes …
    thanks in advance

  64. Hey guys when downloading this face pack must i download all the parts or can i just download 2 or 3 parts of the mega face pack?il be downloading it at the university so i cnt wait that long for all of it to download.

  65. I do have the option of downloading this face pack for free right?coz i dnt wana go premium

  66. Damn! So il have to spent many hours there. Where can i get the club logos of the english prem and otha leagues that dnt have logos?

  67. Yeah i have im gna download the logos and megafacepack hope all goes well

  68. hey johnny i downloaded a face pack for a.c milan that i found at fmscout becoz i cant download the large 70000+ facepack now but if i download it at a later stage will i be able to over write the milan face pack with the mega face pack or will i have to remove it first before adding the mega face pack?

  69. oh and i would like to register to this site is it free to join?

  70. Hey Johnny, each part has a faces folder, right? So you have to extract each of them into a temprary folder. then after you have done, there should be 8 of them (8 parts) in the temprary folder. Then what do you do?

    Can you explain step by step, it’s quiet confusing, thanks.

  71. I downloaded the thing, but can’t extract it with 7zip. The files end on .001 and so on, which is quite awkward. I tried to extract but it say’s ‘…. can’t be opened as an archive.’ I tried about everything and can’t figure it out.

    • The first part should have no numbers at the tail, are you sure you have completed the download? Anyway, you should click extract on the first part of the bunch, the first file.

      • I musn’t have been paying attention, I had downloaded all the files, but apperently one of the files was only 240kb instead of 500mb. Something must have gone wrong during the downloading process and I hadn’t noticed. I’ve been trying all sorts of things for 2 hours, I guess it’s the price I have to pay for my own stupidity. But it was worth it, thanks

  72. hey johnny will it be a problem if i download the megaface pack from filefront if a already have the logospack downloaded through fileserve?because they say you must not mix download mirrors.

  73. where is the link to the configure folder of filefront?does it need a configure folder

  74. where is the link to the configure folder for filefront?

  75. is this file name from filefront correct sortitoutsi_megapack.7z.001?shouldnt there be .zip at the end?

  76. all of the parts from file front end in .001 .002 etc. the files are like that at fmscout what do i do to fix it?

    • The files from 002, 003 and so on are correct, they should display the number. The first file shouldn’t so I suggest trying to download just that first part again. Just to check, what’s the size of the 001 file? It should be 500 MB.

  77. well after i downloaded the first part i checked its size 500mb.i will download part 1 again as you suggested

  78. part one’s size is 500mb i checked it now after i finished downloading it,but il download it again now.

  79. no im downloading at my university so ill only be able to do that at home.i have just finished downloading part 1 for the second time and its size is still 500mb so il just download part 5,6 and 7 then i will check it out at home because i cant install 7zip here at varsity

  80. cant i just download these parts simultaneously instead of downloading it 1 part at a time?

  81. yep

  82. uhm i know this is not the place to ask this but where do i go to if i want to share my story and tip on managing clubs because im currently managing real madrid castilla and its kinda difficult?

    • There are plenty of options: starting your own website (can be done for free at or or joining a website like this one or just posting your story in one of the many FM forums. You just have to pick the options that suits you.

  83. hey there , after a few hours , finally gotten my facepack. however my logos all became a blank white , including my own manager picture that i used for myself.does this mean i have to google and search for logopack now?! thanks

  84. I have downloaded and extracted into the relevant folder, Ticked the box in the prefrences menu and i have no pics.
    I double checked and there are 72000+ pics and a config file in the folder.
    Can anybody help me?

    • You seem to have done everything right Dan so I really don’t know how to help you. Check every step again and make sure that you have made it correctly and then you might also want to try with a different skin if you are using a custom one.

  85. hye johnny..
    i’m jebat from malaysia..
    i already downloaded this facepack from filefront..
    after finish it and extract it, there is no config file..
    how can i get it??

  86. why i have only 9000++ face??

  87. I started downloading part 1 with the speed 16,4 KB/s but it says that it takes more than 8 hours to complete. Is it normal or I did something wrong? Could you advise me? Thanks

    • The download speed is quite low, the files are large and at that rate it could take more than 8 hours. You could try do download from different mirrors to see where you get the best speed (Megaupload or FileFront).

      • thanks for your help Johnny. Another thing – I finished downloading part 2 but it said that 235 MB of 500 MB was able to download.Could you tell me what it means? Was it an error? Should I try to download part 2 again?

  88. Hey johnny my game keep crashing a few hours into play its happend since last tuesday when i downloaded the megafacepack and logo pack i even installed the new patch 11.1.1 i tried deleting settings foldr and few otha fixes but nothing has changed could it be the face pack or logo pack?are they meant solely for fm11 and the crash i get is ‘football manager 2011 11.1.1f158038 has stopped working’ can you please help me im doing really well with so’ton and dont need this distraction every 3hrs into game play and i never had this prob with demo so its not my laptop.thank u

    • Who said anything about deleting a “settings” folder? I didn’t, I’m quite sure of that. You should contact SI Games support and tell them about that error message, I can’t help you with that. I’m almost sure that the crash isn’t related to the face pack or logo pack though.

  89. I’m downloading the pack and I hope It will work. I just wanted to thank you for the good job. THANKS

  90. ive downloaded all the files and now i’ve got 7 individual files and the configure file… what do i do next??

  91. Hi! I´m a first time user in this site and i am amazed with all the “costumer support” you guys give to the people. Just want to leave my congratulations to you and your site.
    Keep up the EXELENT work.
    Greetings from Portugal

  92. cheers thanks 4 the help. works perfectly

  93. thanks

  94. Hey Johnny, I’ve done everything the instructions have told me to do. The config file is in there as well. But the player faces still aren’t showing up!

    • Sorry mate but I can’t really figure out what’s going wrong there. Please check the instructions again and make sure that you followed all of them and then you can also read through the other comments, maybe you’ll find some ideas in there. Just a guess though, do you have a custom data folder set in the game preferences?

      • No mate my user data folder is the one in Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011.. Is that it?

        • Then I really don’t know what you say. If you placed the “faces” folder with all the pictures and the config file inside the correct folder and you also made the necessary changes in the game preferences the thing should work.

  95. Ah okay then mate. Thanks a lot for your brilliant service!

  96. Hi,

    I have tried whatever you have said… and still the pictures wouldn’t load… The config file is in place too…
    All the pictures are there…

    Have you got any ideas?


  97. Mate, i must be a complete retard, ive downloaded the whole facepack, got 7 files. i try to extract them but nothing really seems to happen? Ive got the 7zip but it never turns into actual pictures, neither the 72,000 files or the config. So, i must be doing something compleeeetely wrong here. Please help.

    • they just stay in the same format, so when i try to extract, it turns into a winrar, and then i extract that into a completely different file, and it turns into its orignial form!=

  98. mate when i try to extract it keeps on becoming its original file so i end up with 2 of the same file!? it doesnt become fotos ?

  99. i do have the files, and i am clicking the “sortitoutsi_megapack.7z”, just dont get it, tried everything /:

    • I am sorry. If you do what I told you to the files should extract just fine. Otherwise the files might have not downloaded correctly but I don’t think that is the case. I might suggest making sure that you have enough free disk space before trying to extract.

  100. thanks

  101. can u upload again the config file for this pack. thanks in advance

    • From which mirror did you download the files? The config file that I have will not work for you if you downloaded from a different mirror.

      • from filefront.. it doesnt have config right? owh,i think thats why my facepack didnt work bcause i download the config file from other mirror and replace it.. can u give the original config.. thanks

  102. hello again..
    i want to ask u my friend..
    why i cannot play this game anymore??
    everytime i click at fm icon.. nothing happen..
    please help me..
    i am very dissapointed with it..

  103. just using dvd..
    i do not installing the latest patch..
    i feel my world is empty wihout fm!!

  104. hii pal, I got a little bit incovenience in playing this game since the crowd wasn’t appeared properly (I mean, there were no crowd), and this item in the preference menu can’t be functionalized.. Got a clue?

  105. Hi Johnny,

    I downloaded the 7 files from Megaupload, changed the names required at sortitoutsi, download 7zip but when i try to extract the files it doesn´t extract them.

    Could you help me please?


    • Those instructions say something about using Total Commander, did you do that?

      • Yes, after downloading i combined them with Total Commander, and i got a Zip filr called sortitoutsi_megapack , but now i can´t extract the files from this Zip file(sortitoutsi_megapack) , neuther with winrar nor 7 zip file manager…

        • What does the error message say?

          • In one box says “no archives found”, in the other “the archive is either in unknown format or damage”.

            What seems strange is that before combining the files with total commander, archive number 4 is a winrar archive while the oder 6 don´t…..

          • I can’t really tell what’s going wrong there. I downloaded the pack using the FileFront links, much less hassle and it worked right away.

  106. GGRRRR……

    I have Vietnamese connection and take ages:)

    I tried with file front but it´s broken, whrn i click download…….403 – Forbidden

    Any idea how can i get the facepack?


  107. Yes, and it gives 7 errors-cannot open files…….

    I also tried Object fix but doesn´t work too….

    I´m curious why the people who make the facepack don´t sell it via a web site using pay pal or steam?

    Seems it´s very difficult like this.

  108. Hi for some reason my normal badges and pics have dissapeared. I use via steam and have tried re installing and stilll not there. Any advice on getting these back?

    • From what you say I can guess that either you have deleted those files or maybe you have changed the “user data folder” in the game preferences. Did they disappear just like that, out of the blue?

  109. Tried changing the user data folder and no difference. Must have deleted the files but thought had replaced all. Any advice on how can get back?

  110. tahnks footbalmanagerstory ı love you galatasaray…

  111. Hey everyone, how you guys doing..
    I just have a little question over here umm, does the facepack include faces of some Ukrainian clubs like Dynamo Kyiv and others as well… if nobody knows, it would be really great if someone just checked if they have some time. Thank you.

  112. Umm from File Front

    • That’s where I downloaded mine from as well and it worked just fine. Have you finished downloading all seven parts? If yes, did you try to extract with 7-zip or with another program?

      • Yup, I’ve download all the parts and used 7 – zip as well… Also for some files it just says Cannot open it… Well probably something heppen during the downloading time or there is no other choice i guess. All parts are there and 7 – zip is working… I have no idea what is up. Anyways the logo pack worked perfectly unlikely this one.

        • OK nevermind.. . I actually tried to download all the files once again but it didn’t work once again. Then it just took me hlf an hour to download fm 11 with logo pack and face mega pack to my laptop and evrything worked perfectly. Thank you for your help Johny

  113. iv downloaded the files from filefront and i dont know what to do when it says open with/save file. i have both 7zip and winrar on my computer so do i save the files then use these two programs or open the files with either 7zip or winrar???

    • You have to download (save) all the files first and then extract with 7-zip.

      • hi again. i saved the files but when i go to extract with 7-zip it immediately says unspecified error and also the files have logos like the win rar one but also wont extract using that. help please because it doesnt feel right playing fm without all the logos, badges and such

        • Please tell me from which mirror you downloaded and also make sure that you are trying to extract only the first file in the bunch with 7-zip.

          • mirror? dont know what that is.
            i downloaded from filefront then saved the file.
            opened it up then went to extract the first, then second and so on with 7 zip and it continued to say unspecified error for all of them

          • You should have seven pieces after downloading. My advice is as follows: right click on the first piece and then select 7-zip > extract. If that doesn’t work then the files might not have downloaded correctly.

          • saved the first file but now it has the 7zip logo. iv right clicked it gone to extract it to the graphics file, a temprorary folder and also when it just says extract here but on both it says unspecified error.
            getting a bit stuck now :/

          • I’m having some trouble in understanding exactly what you are saying. Anyway, just to make sure: you have to have all the seven pieces before trying to extract.

  114. I put the facepack in Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\date\graphics\facepack and the feces work but alll tatics and logos in game are off…
    If I put the facepack in Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics\facepack all the logos and tactics oictures came back!!

    Anyone can help me??? I can´t fix the problem…

    I load the skin

    • You have to put the facepack in My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics\, my suspicion is that you might have put it in the Program Files folder.

  115. I followed all the instructions above but nothing happened..

  116. hi u have a torrent link for this facepack?

  117. so good

  118. Hi there,
    I’ve downloaded the files from filefront, thats fine but when I go to extract them it won’t let me, an error message appears saying ‘parameter is incorrct’. What does that mean? can you help?

  119. thank u, u r a genius

  120. i really cant get this to work .. Maybe someone could make a youtube movie that shows everyone how to do?

  121. what type of file is the packs when you download them?

  122. I think this may have went horribly wrong. I have my 7 different files in the ‘faces’ folder under graphics and when i go into my game there is no image at all in any of the players profiles. Not even the black shadow appears. I have went into preferences and followed the intructions but i am in need of some help!!

  123. Hi I’m playing FM2011 on a mac, and when I go to the game there is no ‘graphics’ file there for me to copy the folder into, is it different for a mac?

  124. Hey, can you show me how to do this on a mac as I have followed the instructions but the player pack hasn’t done anything.

  125. Hi, I have done everything that it has stated, the 7 files are in the graphics folder and it is not working. When I downloaded them they were not zipped files, is that wrong? I downloaded them from Filefront.

    • The downloaded files should be archive files, rar files if I remember correctly. Secondly, I never said that you should put the seven files in the graphics folder, did I? The files should be extracted to the graphics folder.

      • I cannot extract them if they cannot be extracted. I just pressed download and those are the files that came up. “sortitoutsi_megapack.7z.001″ is the first file that came up, I am unable to do anything to it since it is just a file, no extracting or anything else can be done, do you have any idea why? They are not archive when I download them, single files. Sorry if I sound a bit daft or have an easily solvable problem, I have never used a facepack but I want to now.

        • Have you also followed that part that says “use a program called 7-zip for extraction”? Install 7-zip and then click extract on the sortitoutsi_megapack.7z.001 file, that will unpack the archive.

  126. Hi, I need help. Everything you wrote – it’s done, but I still don’t have photos in my game. I have original DVD, polish version. Pictures – extracted to folder “faces” and copied to “graphics” folder, tick “reload skin”, un-tick “bufforing”… I really don’t understand…

  127. Hi, again. The path is: My documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics. But the config file in “faces” folder is missing. What should I do? Download everything again from other mirror? Thank you for your help!

  128. Hey Johnny,
    I downloaded the 3.3 update from File Share, but not all of the photos came. I am missing around 4,000 photos. I downloaded all parts.

  129. You have two options: download again or try to fix it with this free program:

  130. Hi, again and again ;-) Your config file nothing changed. But I’ve downloaded 3.4 version and it’s almost correct… Almost. When I unpack the files (with 7-zip) I have errors in 7 and 8 part. I’ve downloaded again – and the same situation. It’s frustrating… Could help me?

  131. Well, I’ve already done it. It looks like this program fixes the bugs, but it extracts file after that. I’ve tried copy these extracted files, but I’ve got information about: “You should remove write protection” (oryginally, it was in polish, so I don’t know that this translation is correct).

    • That;s a problem with your system, it can’t copy the files to the location that you want for some reason. I couldn’t possibly tell you exactly why but I would suggest re-starting your computer and then trying again.

      • It’s very strange… It looks like I have kind of cap on my “faces” folder. It couldn’t be bigger than 3,2 GB. After this border I always reach the information about removing write protection… Is it possible? Have you ever heard about something like that?

        • That is strange indeed and I don’t know how to fix it. There is a solution however: you can set a custom data folder in the game preferences and then move all that you have in the Documents/SI/FM2011 folder into that custom folder that you set and use that one as your data folder from now on.

  132. hey people, I was downoland pach but my 7-zip cant extrac. please help..!!!!!!!!!

  133. thnx

  134. thx guys

  135. thanks

  136. I’m having some issues with this, I downloaded it and followed all the steps and it still doesn’t work. I even re-downloaded the files and then tried, but with no results. Can anyone please help me out?

    P.S. I’m running it through steam (which I’ve downloaded twice just to make sure it wasn’t steam) Idk if that makes a difference.

  137. Great job, thank you!

  138. hi there, sorry to bother u johnny,iv downloaded the files, i know how to put faces in the game i have done it for years. however, because this is alot of files, do i make them into one file or put them in ‘faces’ as seperate files? thanks

  139. thnks guys

  140. its ok i have done it now it works fine….

    here is EXACTLEY how i did it (hope it helps)

    download the files from and save the files into your ”downloads folder”

    once downloaded, make another folder in your ”documents folder” , i named mine
    ”temp faces” and extract the files to that folder

    each file will now have a folder inside them called ”faces”, drag each ”faces folder” to your graphics folder which is in MyDocuments>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2011>graphics

    the first ”faces folder” will drag in with no problems, but the 7 other folders will ask if you want to ”merge folders”, click yes, also if it tells you 2 files have the same name, click move and replace

    Then launch Football Manager 2011 and go to the preferences screen. Click on ‘Display and Sound’ and tick the check box on the page called ‘Always Reload Skin on Confirm’ and un-tick then box labeled ‘Use Skin Cache’. Press confirm and there should be a box popping out saying ‘loading image data for the new skin’. When that process is completed the new faces should show in your game.

    i had problems putting the faces in to my game then used the method above, and it worked

  141. thnks

  142. Johnny,
    Does the big facepack contain faces for Croatian first division?

    I’m interested as I’m currently managing NK Zagreb.

    Workoutdude…peace out.

    • I have just started a new game to check NK Zagreb and I can confirm that almost all the players in the first team squad have their faces in this pack. I also checked a few second division teams and there are some faces for those as well.

  143. thanks

  144. I have another problem. I extracted all of the files again, but it created a folder inside the faces folder, where the pictures should normally be. Everytime I select all the photos in the created photo, it stops responding. What can I do?

    • That happened to me as well when I tried to install the facepack on an old computer. I would suggest closing any running programs before trying to select the files and copy them, that should leave more memory and CPU available.

  145. Hy… i have a save. if i install this patch , i can load the save with this patch on … or I need to start a new game ?

  146. it says i can’t extract is cuz it’s not a rar file? something like that. Help please.

  147. oh and sorry for double post, but can i use this on a mac? do i need 7-zip because it looks like its only for windows.

    • I think that it can work on a Mac but I can’t tell you which program to use because I have almost no experience at all with Macs, sorry.

      • oh and it also says how the first pack isn’t a rar archive. So how do I extract that?

        • It is a rar archive, the only difference is that it is split into seven smaller pieces. Again, I don’t know much about Macs but I did some research for you and found out that there are some modified 7zip versions for Mac OS, here’s one that you might want to try:

          • 1. I’m really sorry for bothering you and all and i hope you’re not annoyed

            2. When i download the first link in FileFront, when I look at the downloads its a .rar icon, so i guess the first pack is a .rar icon.

            3. I used The Unarchiver to try and attempt to extract the .7z files. When I re downloaded all the 6 (not including the 1st download) have the Unarchiver logo on it when it’s downloading.

            Am i on the right track or do I have to make adjustments?
            And after the downloads are done what do I do?

            Oh and thank you so much again. :D

          • Don’t worry Frank, I’m here to help so I’m not annoyed at all. The drill is like this: first download all the seven files and then try to extract, that’s how it’s supposed to work. In Windows you have to click “extract” only on the first file and that will unpack all seven pieces and I guess it should work the same on a Mac.

  148. Hi there,

    I am having big probs too. I can extract all the pictures but when I put them in the folder Graphics-Faces I get nothing. I will show you what I get in my download and if someone can tell me step by step how to do this then I would be delighted. (The read me file is good but it doesn’t really give step by step details).

    Megapack update 3.1
    read me

    All are zip files apart fro mthe read me. So, what do I do step by step. Please! Thanks.

    • Right click on sortitoutsi_megapack_part1 and select extract to a location of your choice (that should unpack all the eight parts). After extraction check that folder and move all the pictures to your graphics/faces folder. Then move the config file to that folder as well. Then make the necessary changes in the game preferences as instructed in the post and that’s that. If you want to install the 3.1 update as well you will have to extract that file somewhere and then move the extracted pictures and config file to your graphics/faces folder and overwrite any files if asked. I don’t think I can make it more “step by step” than this…

  149. Hi! just downloaded the pack, extracted, but when i load the skin, only very few pictures came into the game! even though the folder size is 3.88 gb! for exampel blackburn rovers only two players have pictures “paul robinson and ryan nelson”! What do you think the problem could be?

  150. No loading box came up shud it still work? tnx :) from ireland cyril :D

  151. i have tried what u said, but it is not working.what type of file should be appear after the extraction? it is should be png file format or what? pls help me…

  152. doesnt work… i create the folder as you said i copy the images as you said and i did everything on the preferences, than it says “loading from new skin” but when it’s finish the faces isnt in the profiles

    • I don’t really know how to help you but I can tell you that if you follow my instructions it should be working. Can you tell me what you have inside the graphics/faces folder now?

  153. i cant extract the files ive used 7 zip but it wont extract any ideas on this

  154. ihow do u extract it and do u need a password?

  155. i like it to much great job

  156. wat skin do u use any advice a cant see the writing clear

  157. a senn a comment there johnny how can you change the font of the writing plz cheers

  158. I am having problems extracting all the files, it either says something about archived files or unspecific error

  159. after i have extract. the faces folder dont com. wat do i do?

  160. When i try to extract the files, it says it failed to extract the file?

  161. Hi,

    I followed all the instructions right up to making a graphics folder and putting it the pictures in it. Now though I can’t go any further because the game doesn’t open at all! Every time I try to open it a message about the graphic system failing comes up and the standard Windows “This program is not responding” follows. Help please!

    • I don’t think that is related to the facepack unless you have placed that graphics folder in a totally wrong place. There might be a problem with your video card or DirectX version.

  162. hi, Downloaded first face pack but when i try and extract it it just says unexpected error… any ideas? many thanks!

  163. downloaded all of these, followed all the instructions and it didnt work at all. all though what i did notice is that in the read me file it says ‘place the folders Megapack 3.0 and default into…’ there is no folder called ‘default’ and no one specific folder called ‘Megapack 3.0′ in the download.

  164. Can I extract when i only have downloaded 5 files, and dowload the other ones after ??

  165. The files that I downloaded from the site aren’t zipped, what should I do, because now I can’t follow the instructions

  166. i downloaded all 7 files but when i try and extract them on 7-zip it just says unspecified error what should i do?

  167. I downloaded FM through Steam and therefore can not find a “Sports Interactive” folder anywhere. Any advice? Cheers

    • I have my game through Steam as well and you should have such a folder in “My Documents” or “Documents” depending on your operating system.

  168. Hi Johnny,

    I have downloaded all 7 files to a temp folder and installed 7-zip, but when I right click on file 001 I have no option to open or extract with 7zip. Any ideas?


  169. i download them all but when i try to download the 7th one it doesn’t work and doesn’t load any ideas on how to download it?

    • From which mirror did you download? If the seventh part still doesn’t download then there’s no other chance than downloading all the parts from another mirror.

  170. Hello Johnny, I try to download all the part from file front, but the first one (winrar) 500mb, it cant be opened (“this file damaged”). Can U help me? Thanks..

  171. I loaded the game through STEAM. My C: Hard Drive is a SSD with less than 2GB available (I have my OS loaded here). I run everything from a 600GB D: drive (this is also where the game is loaded).

    The path under Doctuments/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011 is on this C: drive. Is there a way to move this to my D: drive and still have the game operate?

    By the way, I was able to find a Football Manager 2011 folder under the /steamapps that had the graphics folder already there.

    Thanks ahead for the help! I really hope I’m able to get this working.

  172. I don’t understand how this works.

    I’ve downloaded the 7 sortitoutsi megapacks (most are 00 files, 1 is a 7z file) and they are currently sitting in my downloads folder. I have 7-zip installed but don’t understand what I need to do next. I’ve got 7-zip open and try to extract the first one but it says parameter is incorrect.

    Can we have a step-by-step instruction to install this as it’s very frustrating?


    Ryan :)

    • Make sure you’re highlighting the first file out of the seven (1 – 7). Use, 7-Zip and choose Extract. It will then extract those seven big files into one faces folder. All of the original seven files should be in the same folder, btw.

  173. Hi mate, thanks for the download, I have done it all and it works fine :D I was wondering, can I delete the zip files after I have unzipped them? would just help me with disk space etc.

    Cheers x

  174. Hi, I have did everything like what you told in your explanation but it doesn’t work. I have downloaded the 7 parts and then i downloaded the file to extract it as well and then after i extracted it, i copy the faces folder into the graphics folder after that in the preffences i alread tick the always reload and untick the skin cache. It did appear saying that loading new skin something like that however there is no faces yet in the game. Can you help me? thx alot

    • Hi, you seem to have done everything right and it should work. Please check again that you have the following path to your “faces” folder: Document\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\graphics\faces. You can also have a look at what’s inside the “faces” folder, you should have lots of pictures in there plus a file named “config”. If everything is there then you must check your game preferences and make sure that you haven’t set a custom user data folder instead of the default \Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011 one.

  175. Basically I have done all the steps but I dont have a config file in the faces pack so how will i get this file by itself? i have all the face pictures in the correct file location and all those steps aren’t working. Would appreciate help for this config file.

    • You might have missed the download link for the config file. Check again the links from the download mirror that you have chosen and I’m sure you’ll find a separate link for the config file in there. If you can’t find it just tell me which of the hosts you used for the download and I will try to supply the config file link.

      • I cant realy do that because my mate gave me the files from a memory stick so i dont know where he got them from…..

        • You will have to ask him, there’s no other way around that unfortunately. Or you can try downloading the config file from all the existing mirrors, copy them into the faces folder one by one and see which one is working.

  176. ok

  177. hi, i know its not your fault or anything and i appreciate the fact that you have replied to almost EVERY comment which must get tiresome. but do you not think maybe there is a fault with the download or something considering how many people it hasnt worked for (including me)?

    • Well, there also are thousands of people (including me) who downloaded this and had no problems at all. So I guess there is nothing wrong with the download but things can get wrong along the way either because some people don’t follow the instructions or because of other reasons like corrupt downloaded files and so on.

  178. i’ve done everything as said in the instructions but as i’m trying to extract the files it says unspecified error and i dont know why, any help would be appreciated.

  179. Hey, I have downloaded the megapack and have just finished reading the readme file. It tells me to

    Place the Megapack 3.0 and default into the folder here: >My Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2011>Graphics>Faces

    It seems simple enough, but I do not see a folder named ‘Graphics’ inside my ‘Football Manager 2011′ folder. I really need some help with this. Maybe it’s hidden or locked? I don’t knbiw what to do.


    • You can create that “graphics” folder yourself if it doesn’t exist. That info is given in the post too if I’m not mistaken.

      • I ended up saving the downloaded file in the ‘Football Manager 2011′ folder itself which worked. I didn’t need to use a graphics folder.

        Thanks for the help! :-)

  180. from where can i download this pack ?

  181. Can i extract with winrar ?

  182. ive just purchased a new computer and cant get faces to work (although previously could on old computer) , i have copied old files from hard drive striaght into graphics folder and it isnt working???

    • Did you also make the necessary adjustments in the game preferences?

      • yes, this is what’s confusing?!?!?!?

        • It is confusing indeed. I don’t know what to say other than deleting the folder and trying to install again from the beginning while making sure you follow all the instructions. Maybe the config file is missing from the folder, just a thought…

          • config file is there!! all my other graphics, ie.e adboards, logos, kts work fine it’s just the kits. I have tried deleting the game numerous times reinstalling etc, but to no avail. The new computer is running windows 7 is this the problem??

          • Could be. But now I don’t understand what’s not working: the faces or the kits? Anyway, I can tell you that I have installed this facepack both on Windows XP and Windows 7 and it worked fine on both operating systems.

          • sorry kits are fine, it it just the face pics, frustrating it is :(

      • its got to be something to do with Windows 7 but i dont know what the hell it is? anyone got any ideas????

  183. Hi there,

    i got the facepack, followed all the instructions. The images appear on the game fine. However olf images of some well known people who were on the original pack like Messi, C ronaldo Lampard and the like do not have their images appearing on my game. Can you give me a solution.

  184. Hey,

    I followed the instructions and everything seemed to work fine, all the new faces loaded to the game. However, I realized that all the other images (e.g. club logos, graphical representation of players on the tactics screen etc.) were gone. Any suggestions?

  185. I can’t extract it. I downloaded 7-Zip and when to open it it just says “Unspecified error”.

    I did all that you said. Any tips?


  186. Is the link broken? Tried it several times, but doesn’t open

  187. Hi Johnny,

    I’ve downloaded 6 of the 8 files from here

    and used WinRar to extract them. So far, more than 60,000 PNG picture files but not a single config file – are they usually in the final download? Is there a general config file I could download from somewhere?


    • You have to download all the parts, there is no such thing as a “general config file”. Or you can create that config file yourself but that would be a whole lot more complicated than downloading the two remaining parts.

  188. i have downloaded the files but the first file has an error and when i try to fix it with object fix zip then that has an error can you change it to win rar or something so it is easy to download because these are reqally good face packs :)

  189. Hey Johnny I understand what to do but i’m just clarifying it to you, Have all the 7 files downloaded and then i extract only the first file through 7-zip, after i have all my files put into a folder i then simply moved that one folder called faces into the graphics folder. Is that correct?

  190. Then you should download the whole thing from another source, the file might be corrupted.

  191. I downloaded a face pack, and unzipped it and had the folder that contained all the images of the players.

    then dragged the folder into the graphics folder on sports interactive/fm 2011. Do i have to take them all out indavidually??

    Thanks for the help

  192. To save me a lot of bother – will this work on a mac?

    • Honest answer is I don’t know, Johnny who made this post might though and he should be back from his holiday shortly.

    • I haven’t tested it on a Mac but I think it should work.

      • Thanks. I’ll give it a shot and post back for the benefit of other Mac ponces.

        • It does work on Mac but make sure you do the following,

          download the files, extract them and place them in /Users//Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/graphics/faces, creating the last two folders if necessary.

          Would steer clear of Megaupload links. Nightmare to stick the files together with a Mac unless you run a virtual PC.

  193. The guy that posted this has to say the same things over and over. If you can’t even download and install a Facepack, then please, play something easier like tetris.

    • Calm down mate, some people are just not too good with computers. And since I don’t mind taking time to help them then I can’t understand why you would.

  194. you download 11 by 1 an u just end up with loads of files within files

  195. i lost my faces because of the updates ended up having the whole lot wiped, im positive the 1st time i downloaded the megapack (although it was ayr ago) i was able to extract after downloading each part an they would be in the game

  196. last time i had a megapack u never had to wait for all 7 parts ,u could use the faces after each part

    • I’m sorry mate but I can’t quite understand what you are saying. Just download all the parts and then extract, that’s the way it works. There is a one file download available at Sortitoutsi but that is only for premium members (you have to pay).

  197. sorry im just getting annoyed an not making sense,ive broke my leg so i just want to play this game but cant because not having the faces annoys me (wiped when applying the update) i almost positive when i 1st got the game i extracted facepack parts 1 by 1 an they worked fine,so basically im downloading a torrent but the files r rar,what do i do with them,your help would be much obliged

    • I have already replied to your email, rar is an archive file and you should extract to the location mentioned in the post.

      • 1st time i got the game i downloaded the facepack through fileserve or somewhere like that ,an even after downloading 1 part i was able to add it to the game an it worked fine,this time round not the case therefore its confused me as to what to do,so ive downloaded from a torrent site an the contents are parts 1-8 3.1 update an config,i dont want to risk messing around untill im sure of what to do as its a pain in the arse to get it all again so the contents are just in a downloads folder so if you could tell me how to proceed i would really appreciate it

        • Good, so if you have all the pieces and the config file you are in the exact same situation that is described in the post: just extract the archive with 7-zip into any folder of your choice and then move the contents into your FM graphics folder along with the config file.

  198. ok i hear what your saying but the files i downloaded are win rar zip archive its not clear which 1 i move first ,where,or how, im trying to do it now so if you can get back to me i can get this over with,an again thanks for your help

    • If you click extract only on the first of the 8 pieces that should unpack the whole 8 parts, I hope it’s clearer now.

      • thanks for your help but its not happening so ill just have to leave it

      • ive done it last didnt need 7zip or do half the stuff that was mentioned just extracted 1 by 1 straight from my dowload folder,anyways i appreciate your help though,1 thing i dowloaded my pack which included update 3.1 would it do any harm if i got the other updates elsewhere

  199. Hi when i download the 3.0 megapack i dont get a config file with it so the images dont load up. I tried then to download the 3.9 changes pack and found a config file was included in this one but the only images that loaded up this time was the changed/updated ones from 3.9. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! Ive tried everything!

  200. Why is there no config xml file in the orginal 3.0 pack???

    • Some of the uploads have separate download links for the config file, I guess you didn’t pay enough attention. Anyway, if you added the 3.9 update in the same folder as the original 3.0 by overwriting any duplicate pictures you should have all of them in your game. But make sure that ALL the pictures are in the same folder as the config file.

      • well can you give me the link for just the 3.0 config file then?

        • You have to tell me from which mirror you downloaded, then I can try to look for the config file link.

          • i was applying the updates an ask to overwrite i said no ,im guessing they were asking me to overite ones i already ahd so i shouldnt make to much difference right?anyway ive got loads of players so ill stop with the updates dont think theyre needed, anyway i have no pics of the french or dutch national team players any ideas mr karp

          • Wrong, when asked to overwrite you should have said yes because the updates have better pictures for some players than the existing ones and it’s also essential to overwrite the old config file with the new one. I have no idea why you don’t have the french and dutch player pics.

        • Hi it was the 3.9 complete pack i downloaded using filefactory. The first 8 files are the combined 3.0 megapack and each file after that is the update (ie 3.1, 3.2….). When i extract the 3.0 megapack tho there is no config file there and thus the images do not load up.

 and then

          • If the updates have config files then you don’t need the original one, just add the pictures and config file from the updates in the original folder and it should work because the update config files contain all the original information plus the new faces.

          • well thats what i am saying. Ive added the pics and config file from the updates in the original folder but only the new faces load up in the game.

          • That is strange because even if you have had the original config file it would have been overwritten when installing the update. How many pictures do you have in the graphics/faces folder at the moment?

          • theres 11,000 files in there at the moment. Is that too small a number?

          • That is surely too small, only the update pictures are in there and that’s why only those are showing. The solution is simple though, just copy the images from 3.0 to the folder and things should be OK.

          • yer its all working now thanks a lot for your help. Just me being an idiot i guess like most people who have commented on this page. Thanks! Just the new kits and logos to go now

          • No problem mate, I’m happy that you’ve sorted it out.

  201. i shouldve explained it better mr karp i do have dutch an french players,its when you click on the national team theyre not there,but are with there clubs

  202. When I install this or a logos pack I lose my kit graphics. I am running a Steam download in Australia. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    • I think that you are putting the faces or logos in the wrong place, please check the instructions again and make sure you are not placing the downloaded files in other locations than the ones specified in there.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply.

        What I have to do is create a folder “graphics” in the data folder. The problem starts that there is a loading icon (the mouse pointer) when I open the “select team to manage” menu. The other time I get a loading icon is if I open the editor and use it. If I go to a clubs kit screen there are no kit graphics loaded.

        I was starting to think it was a problem with buying the Steam version and the original graphics causing conflict.

        If you think it might be that, then bummer and then I will buy the hard copy of 2012 when it comes out.

        Thanks again for answering.

        • Steam is not the problem, I have my game through Steam as well. The problem is that you seem to be creating the “graphics” folder in the wrong place, please read the instructions. The graphics folder should be in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011.

          • If I create it In the Football Manager folder it doesnt load the facepack at all. Just tried doing that because I saw the Data folder wasnt listed in your instructions.

          • It should be in the folder mentioned in the instructions, if you put it in the data folder you risk doing damage to other features. I can only help you if you follow the instructions, if not we’d be both wasting time here.

          • Ok, I follow instructions. Go to prefrences and change the ticks around, game loads as normal but no change to faces at all. Like nothing has happened.

          • Please check your folder in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/graphics and make sure that you have the faces pictures in there plus the config file. If you have all those it should work just fine.

          • Thanks heaps Johnny for your patience. You were right, I was in the Steam Apps folder and not the My Doc folder. Big Error on my part, but I think you knew that.

            Again thanks.

          • No problem mate, glad we sorted it out. Enjoy the game!

  203. which pack has neymar in? does anyone know?

  204. what pack has the best players pictures in on the mediafire download one??

  205. i cant even download it. where do i go. how do i do it. please help someone.

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