Jan 132013
FM 2013 How To Fix Training Glitch

Hey guys, this is a short post just help those who have been effected by an FM 2013 training glitch. Many weeks ago I noticed something strange with my training screen. The match prep was normal, my ‘general training’ was unaffected but training for ‘this week’, ‘next week’ and ‘in

Jan 122013
FM 2013 Finances Guide: How to keep the balance in black

Keeping the club finances in good health is a key factor in Football Manager 2013, that will give you stability and, sooner or later, enough money to buy the players that you need. This piece on FM 2013 finances is not what I would normally call a guide, it’s more of a collection of hints and tips based on my experience in the game. I’ll try to keep it short and simple but we’ll discuss more aspects in the comments if you want to.