Oct 282012
Download FM 2013 Kits, several leagues and nations included

After downloading the FM 2013 facepack and the FM 2013 logos megapack some of you asked if there is a FM 2013 kits pack somewhere. Well, unfortunately there isn’t but I suggest the next best thing: the individual league packs from Sortitoutsi.net, along with the national team kits. I will explain exactly where to download them from and how to install these beauties.

Oct 212012
Download FM 2013 Logos Megapack - Club, Competition, National and Continental Logos

I know you have downloaded the FM 2013 facepack yesterday, admit it! The game looks nicer with those, doesn’t it? FM 2013 can be even better looking if you also add logos to it, and that’s what we will be doing today. Sortitoutsi.net is the source once again, as they provide probably the best graphics for Football Manager for quite a few years now. The FM 2013 logos megapack has over 120,000 pictures included, from club and competition logos to national flags.

Oct 202012
Download FM 2013 Cut Out Mega Facepack - Over 100K Football Manager 2013 faces!

You need player and staff faces in FM 2013 to make the game more enjoyable and the wonderful lads at Sortitoutsi.net have provided another cracking facepack for us all, continuing their proud tradition. The FM 2013 facepack has 116,631 player and staff pictures included, which makes this the ultimate facepack for Football Manager 2013. Here’s how the pictures look like in the actual game: