Aug 022012
Toronto FC: 2017 Spring Semester

Hello friends and a warm welcome back to my Football Manager Story which last time reviewed the pre-season activity but now it was down to the real business of defending the MLS title and trying to qualify for this season’s North American Champions League. March  – May 2017 Opening Day

Jul 242012
FM 2012 Charlton AFC story 2031-32: The final hurdle

Hey guys and welcome to my FM 2012 Charlton story update from the season 2031/32. After three consecutive promotions I face another daunting campaign, the scenery has now changed to that of the Championship but the aims are all the same…try to establish ourselves and maybe even challenge the top six. Today’s update maybe a little

Jul 222012
Toronto FC: 2017 Pre-Season Report

Hello friends and welcome back to a fresh update of my Football Manager Story now featuring my home city and club, Toronto FC. My apologies for the long delay between posts but Toronto has suffered from heat waves, violent storms and my basement got flooded making for a very interesting

Jul 102012
Sydney FC: It's business - not personal

Hello everyone and welcome back to a brand new episode of my Football Manager Story which came about a lot quicker than anticipated. We left off last time with at the start of the A-League season where The Sky blues crushed Melbourne Victory in the opening game of the season.