Best Training Schedule For Football Manager 2010

written by Johnny Karp

Some of you asked me to publish it, sorry for doing it with such a delay. You already know that I don’t know much about designing training schedules, so all credit for this one must go to the author, Tug.

The best thing about his training schedule is that it has both senior and youth schedules, specially designed for each role, from goalkeepers to strikers. I’ve been using the schedules for a while now and I have noticed that my youngsters tend to improve faster than before.

If you want to try it yourself please go to Tug‘s website and download the schedules. After downloading you must place the two files into My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\Schedules (if there is no “schedules” folder you can create it yourselves).

I will try to illustrate the next steps that you have to make in order to import the training schedules into your game. First, go to the training screen and select “manage schedules”.

A window will pop up and your two downloaded files should be in there. Select one of them from the list, then click “select”.

You will be taken to another window which will show the schedules for each player role. Select all of them and then click “OK”.

Repeat the steps to import the second file and everything should be fine. Good luck with your Football Manager 2010 careers!

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for the link. I usually forget all about training once the season starts. I have a pre-season fitness based schedule and then after that I use one called the All in One Holy Training Pack, but I can’t remember where I got it from.
    Tug’s is a pretty good one from what I’ve read about it.

  • eddie eddie

    Useful, not sure if I will us it though.

  • Laxeyman

    Useful, because training schedules are usually too much time to bother with for me. Thanks for the link, and thanks to Tug!

  • Johnny Karp

    I forgot to say that if you see that your players are getting too tired you can lower the workloads a little bit until you find a good balance.

  • Rooneye

    This is the training I use too :D I tried the DS schedule too, but I found this one to be better.

  • Johnny Karp

    I agree Rooneye, I tried both of them too and Tug’s seems to be better.

  • TheZiggy

    One interesting thing I noticed from setting up my own training schedules, is that you can get away with pushing the training for Set Pieces up fairly high without adding taking the overall workload up very much at all.

    Before I noticed that I had players starting to loss points on their set pieces attributes, but now a lot of players are seeing them increase.

    • Johnny Karp

      Thanks for the information Ziggy, it could prove to be very useful ;)

  • TheZiggy

    I hope so. I can’t even remember why I was moving the sliders about when I found out.

    Whether I have the rest of my schedules right I don’t know, but given how well some players have developed it can’t be too bad.

  • galos


  • James

    I made my own training schedule for man city and it is working amazingly. my most improved player from training is Jack Wilshire, still in first season but his attributes are improvin immensely, it shows a green arrow for pretty much all his attributes hes developin really fast:) i might download this schedule soon and see if it works for me (currently 1st after 22 games i use 4-1-2-1-2)

  • Johnny Karp

    There’s no need to change your schedule if it’s working, make sure you save the one you created first.

  • lp

    Hi Johnny,
    I might try this one because i’ve been using DS but some of the player not improving as fast as i wanted to.

  • Gabs

    This Tug training is crap, majority of my player get nijured all the time. Its crap.

  • Majk


    Maybe the natural fitness stats on your players are a bit low? I don’t have any real problems deploying this training schedule, then again I ain’t feeling the immense improvement neither.

  • Mixk

    ehh gabs i can only presume you have been unlucky I have used this training schedule for 5 in game months and have a very normal amount of injuries. Also my players are increasing their stats far quicker than I have ever seen before even with v good schedules in the past

  • asa

    the tsh files do not appear when i try to import then. What do i do?

  • Johnny Karp

    You have to make sure you are trying to import them from the right folder. However, if you placed the files into My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\Schedules then everything should go smoothly as described in the post.

  • nam

    Hey! Karp, i got all the packs, but somehow i put them in the order as you said, and they didnt work for me.i got fm2010 from torrentz website. Anything ideas why they didnt work????? Thanks!

  • Johnny Karp

    I don’t know if running a cracked version of the game is the reason, I have no idea. However, I would like to encourage you to actually buy the game, it’s worth it.

  • Dan


    As im currently managing in the lower leagues with worcester i have a limit of how many coaches i can have. Im only allowed two so do you think this will work?

  • Ana Garcia

    Hi Dan!

    I always use this training regime as a big club or a smaller one and it seems to always work fine. Just add better coaches when you can and you should be ok!

  • Mariano

    hi,i have a problem,after importing the schedule,at the manage schedule folder,the schedules appear,BUT I´M NOT ABLE TO SELECT THEM.

    help please and many thanks

  • Mariano

    i already sorted out my problem with the schedule

  • NickW

    i import the tugs schedules, the ‘senior’ schedules appear as usual when imported, but the youth schedules do not appear at all – when i try to import them they do no show, and the previous ‘senior’ schedules disappear. any help?

    • Johnny Karp

      The youth schedules will only appear in the Under 18 or Youth team training screen.

  • Backroom milan

    i think DT schedule better than tugs ^^ coz DT more complete training with detail player positions

  • Shane Heffernan

    would love if some one could type out the training regime. I have MAC. I would be very greatful.

  • Jens

    I have a very young striker I signed (he’s 16) and quite talented (if you’re interested search for Erwin Müller, he’s in Belgium, with Turnhout). I would have put him with the Under 21 squad to play with them for one season and do that youth training schedule, but he got unhappy when I put him there. Also I can’t put him on the youth training schedule apparently because I just signed him as a normal transfer..

    Do you think it would be useful to copy the youth training schedule and make a new one with the Senior squad or would he just be better off with the Senior training schedule?

  • Jens

    Also, I forgot to ask, until what age do you think players would be better off with a youth schedule? If I have a 19 year old in my Senior squad would it be better for his development to put him on a lighter youth schedule?

    Haven’t seen that much development yet so far, but haven’t played with them so long in game either so maybe it’s still coming :-)

    • Johnny Karp

      I keep players on youth schedules only while they have youth contracts, so I guess your 16 year old would do just fine with a senior training schedule. You should check his progress around every three months and see if there are any improvements in his attributes (that’s if he doesn’t get injured in the process).

      • Jens

        Ok! He just started improving! And he’s also playing better when I bring him in with the new tactic I’m using. Probably because with my old tactic he was the only striker, too much for such a young kid! Thanks!

      • Jens

        By the way, I keep thinking of things to ask.. haven’t been playing this game too long ^^ Can you sign players on a youth contract? Is that when you put “Youngster” as squad status? Would come in handy not to give 16 year old talents the hope of playing for the first team =)

        • Johnny Karp

          You can sign players on youth contracts but the squad status doesn’t necessarily have to be “youngster”. It’s the type of contract that is different, “youth contract” instead of “full time contract”.

  • nikos


  • neno

    hey, i really liked Training Schedule For Football Manager 2010, now im just wondering are u planing to publish training schedule for fm 2011. Thanks =)

    • Johnny Karp

      I will try to find a good schedule for FM 11 and I will surely publish it here.

  • Mads

    This is not very good. I have had 3 players going drastically down and no players going up.

    • Johnny Karp

      Are you still playing FM 2010?