Best Gaming Chairs for Adults


written by Ian Martin

In this post we are going to list what we believe are the best gaming chairs for adults .

Everyone has some kind of hobby, without a doubt. In these modern times gaming is one of the best ways to spend your free time. People would argue that playing competitive games forces your brain to think faster. However there are certain harmful effects that come with gaming, mostly because of the wrong posture people sit in while playing.

The normal couch or office chair is not built for long gaming hours. After some time you will surely suffer neck and back pains. This is why it is important that you pick the best gaming chair that will suit your needs perfectly. Now, there are thousands of different models available on the market today and I am sure that you are thinking, “Which chair should I get?” We looked through thousands of customer reviews and we came up with this list that features several chairs that are above average in all categories. These categories include ergonomics, comfort, quality, modern features and longevity.

The chairs that we have picked for you excel in all of the categories mentioned above. We have compiled a list of the 5 best gaming chairs for adults, so continue reading and make the best decision.

X-Rocker 5129001 2.0

If you are looking for the best rocker-style gaming chairs then X Rocker are still leading the pack. The X-Rocker 5129001 2.0 is one of the best of the bunch. This chair has both the ergonomics and the looks to satisfy your everyday needs. Besides gaming you can use it for watching TV, reading, relaxing and also for listening to music. The chair is armed with two speakers for a total immersion surround sound.

The X-Rocker is designed to offer comfort during the most intense gaming sessions. It is optimized perfectly to allow you to lean forward for maximum focus or lay back during more relaxed times. Padded backrests and arms are installed on the chair to give the user total stability and total control which in turn will mean offering the best gaming experience.

This chair is well suited for any kind of gaming, however due to its shape and being so close to the ground customers agree that it is better utilized with console gaming than with PC. It works better if you just lean back into it and enjoy it, quite fitting for long hours of single player games.

For all its amazing features and design this chair comes at a very reasonable price. It currently stands at $195.70 which is something you won’t get with any other chair considering the quality and the longevity of the product.

X-Rocker 5125401

This is another chair of the X-Rocker family however according to customer reviews this version is one of the best and most praised. The chair is ergonomically optimal and crafted specifically for the comfort of the user. This chair gives you the option of leaning forward or just swivel or if you prefer it you can keep the original position. Furthermore, it holds the most sophisticated technology available on the market right now.

Just like its predecessors this chair has two speakers, however this version also has a subwoofer which together with the speakers use 2.1 AFM Technology offering the best total sound immersion experience. The most important feature it has is the built-in wireless receiver and transmitter that will allow communication with anything that holds a RCA stereo output. This basically means that the chair can be connected with other things through Bluetooth.

You can get connect it with other chairs for the ultimate gaming experience. Even better than that this Bluetooth system means that if you are playing a multiplayer game which requires communication with other people you are no longer required to wear a cumbersome headset. With the technology implemented in this chair you can totally lean back, relax and have a fantastic experience for countless hours.

According to customers the price is fair for the product and the durability is excellent. Lots of people report that they have given this chair as a gift to their kids or spouses and are now complaining that they can’t get them out of the chair.

The quality of the audio speakers is much better than on its predecessors. The whole sound system is very loud and powerful. If you are in a market of a gaming chair make sure you check out this one, you will not be disappointed!

Another thing that makes this one of the best gaming chairs for adults is the price at which you can purchase it. If you look at the ergonomics, comfort, quality and all the feature it holds the price of $206.38 at which it now stands is quite a bargain.

Merax Executive Racing Style Chair

Let’s move on to something a bit different. Unlike the X-Racer series the developers at Merax decided strictly that they want to build a gaming chair that will be used precisely for PC gaming. People that spend a lot of hours, long gaming sessions in front of their PC will surely agree that when it comes to a gaming chair that will be used for PC gaming, the ergonomics of the chair must come in first place.

Customers that have used this chair are all saying that they could spend hours upon hours on the chair and that they don’t feel the need to step away from the chair and that they feel no back pain what so ever. On top of that the chair is also equipped with a 360 degree swivel and a smoot rocker. These features make the chair not only ergonomically viable and comfortable but also highly functional as it can be set up any way you want it.

If you are a dedicated PC gamer who wants to avoid back pain and enjoy long gaming sessions then this is the chair for you. The price is also well suited for the quality you will be getting. You can get it usually for $269.90 but it is on sale quite often.

Vertagear Racing Series SL400

This is another high quality chair heavily linked with PC gaming. If you are actively following Twitch streamers and eSports athletes then you are no stranger to this chair. All of them are rocking racing-style gaming chairs these days and they are not the only ones. All the famous YouTube stars seem to be quite fond of them also.

If you do a little search you will see that there is an abundance of racing chairs available everywhere, however it will be hard for you to find a racing chair that can top the Vertagear SL400. It is specifically tuned for customers that tend to spend a lot of time playing computer games.

The cushions are manufactured in a perfect way for the shape of your arm and the chair is adjustable in four different directions. On top of that the chair has a special tilt feature in case you want to lean forward but still keep all the comfort. Another thing you can do is lock the chair in position so you don’t have to keep any weight on your feet. Once you decide to lean back, the chair’s excellent ergonomic design will make sure that your neck, head and back remain comfortable at all times.

The price of this chair is a bit steeper compared to the rest, however it is quite fair when you look at the quality that this chair brings to the table. The price usually moves around $339.99.

DX Racer Formula Series

Last but not least, one of the best gaming chairs for adults that we cannot avoid to mention, is the, is the racing-style chair which is also quite popular with the Twitch streamers. All of the DX Racer chairs are manufactured under strict quality standards intended to offer the customer the ultimate level of both luxury and comfort.

This version was specifically designed to maximize the gaming experience, however I am sure it can do a fantastic job as a chair used for working or relaxing also.

The reason we have this chair in our top 5 list is because of the amazing level of comfort it offers. Unlike other racer chairs this version has a higher backrest which is used to support your entire spinal column, all the way from the pelvis to the neck. It has a stable five point base made of metal equipped with a gas spring which allows the user to adjust the chair to heights that will better suit your computer desk or even your office desk.

This is the chair you go to for the best PC gaming experience. Its ergonomic, comfort levels are unparalleled as you can spend hours on it and you will never feel any neck or back pain. Also if you care for looks and you want your chair to go with the rest of your furniture the DX Racer Formula Series come in several color highlights: yellow, red, orange, green and a “coffee” highlight.

The price is also very suitable for the quality that this chair offers. You can get it right now for $299.

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