Best FM 2013 Stories: Dan’s Newcastle Journey

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written by Johnny Karp

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There are so many great FM 2013 stories in our forum that it’s almost impossible to choose which one to feature here first. So I left the numbers decide and today you will know more about the FM 2013 story with the most views: it’s Dan’s Newcastle story, which amassed more than 15,000 views so far. Let’s see what the manager achieved so far.

First season

  • Finished 6th in the Barclays Premier League but very close to finishing 4th, they would have needed a win on the last day against Wigan but it ended 0-0.
  • Reached the Capital One Cup semi final which was lost on aggregate to Arsenal.
  • Lost the FA Cup final against Everton on penalties.
  • Failed to reach the Europa League group stage.

Second season

  • Finished 3rd in the Premier League.
  • Lost the Capital One Cup final on penalties.
  • Won the FA Cup.

Third season

  • Finished 3rd in the Premier League
  • Got to the last eight of both domestic cups.
  • Defeated by Lyon in the Champions League final.

Fourth Season

  • Won the Premier League with a juicy points tally of 89.
  • Lost in the Capital One Cup final.
  • Won the FA Cup.
  • Defeated in the Champions League semi final by Real Madrid.

Fifth season

  • Won the Premier League title for the second time in a row.
  • Defeated in the Capital One Cup final (again!).
  • Knocked out in the 4th round of the FA Cup.
  • Lost in the Champions League final to Juventus.

Dan is preparing the sixth season now, but he did find some time to answer a few quick questions. Enjoy the interview:

Johnny: What is the best signing you have made in this career?

Dan: The one that stands out for me is Erik Lamela. The reason for this is because I signed him on a free and he is quality. He has created loads of goals and is regularly on the scoresheet. Another one of my favourites is Rodrigo, he was quite cheap for a player of his quality and every season he has top scored for us.

Johnny: And the worst signing?

Dan: For me that has got to be Sebastian Corchia, I think I signed him 3rd season but I may be wrong there. He is the worst because I spent so much on him 18 million pounds! He rarely got a rating over 7.0. I signed him because one of mates had shown me how good he had turned out on his FM save. I have now sold him for 6 million pounds so I made a loss of 12 million pounds.

Johnny: What are your future plans for the save?

Dan: The short term goal is to win the Champions League. Long term I want this save to go on as long as possible and become the best team in Europe.

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I’m enjoying the stories in the forum.

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