Darren Smith

Darren is the co-owner of Football Manager Story. He merged with Johnny Karp in 2011 after moving from his own successful site named Allthatisfootballmanager. A football fanatic, whether it be the real thing or video games. He has been playing Fifa and Football Manager for donkey's years. Deriving from the North East Darren supported Scarborough. However turned into a dedicated Newcastle fan from the age of 7. He enjoys watching Soccer Saturday and any live games. However Football Manager is his real passion. You can contact Darren at darrensmith360[at]googlemail.com

Mar 192014
Best FM 2014 Cheap Wonderkid XI

Hey guys and welcome to my best FM 2014 cheap wonderkid XI. Many of you will visit the Scouting Network and already know these names, but we have compiled our favourite cheap buys into an XI man squad, this should help hack down the list of targets and show you